5 Ways On How To Prevent Snoring At Night

There are different factors that cause snoring. Most of these factors are as a result of our life style, because snoring is not heredity. They are some cases that result from health defect. I believe if you know how to prevent snoring, it will save you from the embarrassment or the problem it causes in a relationship.

I have seen cases where marriages were destroyed because one of the partners snore too much at night and the other could not bear it anymore. The truth is, as much as you like to enjoy your sleep, all other human beings around you deserve to sleep well.

Snoring, apart from being a social disadvantage to everyone around you, it is unfair to your health. You probably have been wondering why you wake up in the morning and still feel so tired even when you had more than enough hours of sleep.

The body has been designed to rest whenever you lay down to sleep at night. All your muscles cease work except the muscles of your heart which keeps pumping blood. This is why under normal circumstances; you should wake up and feel refreshed to tackle your daily challenges.

However, when you snore, the muscles of your throat, tongue, esophageal and a large part of the facial muscles keep working because of the intense vibrations of the nasal passageway or airways. You therefore wake up feeling as if you worked all night.

Talking about how to prevent snoring, it is not something that is impossible. Apart from the fact that there are many helpful stop snoring devices, simple natural exercises and adjustment of lifestyle can help you stop snoring in no time.

Since you probably have had it up to your throat, you should be able to follow through with the following tips on how to prevent snoring.

1. Don’t eat too close to bedtime

Medically, it is wrong to eat when you know you are going to sleep in the next 30 minutes. At least, worst case scenario is that you should eat one hour before bedtime. If you eat close to bedtime, digestion wouldn’t have reached an advanced stage and this increases your chances of snoring overnight. If you must sleep soundly, as well as the people around you, you must eat at least an hour before going to bed.

2. Watch your sleeping position

Even if you were not a snorer, if you lie on your back, you will most likely vibrate a little. If you lie on your back when you sleep, you will snore. So instead of sleeping on your back, cultivate the habit of sleeping on your side. Also, get a pillow that will lift your head a few inches above the bed. If your head and your body are running at almost 180 degrees, you will most likely snore.

3. Watch your weight

Not all weighty people snore but a greater percentage of them do. If you are weighty, that may be the reason why you snore a lot. So watch your weight. Get involved in some weight loss exercises every morning. This will help get rid of extra weight in the throat area which may cause blockage to air passages. Apart from the fact that you will get healthier, you will also stop snoring too.

4. Substances that induce relaxation can also trigger snores

Therefore, you must refrain from drinking alcohol or drugs that has this very effect right before bedtime. Additionally, these substances can make your breathing slow. Be careful also not to get too tired during the day so that you won’t get too relaxed during sleep.

5. Avoid breathing using your mouth

This often is the issue when it comes to snoring. Those who breathe through their mouths often have more aggravated problems since their dropped jaws encourage the tongue to drop back towards the throat. You can practice nasal breathing as early as you detect that you are beginning to get used to mouth breathing. After all, treatment for snoring often requires you to switch from mouth to nasal breathing. Indeed, another proof that prevention is much better than finding ways of treating the condition.

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