Pampered Chef Review 2018: Is It Another Pyramid Scheme or Legit Business?

This is a Pampered Chef review. You will learn here: what is Pampered Chef, how does it work, what do they sell, their most popular products, mlm business opportunity and compensation plan. We will show you also couple customer reviews and complaints, tell you about prices, refund policy and recommend the best places to buy their products. At the end you will get all the pros and cons, so you can decide if this is a company you want to deal with. Keep reading!

Recently, the majority of MLM companies that we have been reviewing have focused on health, nutrition, beauty, and food.

Pampered Chef is a little bit different because it focuses on the utensils needed to actually prepare these things: cookbooks, utensils, etc.

If you have never heard of this company, or want some more info on how MLMs in general work, read on.

We’ll give you an unbiased review of this particular brand and you’ll learn more about this type of business.

What Is Pampered Chef?


Pampered Chef is a budding MLM business.

They currently have more than 50,000 people working for them as wholesale distributors.

That said, there are only 3 countries where you can buy Pampered Chef stuff: the States, Canada, and Germany.

The current CEO of the company is Tracy Britt Cool, and she’s apparently pretty cool.

She has a lot of experience running big businesses related to the industry.

She has worked with huge industry players like Heinz and Benjamin Moore.

But just because a business is run by someone who knwos what they’re doing doesn’t mean it’s a good business to join.

The reason MLMs have a bad rep is because some people who knew what they were doing decided to use those skills for malicious intent.

What Do They Sell?


Pampered Chef is a brand that sells things that can be useful for chefs.

This means that they sell things like kitchen utensils and tools, cookbooks and ingredients, as well as prepackaged things for helping provide nutrition.

They currently have over 500 products that fit in to a wide variety of kitchen-related categories.

Many of their products are designed and develops by industry researchers and top-rated people.

Most Popular Products

Most of the stuff that Pampered Chef sells is exclusive to them.

That means that they have a lot of unique products that you won’t find anywhere else.

And, naturally, some of them are more popular than others.

These ones are purchased and used more so than anything else that Pampered Chef sells.

Pampered Chef Food Chopper

Pampered Chef Food Chopper

Pampered Chef Food Chopper is a great device that is one of their signature units.

It’s kind of like a Slap Chop.

In fact it’s pretty much the exact same thing.

The main difference is that the one from Pampered Chef allegedly works pretty ghood.

Rock Crock Dutch Oven

Rock Crock Dutch Oven

Rock Crock Dutch Oven is a versatile thing that can be used with pretty much anything else in your kitchen, and at the end of the day you can turn the whole thing into a Crock Pot. Cool.

Pampered Chef Popcorn Maker

Pampered Chef Popcorn Maker

Pampered Chef Popcorn Maker is another device that’s pretty solid.

There are a lot of popcorn makers out there but this one is pretty solid.

It’s easy to use, easy to put away, and it makes good popcorn.

Does It Work?

The company currently has an A+ rating on the better business review.

This is virtually unheard of as most MLM companies have a much worse rating on tihs particular site.

This speaks volumes about their brand: their products, their MLM opportunity, and the way that they treat their employees and customers.

If they weren’t good, then they certainly wouldn’t have a good rating on the B.B.B.

Since opening in 1980, the’ve had more than 12 million clients on their site.

Again, this suggests that people keep coming back for more.

Their products are developd and researched by using a number of food researchers, master chefs, culinary specialists and dieticians.

They really know what they’re doing.

MLM Business Opportunity

Like half the other businesses that come out nowadays, Pampered Chef offers people the chance to join the company.

This means that you can earn the chance to make money by promoting and selling their products.

You can also earn a decent income by recruiting new members and earning money off the income that they make.

Unfortunately these businesses don’t have the best reputation.

A lot of the time this is because people have had bad experiences with them because they didn’t realize how much work goes into making money with a MLM.

It’s not a get-rich quick scheme

It’s a job, and you’ll need to be dedicated and hard working to make money.

That said, after you’ve put in the hard work and dedication, you’ll be able to make easier and easier money.

You see, as you level up in the company you’ll earn more commission on your downline.

And as you recruit more members you’ll have more and more people available to help you earn that commission.

Every business of this type follows a similar structure, but they vary in the type of bonuses they provide and the amount of money that you can make with them.

In that sense it’s a good idea to look arund and figure out which one makes the most sense for you and your lifestyle.

The Compensation Plan

compensation plan

All these companies have their own way of paying out their employees.

Some MLMs are blatantly more profitable than others.

Others have more complex compensation plans that might seem unfair at first but ultimately end up making their members more money.

This particular business helps their hosts win prizes, earn discounts, and gives the compensation for things they might buy in the future.

The more you work with the company, the more the bonuses and financial compensation will increase.

Their specialist plan has very specific rules:

  • You’ll earn between 20 and 27% of the commission of items.
  • You’ll get a rebate of 20% or more on things that you buy.
  • There are travel opportunities that you can earn by working with them.
  • You will get free training opportunities.
  • If you pay $10 a month you’ll get access to a site offering individual deals.

This particular company suggests that members help to run home gatherings.

These are like product parties where you bring folks into your house and show them what you have for sale.

There are also one of 2 things you’ll need to buy to start your business, the PC kit which contains 26 things ‘valued’ at over $600, and the PC mini kit containing 15 things valued over $350.

The first costs $159.00 and the second costs $99.00.

These packages will give you enough information and product to start selling stuff for the company.

Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

pyramid scheme

What’s a pyramid scheme?

First off, a pyramid scheme is a term that’s developed such a bad standing that anyone who hears it covers their ears and runs.

But if you really think of it, pretty much every business that we take part in these days is a pyramid scheme.

Think about your closest gas station chain.

Who owns that business?

Not the cashier at the front desk.

Not the manager.

Not even the franchise owner.

The business is owned by someone that none of these people have ever met, yet they’re somehow sitll working for that person.

That’s a scheme if I’ve ever heard one.

However it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I mean, you’re working the job because you want money. Of course a CEO isn’t going to pay their employees the same wage that tehy earn.

MLMs are similar in this respect because you’re all working for a CEO that you’ll probably never meet.

But at least you have the opportunity to rise up in the company according to the rules that have been set and make moeny according to the compensation plan.

This provides members with a good platform to increase their wages and earn a living.

In many cases MLMs are better opportunities than 9-5 jobs.

If you put the same amount of time and effort in, you’ll probably end up makign way more.

Customer Reviews and Complaints


There are a variety of things that customers have said about this company.

While it currently has a great rating in many different review sites, not everyone has great things to say about this promising business.

The most recent reviewer on the Better Business Bureau, for example, recently ordered one of their Dutch Oven Rock Crocks – one of their most popular items.

The review, despite sounding like it was written by a robot intending to rapid-fire legislation for a high-ranking official, said that their item was “received one to two weeks later which before hand only been utilized two to three times,” but unfortuantely despite the good shipping time, “while utilizing the Dutch Oven Rockrock on Medium/High…. The Rockcrock burst into two” which caused everything to leak out.

Not only that but the whole thing caught fire and their house was placed in danger.

Definitely not the ideal experince when buying anything.

Other reviewers have had much better experiences, even with the same unit.

One reviewer said that “the versatility of the device is great and I can use it to make all sorts of things,” and that they “are a good price considering what you get.”

They “plan to keep using it as long as possible,” and are “happy with the long return policy.”

Other reviews on the company as a whole are equally positive.

One customer reported that they have “changed all of their culinary purchases to Pampered Chef,” because they love their quality and reliability, and that “they have been serving me well for many years.”

No Crock Pots being split in half here!

Prices & Where to Buy

pampered chef official website

The easiest place to buy Pampered Chef stuff is from their own website.

If you join as part of their MLM then you’ll be able to get better prices on their stuff. However, that’s not for everyone.

If you know a distributor you’ll be able to get stuff without paying shipping fees.

You’ll also be able to help out an individual.

You can also buy their stuff on sites like Amazon and eBay.

Here’s an example of the prices you’d expect:

  • You can get a Large Micro Cooker for your mcirowave from between $28.99 to $39.99.
  • A Mini Tart Shaper will run you $18.00, not bad for a high-quality product.
  • A set of Nylin Pan Scrapers will run you $14.99 for 3 of them.
  • Some Parmesan-Garlic Oil Dipping will cost you $11.99 for a bottle.

Money Back Guarantee

The Pampered Chef has a pretty basic money-back guarantee.

Basic but good.

If you aren’t totally satisfied within a whole year of your purchase you can return the product for an exchange or a refund.

So even if you break it yourself you can probably return it and get your money back.

Breakable products aren’t very satisfyin, are they?

Pros & Cons

It’s probably wise to take a gander at the pros and cons of this company before you decide whether or not you actually want to take part in their business or buy their stuff.

  • They make high quality products that are known to last a long time.
  • They are developed by high-ranking culinary officials, chefs, and researchers.
  • They offer a great money-back and refund policy.
  • Their prices are reasonable.
  • It can be difficult to make money with this type of business.
  • Some people have had bad experiences with their products.
  • It can be difficult to find a place to buy these items if you don’t know a distributor and don’t live in the US, Canada, or Germany.

The Final Verdict

final verdict graphic

The Pampered Chef, despite its name, doesn’t necessarily just pamper chefs. It can pamper anyone who lives in a kitchen.

I don’t say this out of reverence, but I’m just seeing a consistency in the information and reviews available.

The Pampered Chef makes good-quality products that are developed by a team of well-meaning and well-researched individuals.

Sure, not everyone has had a glaringly positive experience with the company, but that’s to be expected anywhere with any company.

What’s certain is that you’re going to get your money’s worth.

Heck, even their compensation plan is relatively fair for this type of business.

If you think this is the MLM for you, then hopefully our review has helped you make a good decision!

So, what do you think about our Pampered Chef review? Would you buy this product or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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