Norwex Review 2018: Is It Another Pyramid Scheme or Legit Business?

Norwex is a name that has gathered quite a lot of attention in recent years.

What’s certain for most is that this is another MLM, or multi-level marketing opportunity.

However, for many people, that immediately means that Norwex is worth writing off.

Many people instantly correlate MLM companies with scams, pyramid schemes, and ripoffs.

Very few people recognize the potential that they provide as business opportunities.

That said, not every MLM company is going to be a good business opportunity.

Many of them are scams, and they won’t give you good profits.

Some of them will rip you off, true, but not all of them.

Today we’re going to talk about Norwex, so you can figure out if it’s a good business opportunity or something that you shouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

What is Norwex?

norwex logo

Norwex was started in 1994.

They were, and continue to be, a cleaning company that specializes in offering products that are relatively free from harmful chemicals.

Their products are made with the intention of radically reducing the chemicals used in the home,” which suggests that they have a healthy interest in people’s health and well-being.

Norwex also provides a business opportunity, or an MLM marketing opportunity.

By introducing others to the company and helping them sell their products, the company is happy to cut you a share of the profits.

As far as companies that offer business opportunities like this go, Norwex seems pretty ethical.

Not only do they strive to create products that are wholesome and healthy, but they seem to be on-point with their marketing and customer service.

What Do They Sell?

Norwex sells a variety of household cleaning products that are allegedly developed to help you reduce to overall amount of chemicals that you use.

Their products can include: disinfectants, floor cleaners, window cleaners, different kinds of soaps, and the tools to use them.

Their products are made using a variety of compounds.

They appeal to people who really like to keep their house clean but don’t like to resort to using unhealthy, heavy-duty compounds.

One woman reports she uses Norwex because she comes from a very particular type of family – the type that “coats their couches with plastic” to prevent germs from sticking.

She likes Norwex because it helps her keep her house clean with minimal stress or effort.

Most Popular Products

Norwex has a huge variety of different products available for different purposes.

Below you can see the bestsellers.

Enviro Cloth

Enviro Cloth

This is a cloth that really helps you apply the rest of Norwex’ cleaning products.

The cloth itself is antibacterial, so you’re able to clean using just water alone.

This also means that you won’t have to splurge on costly chemical cleaning liquids.

It also simplifies the cleaning process – no more needing to lather up your cloth with your cleaning goop!

Window Cloth

Window Cloth

This is different than the EnviroCloth because it’s made specifically to clean windows, mirrors, faucets, and reflective surfaces.

It really helps give the surfaces some shine and you aren’t needed to add any other cleaners to it.

Cleaning Paste

Cleaning Paste

Despite the less-than-attractive nae, Norwex Cleaning Paste is a great deal – even though it comes in at $29.99.

It’s reputed to be one of the most solid cleaners that you can purchase, and some people have reported that it can be powerful enough to clean things that a razor blade and bleach can’t.


Makeup Removal Cloth

Makeup Removal Cloth

Norwex, of course, needs to appeal to the massive cosmetic market.

To do this, they’ve developed the Makeup Removal Cloth, a very soft cloth that can remove all manner of makeup without needing to add any additional makeup removal.

This is a great product for people with sensitive skin.

Timeless Rescue Gel

Timeless Rescue Gel

This is a favourite among many people.

It’s one of those bottles with a roller ball, and it works to help remove muscle pain, tension, and to heal skin discomfort.

You can apply it directly to your skin, enjoy the wonderful smell, and feel yourself slip into relaxation.

Does It Work?

what is it

If there’s one thing that Norwex is well-known for, it’s providing products that work.

A lot of people swear by Norwex now because they recognize how much better it is to be able to clean your whole house and your body without needing to resort to other chemical compounds.

There are a lot of people who were referred to Norwex by family or friends who were skeptical at first.

However, the majority of people who end up using their products report that it’s a fantastic brand and that they’re able to get good results.

MLM Business Opportunity

Norwex offers an MLM business opportunity.

MLM programs, or multi-level marketing programs, are business opportunities that allow people who would otherwise just be customers to make money and grow with the company.

MLM companies operate with different ‘levels,’ or rates of growth within the company. Typically, as you gain more levels, you will be able to make more money with the company.

They have a 4-star hosting program which allows you to get free bonuses if you manage to sell a lot of stuff at a product party.

Obviously the more you sell, the more eligible you are for free stuff like cleaning products or discounts at their retail outlets or online stores.

The Compensation Plan

compensation plan

In addition to the 4-star Hosting Program, there are some things you’ll want to know about Norwex before you join  the company.

You can do direct retail sales with Norwex.

You’ll get 35% of the commissions that you make on sales, which is quite reasonable compared to a lot of other MLM companies.

You will also get commissions for referrals, just like any other MLM.

The commission is based off of the amount of money that your referrals make.

The more referrals that you make and the higher your rank becomes, the more commission you will make off of anyone that you refer.

There are 8 levels in the Norwex MLM plan.

To qualify to make money you’ll need to spend $200 plus tax and shipping to get your starting kit.

This will provide you with some products and the knowledge that you need to start selling stuff and hosting home parties.

If you want to remain active in the company then you’ll have to be making $250 in sales every month.

This is fairly reasonable considering if you were making any less than that, you probably wouldn’t want to be working for the company anyways.

Is It A Pyramid Scheme?

pyramid scheme

Most MLMs are, at their heart, a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme means that the business branches out like a pyramid, with the executives at the top and lower ranking people below.

Since you can recruit new people to the company, the pyramid keeps growing, which sends more money to the people higher up in the pyramid.

Many people are skeptical of pyramid schemes, but in the case of MLM companies, isn’t this really what you’re looking for?

The fact that you can recruit people and earn money off of what they earn is a large part of the appeal of MLMs.

That said, Norwex isn’t as much of a pyramid scheme as other MLMs.

Some MLMs focus almost entirely on your ability to recruit new people to the team.

Norwex also relies heavily on product sales, and because of this they aren’t entirely a pyramid scheme.

They are an honest business with a pyramid-like structure that allows people to recruit if they want to.

Norwex Customer Reviews & Complaints


People who have used Norwex have a lot to say about the company.

In terms of their products, Norwex is often positively reviewed.

Some people have different things to say about the business protocol though.

A lot of the complaints about the business come from bad experiences with consultants, though, not the original owners of the company.

One customer purchased something through a consultant and said that they “never received their product until today after many many emails.

The customer was so dissatisfied he reported the consultant to the company.

Another complainant said that they were charged an unauthorized fee to their bank account.

They had purchased a ‘free’ kit from Norwex, paid the $9.95 shipping fee, and were still charged $220 for the kit.

As for their products, well, many people are quite happy with them.

One customer purchased the EnviroCloth and left a review saying that it “works and picks up a lot of stuff.”

It worked great on her cabinets and “there was no residue.”

Another member said that they “have several of these lying around the house.”

They are so useful that they keep them in separate rooms to clean different surfaces.

Their Microfiber Mop has a solid four stars on Amazon.

One user “loves the simplicity of this product.”

They use it for dusting and cleaning their floors, and had great experience with shipping and customer service.

They’re looking forward to buying from Norwex again.

Video Review

Prices & Where To Buy

official website

Norwex is available in a lot of places.

It’s a Canadian company, and you can find products on its main website,

Norwex Canada will provide you with great deals on their products, and you can find good discounts and prices if you shop from this website.

Norwex is an all-around affordable brand name.

However the best prices are to be found on its official website.

  • The Norwex Cleaning Paste we discussed earlier is $32.99 from their site compared to $34.99 on Amazon.
  • An Enviro Cloth will run you $18.99 if you buy it from the site, a comparable price to other sites.
  • A sustainable dusting mitt will cost you $24.99 from their site.

You can also find Norwex products on big online business shops like Amazon and eBay.

Many people have left positive reviews about the stuff they’ve bought from Norwex on these sites, and if you’re a frequent user, you may qualify for discounts on shipping.

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

Norwex offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with anything that you buy from them, they will give you a full refund, replace or exchange your product if you return it within 60 days of buying it.

They also have a special Microfiber Warranty.

Because they are so proud of their microfiber, they offer you a 2-year warranty on any products that include microfibers.

If you experience any damage outside of normal wear and tear, they will replace or refund the product.

Pros & Cons

With any company that you’re dealing with, it’s important to understand both the positives and the negatives before dealing with them.

This is particularly true of a company that you’re considering doing business with.

Here are the pros and cons of Norwex.


  • Makes high-quality products that are good for a wide range of cleaning purposes.
  • Offers a solid money-back guarantee and a warranty on their microfiber products.
  • Has a pretty solid review base online and many of their products have good ratings.
  • They don’t hype themselves up to be a crazy marketing company where you’ll make tons of money. They’re straightforward and honest, which is quite unique for a MLM company.
  • Your clients can order directly from Norwex and you’ll still get commission for recruiting them.
  • You get $300 worth of stuff for every recruit that you bring into the business.


  • Besides anecdotal evidence, there is little proof of the antibacterial or cleansing abilities of their products.
  • They are somewhat vague about their products and how they work.

Final Verdict

final verdict graphic

As far as MLM companies go, Norwex is one of the best.

They are a Canadian company, and they really epitomize the Canadian persona – they’re an honest, integral company and they don’t try too hard to be something that they’re not.

They are fair with their commissions and while you will have to pay a bit to join the company and start selling, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Norwex will ensure that you’re well compensated for both your product sales and any recruits that you bring into the company.

Furthermore, the stuff that they sell has been positively reviewed all over the internet.

If you want to join an MLM company, consider this company.

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