Causes That Contribute To Sleepiness After Eating

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It is not a very healthy or good sign to feel sleepiness after eating particularly if it is followed by a number of other secondary signs as well.

People often take that feeling sleepy after a meal is a sign that the meal is heavy.  But if this were to happen once in a while then there could not be a reason for concern but a habitual occurrence needs to be further investigated.

There are a number of physical ailments that cause people to feel sleepy after a meal and discussed in brief are some common causes and conditions that bring about a sleepy feeling soon after a meal.

Why Some People Feel Sleepiness After Eating – The Causes And Treatment

Missed Meals

This could be a good reason for most people to feel sleepy after eating a hearty meal.  It would be the case that when meals are missed or regular patterns for having meals are not followed; the subsequent meal would tend to be heavier than normal.  This is a very natural thing to happen and is usually done to compensate for the lack of food from the previous meal time.

The drowsiness that is associated with an irregular eating habit is not the best of signs and care must be taken to have regular meal timings and practices as well.  The body works in set rhythms and any break is due to cause discomfiture and uneasiness.

No matter the type of activity a person engages in it is best advised to follow a set pattern in having meals and at regular times each day as far as possible.

Insufficient Exercise

There is not greater killer possibly than the lack of exercise that most people do.  This leads to a number of conditions the least of them being a feeling of lethargy or sleepiness soon after a meal.  It is best that people get to eat properly and at regular times of the day as well.

It is a safe and good practice to exercise regularly and at the proper times.  Extreme temperatures must be avoided during exercise and proper attire must be followed at all time.  This prevents things like heat stroke and such ailments.

Insufficient exercise does bring about a sleepy feeling soon after a meal and this must be taken as a warning sign that the body gives out and should be heeded at all times.  It is the habit of the human body to let out signals that point to greater malaises and it is a good practice to heed them.  In case a person is not having the knowhow and ability to interpret a sign it is best advised to consult a physician who would be trained in doing so.

Irregular Sleeping Habits

There cannot be a more silent killer than the practice of sleeping without a set habit.  It might seen rater silly to mention this point but the importance of sleep patterns needs to be emphasized at all times. Most animals and humans use body rhythms to go about their daily routines and it is important that body rhythms are set rather early in life.  This causes the least stress to the functioning of the body systems and helps establish a set patter to the working of the body.

Setting a regular sleeping habit is important that it provides a space for predictable functioning of the body that is so important for the system.  Not only does it provide a good rested feeling but gives a good and complete sleep as well.  When there is not set pattern to the sleeping pattern it is bound to reflect in the general moodiness of the person and people complain of being off color.

Insulin Levels

It is when a person sticks to a regular exercise followed by a regular sleeping pattern that the production of insulin takes place optimally.  This is an important function of the system that needs to be stress as the body cannot produce the insulin at random but needs certain cycles to follow.

The cycles are formed by the sticking to regular habits in eating, exercising sleeping, and what have you.  This places a lot of stress on the need to put rhythms and body patterns to good use.

The Use Of Food Additives

It is always best advised to have as natural ingredients to a diet as possible.  The addition of artificial flavors and colors not just plays havoc with the general functioning but the body rhythms that is so crucial to the body.  Thus the stress needs to be on regular time and types of food as far as possible.

Nature itself in following in certain rhythms.  There is the regular follow of seasons and it is regular to a large extent. Thus it places the emphasis on the need to follow patterns and rhythms to body functions as well.  A person that moves in sync with nature and synchronizes his internal moods with the nature is bound to have good health.

Preventing The Drowsy Feeling After A Meal

There is bound to be a lot of home remedies when it comes to sleep and food are concerned.  But the main focus must be to maintain a healthy diet and sufficient sleep at all times.  The difficulty in falling asleep that a lot of people particularly the tensed folks complain could be combated to a large extent by maintaining proper rhythms in life.

Never underestimate the role of a wholesome diet in life.  It not just provides the nutrients but is instrumental in providing a well rounded health that is also holistic in nature.  It is when people take to processed food and condiments that the nature’s fine balance is breached.  It is always a sign of good health to be able to eat well and to sleep well.  It clears the toxins in the body and gives a person good and lasting health for years to come. Modern day study of people and health issues have only reinforced this age old approach to a good life.

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