Treating Lump Behind My Ear: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

Lump Behind EarEffective ways of treating lump behind my ear include home remedies and medication from the doctor. I have been able to clear most of the lumps induced by heat rashes, acne, infected lymph nodes and allergen caused ones using effective homemade solutions. It takes about a week to ten days for the symptoms to heal completely.

Then I use some simple preventive measures to avoid \them in the future. I stay protected as long as I am able to follow the simple instructions. The other aspect I have come to realize is the importance of hygiene. I use medicated natural liquid to wash the area behind my ears. I avoid soap and chemicals.

Treating Lump Behind My Ear – Unique Solutions

Heat Rashes

  • Causes: Heat rashes are generally induced by external conditions. In some instances they are also caused by the medications I take. Having the double trouble of diabetes and high blood pressure has forced me to consume pills and medicines every day. Sometimes they could cause trouble. Getting exposed to the UV and humid conditions can also cause the heat rashes. When left untreated they can soon get converted into pimples and lumps.
  • Symptoms:  heat rashes normally appear in the form of red and brow spots. They may be concentrated in the form of circles or scattered in the form of small lines. Before I can even realize their presence they have formed tiny lumps. Sometimes they get filled with some kind of strange fluid mixed with blood and pus.
  • Treatment: The first home remedy I recommend is the combination of olive oil, honey and lemon juice in equal proportions. I normally use one spoon to prepare the syrup. Before applying I clean the area with lukewarm water and dry it with a cotton cloth. Using an ear bud I apply the syrup all over the lump. Then I wait for about 15 minutes before washing with lukewarm water. The skin would have absorbed almost all the useful ingredients by then. I have been able to heal the lumps within a span of a week to ten days easily. The other reliable combinations for me have been neem powder, hydrogen peroxide, Aloe Vera and eucalyptus oil. I make sure adding the lemon juice for the vitamin and the antioxidant properties.
  • Prevention:  Today I make sure of applying a safe sunscreen while going out in the sun. I wear safe ear protection devices while working in my plant. I clean the area regularly with medicated herbal liquid (Mostly neem or eucalyptus oil).

Acne Lumps

  • Causes:  Acne lumps are common due to dry skin or excess of oily skin. When I expose it to the UV, I invite the wrath of free radicals to create acne lumps. The sebum concentration gets too high and blocks the tiny skin pores. The regular deposition of dirt, sweat and oil forms the lumps. In case of f dry skin it is the rashes which turn into lumps.
  • Symptoms:  In case of oily skin the symptoms might start as tiny lumps which grow in size. In case of dry skin they start with small red dots which get converted into lumps.
  • Treatment:  The first method I recommend is the combination of hydrogen peroxide liquid. I was a bit apprehensive about the results before using it for the first time. But now I have complete faith in the healing effect. If you happen to be allergic to the peroxide, I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead you can try the more harmless combination of sandalwood powder + olive oil + honey + lemon juice. I have found sandalwood powder to be highly coolant in nature. In combination with olive oil it can eliminate most of the toxic elements like sebum, dirt and dust. It can also reduce the inflammation and eliminate the lumps within couple of weeks.
  • Prevention:  I suggest consumption of pure water and antioxidant smoothies like the pomegranate. Cleaning your face completely with lemon peel can help in removal of dirt. If you have a dry skin you may opt for natural moisturizer with vitamin C. scrubbing the skin surface with Aloe Vera Gel and honey can enhance the immunity to acne lumps in the long run.  

Cyst Formation

  • Causes:  Cyst is one form of lump which gets created from the biological waste produced by the skin. Now the reason for the waste getting naturally eliminated is the size of skin pore. Impure blood flow can block the pores, resulting in formation of cyst. With time it gets filled with unhealthy fluids from the skin’s sweat glands.
  • Symptoms:  The fluid filled lumps turn dark red or black in color depending on the nature of fluid. Over a period of time they can break open, leading to the deposition of pus and fluid behind the ear. Lack of hygiene at this stage can result in multiplication of tiny cysts.
  • Treatment:   If the cyst is in the initial stages I recommend hydrogen peroxide or castor oil. The oil can be sticky and the smell is not very encouraging. But still it has the coolant effects which can also absorb all the dirt and toxic elements from the cysts. You need to wait for 10 to 15 minutes after the application and clean the area with lukewarm water. Following the procedure for a couple of weeks can be highly effective in nature.
  • Prevention:  Skin hygiene is the only solution to avoiding lumps in the rear end of the ear. I suggest scrubbing of the entire facial skin with lemon peel. You need to soak the skin for 3 to 4 minutes before washing with pure water. Using chamomile oil for facial massaging can also help in keeping the skin clean and hygienic. One of the suggested remedy is to get your blood tested regularly for any signs of negative elements which can affect the skin. Then you can take the right remedial measures for blood purification.

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