How To Treat A Burn Blister?

Burn blisters on handYour question on how to treat burn blister could be answered depending in the intensity of the burn injury.

As you know, your skin is made of multiple layers. The outermost is the epidermis followed by the dermis. Below them is the subcutaneous layer. The complex structure of the skin consists of many nerves, blood vessels and tissues interwoven with each other.

Minor forms of burn blisters can only be scars. The deeper blisters can turn into open wounds, causing bleeding. You need to consult your doctor immediately after a burn to get the proper treatment. Before going to the doctor, you can perform some reliable home remedies to get instant relief from the pain and burning sensation.

How To Treat A Burn Blister – Emergency Measures

Place the affected part of the skin under cold running water. It can heal the pain to certain extent. The water flow has to be mild to avoid skinning of the burnt area. Apply a suitable antibacterial/ anti burn cream with the help of a cotton ball.  Avoid scrubbing the affected area as it can lead to further complications. Use a sterilized cloth to dry the area around the blisters. You can also use a permeable bandage to cover the affected area after the application of antibiotic cream.

  • Minor Burn:  Clean the blister area with pure cold water twice a day by removing the bandage. If the blister has turned into swelling, you need to loom for fluid and pus content. This has to be removed before putting on the new bandage. Removal can be quite painless if you follow the right procedure. Take a needle and sterilize it using ethyl alcohol. Then you need to make a small puncture at the bottom edge of the burn blister. This can remove the fluid and the pus accumulated in the blister. Don’t scratch or scrub the surface. Apply fresh antibiotic layer and cover with bandage again. You can see the blisters healing after 2 or 3 days.
  • Home Remedy: The home remedy for minor burns includes applying of turmeric and sandalwood paste. You need to continue this procedure until new skin has grown on the blister affected areas. You can add honey as it contains vitamin C. This can help in the removal of dead skin and production of collagen in the burn affected skin. Aloe Vera is yet another antioxidant that can help in the faster healing of the blisters. If there are no open blisters, you can avoid using the bandage.
  • Major Burn: Consult your doctor immediately and take the treatment according his advice. Avoid self medication when the blister condition is complex. Follow the procedure according to his instructions.
  • Home Remedy: The healing of major burn blisters can take more time. You need to be patient and persistent while opting for the home remedy, since you might not see any progress for many days. This is because the ingredients are engaged in healing the internal wounds of the burn blisters. Once they get healed, the rest can heal faster. Castor oil is one of the most powerful antioxidants that are mild and soft in nature. It helps in elimination of irritation and burning sensation. The ingredients can help in healing of the blister clusters completely. Moreover it is an antiseptic agent which helps in developing immunity to infections during the healing time. You may opt for home remedies for the major burn once the intensity of the blister has healed to certain extent. Then you can follow the simple procedures listed here.

Reliable Ingredients

  • Aloe Vera:  Prepare a cold gel with one spoon of Aloe Vera, one spoon of honey and one spoon of neem oil. Apply the mix on the affected areas. Let the skin absorb the ingredients. You might need to wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Aloe is a powerful antioxidant which can help in healing the burnt skin cells and tissues. You can also add a pinch of turmeric powder to keep the blisters immune to infections. This is one of the well known home remedies which have worked successfully.
  • Sandalwood:  Mix sandalwood paste + Honey + milk cream in the ratio of 1:1:1. Apply the cream onto the affected areas. Close with porous bandage and let the ingredients heal the blisters. You need to change the bandage after every 24 hours. You can clean the blister with clean cold water and apply the cream again before covering with new bandage.

Critical Burns

Critical burns have to be treated by an experienced doctor. In case you have suffered from such blisters, your first task is to perform emergency treatment before going to the doctor. Clean the blisters with cold running water. Make sure the flow is mild to avoid peeling of the upper skin layers. Then use a sterilized cloth to clean the blister. Apply an antibiotic cream and rush to the doctor to get the treatment.

  • Treatment:  The treatment for critical burn blisters may include antibiotic shots and cream. The expert knows how to keep the blister from accumulating fluid and pus through efficient procedures. The clinical treatment might last for a week or 10 days. The major burns in the blisters would have healed by then.
  • Home Remedy:  Once the critical parts of the blisters are healed considerably, you might opt for home remedies to heal completely. Applying Aloe Vera gel with neem oil can help heal the blisters faster. It can also provide the much needed immunity from infections. Castor oil is another healing agent which you can apply on the affected areas. This also contains plenty of vitamins C. It helps in re-growth of new cells and tissues to replace the dead cells. You might need to continue with home remedy for the next 15 days after healing of the critical wounds. Clean the blisters regularly with cold water. If the blisters are not open, you might avoid bandage.

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