Popular Misconceptions About Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks on StomachStretch marks are a skin condition that affects many people at one point or another in their lives and because there is no permanent cure people need to learn how to live with them. There is hundreds of stretch mark prevention and treatment strategies but when you look closely you will realize that some of them are as a result of many stretch marks myths that need to be corrected. It is therefore important that everyone takes time to learn the truth about stretch marks so as to know the best way to relate with them.

Myth #1: Men are immune to stretch marks

Truth: This is among the commonest of all stretch mark myths. The truth of the matter is that men, especially those who do bodybuilding are very susceptible to stretch marks just like those who gain weight rapidly for any other reason such as obesity.

Myth #2: Stretch marks go away when you lose weight

Truth: There are few stretch marks that could fade after you lose some weight you may have gained but the plain truth is that they may not fade completely. It is not very easy for skin that has lost its elasticity to easily bounce back and fade the marks completely.

Myth #3: You can prevent stretch marks

Truth: It is possible to greatly minimize the chances of your developing stretch marks especially when you employ a proper diet and exercise regime. However, in some cases especially where heredity plays a role, the best you can do is to reduce their severity when they happen.

Myth #4: You can’t do anything about stretch marks

Truth: Developing stretch marks is not really a death sentence because there are a number of things you can easily do in order to remove, treat or even cover them up. The developments in the fields of science and technology give numerous options on what can be done in order to deal with stretch marks effectively.

Myth #5: Treating stretch marks will cost a fortune

Truth: It is very true that there are surgical and laser based stretch mark treatment procedures that can be quite expensive but on the other hand, there are other methods that are quite affordable. These include the use of anti stretch mark creams and lotions as well as the use of a number of homemade stretch mark remedies that can be found in your kitchen.

Myth #6: Only pregnant women get stretch marks

Truth: The truth about stretch marks is that close to 90% of pregnant women get stretch marks but that does not make it their exclusive problem. There are millions of other people such as bodybuilders, overweight children and teenagers undergoing puberty who also get their fair share of stretch marks. Anyone who gets to gain weight rapidly will no doubt develop stretch marks.

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