Traditional Chinese Skin Treatment

chinese skin treatmentChinese skin and beauty care ingredients comprise of elements like cinnamomum subavanium, zebra fish embryo, Japonica, Tsubaki oil, bush warbler, soybeans, ginseng, rice wine, gooseberry, snow lotus, milk butter, flower oils, turmeric, ginger, garlic and other spices and many more.

These elements are mixed in various proportions to prepare beauty care products for skin, face, eyes, hair, lips and nails. Similar ingredients could be found in Japanese and Korean skin care products.

Ancient Chinese Skin Treatments

Chinese skin care talks about two main ways of treating your skin, namely diet and external methods.

Zebra fish embryo is used extensively as one chief ingredient for preparing massage and therapeutic bath treatment recipe. The Embryo is mixed with Tsubaki oil, rice wine, gooseberry juice and garlic.

The ingredients provide your skin with vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Complexion of your skin said to enhance with regular massage.

Chinese Skin Cleansing

  • Chinese have traditionally evolved the art of cleaning your skin through Japonica, flower oils and Chinese ginseng. You need to take 1:2:1 proportions of the ingredients in respective order and mix them in a bowl. You could get ginseng as a powder or oil extract. Mix the ingredients finely and apply on your skin areas. Let the paste soak your skin for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then you could wash with warm water.
  • You could also mix Aloe Vera liquid with the preparation to get antioxidant and the ability to retain moisture for your skin cells.
  • Your diet could include turmeric powder in your food preparation. When you fry your food in olive oil just add one teaspoon of turmeric powder. Turmeric is antiseptic, natural antibiotic and it helps in increasing skin fairness and complexion.
  • Make it a point to drink at least 4 to 5 litres of pure water every day. You need to start off with one litre of water just after brushing your teeth in the morning. It can gradually enhance the level of your skin hydration.
  • Add two spoons of gooseberry juice to one large cup of pomegranate juice and drink with your breakfast every alternate day. Adding one teaspoon of rice wine in your evening juice adds element of strength and stability to your skin layers. Collagen production is said to increase optimally by this recipe.

Asian Skin Acne Treatment

  • Tsubaki oil and Bush warbler along with the traditional ginseng have the natural properties of removing the acne from your skin. Apply the liquid made from these two ingredients along with cod liver oil starts working in a beneficial manner from the Stratum Corneum layer and removes the roots of acne from the dermis layer. Besides the ingredients are sources of sugar, sodium, calcium and vitamins A and vitamin C along with fatty acids and starch. These ingredients have been proved to be helpful in healing of acne scars once the symptoms have been successfully removed from your skin.
  • Skin health and beauty improvement are the two additional benefits you gain from these ingredients. The enhancement of tensile strength of your skin cell layers tightens the intra cellular bonding between skin cells and connective tissues. This process is also initiates the removal of other aging symptoms like wrinkles, leading to enhanced skin elasticity and strength.

Chinese Herbal Skin Care with Snow Lotus

Snow lotus is used to extract its oil for multiple skin and body health utilities. This oil is extensively used in combination with ginseng, turmeric powder and Tsubaki oil for enhancing the glow in your skin layers.

The ingredients could cause purification of blood flowing from the Subcutis region till the Stratum Corneum. This initiates the process of Detox which removes all the toxic elements. Once the toxic elements are gone it automatically leads to skin beautification through the process of purification.

Ancient Chinese Skin Treatments

Chinese home remedies for skin care uses a combination of Japonica, Tsubaki oil, bush warbler, soybeans, ginseng and essential flower oils for protecting your skin from external elements like sun’s UV radiation, hyperpigmentation, acne and many forms of skin infections.

  • Take two teaspoons of Tsubaki oil, one teaspoon of japonica oil and one teaspoon of lemon juice in a bowl and mix well. You could also add one teaspoon of honey to make the mix.

This is a sunscreen which protects your skin from Sun’s heat and radiation. It removes the dark spots and patches on your skin which are caused by hyper pigmentation. Addressing premature skin aging through prevention of wrinkles is another benefit of this recipe.

Chinese Skin Care Recipe Book

The Chinese skin care recipe book contains all the details about protecting, sustaining and beautifying your skin from simple sources that can find at home, along with some traditional herbal ingredients like ginseng.

There are many techniques through which your skin will be made to extract the toxic elements from your skin layers. It leaves your skin light and bright. You might have observed the Chinese women having bright and light skin in spite of working hard in the open sun.

Chinese clothing during summer and most of other seasons is made up of cotton or hemp type of material. Providing air circulation to your skin makes it breathe fresh oxygenated air and stay healthy.

Weaves in your fabric should be close enough to prevent penetration of harmful UV rays Stretch the fabric using both your hands in opposite directions. You will be able to feel the tightness of weave. Choose a weave that is neither too tight nor too loose.

Skin Heat Protection From Other Sources

Exposure to industrial environment can cause skin disorders in the Keratinocytes layer of epidermis. If you are working in radiation prone areas, it can affect the dermis and Subcutis layers of your skin.

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