Tips For Covering Pregnancy Stretch Marks With Tattoos

Pregnancy Stretch MarksThere is a completely new way of dealing with stretch marks after pregnancy and women are considering in droves. This is when they cover stretch marks with tattoos.

You may not have heard about this new way of dealing with an age old stubborn skin condition but it is happening. You can try finding out whether your stretch marks can be covered by tattoo and how well they can be disguised before you commit yourself to one.

Tattoos over stretch marks

While placing tattoos over pregnancy stretch marks is a new way of dealing with stretch marks it is definitely a possibility. However, it should be noted that this may not be a good treatment for all cases and as such you need to get a professional’s opinion before committing yourself to one. As a rule of the thumb, tattoos over stretch marks may look fine when placed on small areas as opposed to those who have them on a large area since this will only make the skin damage more apparent.

Tips on covering stretch marks with tattoos

Since it is possible to cover some stretch marks with tattoos, the following simple guidelines should lead you to making an informed decision.

Tip #1 – Healing of skin: Before you decide to place a tattoo over your pregnancy stretch marks you need to give special consideration on whether it will work on your skin or not. You must ensure that your skin has healed sufficiently to be able to cope with the tattooing procedure. Tattooing over stretch marks can be extremely painful because they will have damaged the dermis and made it thinner than normal and as such you must be prepared psychologically.

Tip #2 – Wait at least a year: If you have post pregnancy stretch marks you want to cover with tattoos it is advisable that you wait for at least one year after childbirth before you go for it. This is because experts advice that old stretch marks are likely to hold the tattoo ink better than new ones. Waiting this long will also give your skin sufficient time to recover before tattooing.

Tip #3 – Consider a small tattoo: It is advisable that you consider doing a small tattoo first of all before deciding whether it creates the picture you are looking for, considering that tattoos are permanent. After you are satisfied with the outcome you can thereafter consider doing as much as you want.

Tip #4 – Choose your colors carefully: When choosing the color for your tattoo you may be tempted to choose some bright and varied colors but experts advice that black is the best color for such tattoos. It has been noticed that some colored inks run over very easily and they may stain the skin next to the tattoo.

Tip #5 – Choose a professional: This should have been the first tip; for you to get the results you are looking for, don’t compromise the quality of the artists because of price considerations. An experienced tattooist will definitely not come easy but when you consider the permanency of the job, it may be worth the price you pay.

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  1. AraGates says:

    I am a mom of a healthy child and when I had stretch marks I used dermalmd stretch mark serum and after using it I no longer have any stretch marks. but this stretch mark tattoos seems to be interesting and if I again get a chance to be pregnant will definitely try out this tattoo stuff …..

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