Tips For Eliminating Skin Disorders

skin disordersSkin disorders are types of infections, diseases and allergen which attacks from various sources.

When a skin disorder occurs it alters the way in which your skin is structured, the way it functions, the way it reacts to germs and fungi attacks etc. It becomes prone to other types of infections also since the immunity has been reduced to lowest possible levels during that time.

Some of the disorders can lead to further complications in the form of critical and chronic skin infections and diseases. However many types can be eliminated and prevented from relapsing by taking care of certain simple steps.

Skin Disorder Definition

A simple layman definition of skin disorder is the “change in structural, functional and immunological characteristics of skin due to negative influence of external elements like allergens, bacteria, virus and other elements”.

  • Structural changes happen with the appearance of pimples, rashes, bumps, sores, patches and other related symptoms appear on the skin.
  • Functional changes happen when the skin is depleted of moisture; it is unable to excrete waste and toxic elements through sweat pores as they are blocked by acne or other type of infection, temperature level changes in the skin and so forth.
  • Immunological changes happen when one specific skin disorder like dry or oily skin leads to another disorder called acne. It is because of the rapid fall in skin immunity levels due to the disorder.

Connectivity Between Skin Disorder And Diseases

The following points show the invariable connection between the skin disorder and the skin disease which results when the disorder is left untreated.

  • Hives

Hives is a skin disorder with red and painful bumps on the skin. These bumps vary in size from micrometer size to few millimeters. Their shapes can vary from round to ring types.

Most of the hives bumps have no specific shape pattern as they are random in nature. The duration for which hives attacks the skin can vary from just a few minutes to many months without break.

When left untreated in the initial stages this disorder can turn into skin cancer diseases after sometime. It is because of the nature of bumps and their interaction levels with the UV radiations from sun and other sources.

When hives is in critical condition it is easy for the UV radiation to break the DNA and hormone structure of skin cells. This in turn leads to growth of cancer cells within the skin.

  • Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic type of skin disorder which has no known cure in the medical science so far. However this disorder could be kept under control for a long time.

When the symptoms like bumpy skin, larger than normal size pores, damaged blood vessels, thick skin or eye problems are left untreated it could lead to skin cancer.

However there are no medical records to prove this practically. There are many practical proofs to show that rosacea can turn into hypothyroidism at some point of time.

  • Erysipelas

Erysipelas is a type of skin bacterial skin disorder which results in swollen legs and red patches all over the skin. This bacterium can also cause patches to appear in throat area skin face and back. When left untreated it can lead to intense blisters and septic shocks within a few weeks of infection.

Skin Disorder And Treatment

Primarily there are two types of skin disorder namely curative and preventive treatments. Curative treatments are administered after the onslaught of disorder has begun or reached advanced stages. Preventive treatments are normally advised for patients who are recovering from specific disorder, who have gone through several relapses or those who are prone to the skin disorder.

  • The nature and intensity of treatment depends on the type and level of disorder. Home remedies may work in some cases wherein the disorder is in the initial stages or mild conditions. You can find many natural ingredients like turmeric powder, honey, lemon syrup, Aloe Vera, essential oils and others to help you in this regard.
  • In some cases the skin disorder has gone beyond the level of home remedy. In such cases you need to depend on professional help from dermatologists. They may suggest you to take medical, therapeutic or surgical solutions to get rid of your skin disorder safer and faster.
  • Some of the skin disorders like Rosacea have the tendency to keep relapsing after few months or years since there are no known permanent cure for them. They can only be kept under control over extended period of time with regular medications. Then your dermatologist may suggest that you go for herbal or other alternate medication, treatment of therapy.

Skin Disorders From Diabetes

Diabetes of type 2 can cause skin disorders like reduced blood circulation to skin, inability of skin to sweat normally, slow healing skin cuts and wounds,  bacterial infections and rashes etc. In fact the first symptoms of diabetes can be known through skin disorders.

  • Circular brown patches can appear on skin surface of skin they are the result of damages to blood vessel that connect to skin and supply vital vitamins and nutrients. This condition is said to be relatively harmless. Normal conditions will be restored when diabetic conditions are restored to under control levels.
  • Sclerosis is another condition of the skin resulting from diabetes. Skin becomes thick and waxy in nature. This phenomenon can be commonly observed in fingers and toes.
  • Skin blisters can result from diabetic conditions. They may stay on until the level of glucose is brought under control. Once it is done these symptoms go away.
Skin Disorders Associated With HIV

Critical level rashes and bumps on skin can appear due to HIV. Atopic dermatitis is one such skin condition resulting from HIV. It leads to red rashes that are highly itchy in nature.

Treatment methods include natural moisturizers, antiviral medications and anti inflammation drugs. Herpes is another type of skin disorder which occurs due to advanced stages in HIV.

Herpes Zoster is one of the variants of skin disorder of this type.

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