Plexus Review 2018: Is It Another Pyramid Scheme or Legit Business?

This is a Plexus review. You will learn here: what is Plexus, how does it work, what do they sell, their most popular products, mlm business opportunity and compensation plan. We will show you also couple customer reviews and complaints, tell you about prices, refund policy and recommend the best places to buy their products. At the end you will get all the pros and cons, so you can decide if this is a company you want to deal with. Keep reading!

There are a ton of different MLM companies out there, and Plexus is just one of many.

That said, just because there’s a lot of MLMs doesn’t mean that this one’s not any good.

Because these types of businesses have taken so much flack in recent years, we’ve decided to provide honest and unbiased reviews about them.

This way you can make a good decision about the brand before you join.

Without further ado, here’s our review of Plexus.

What Is Plexus?

Plexus, more formally known as Plexus Worldwide, is a MLM that’s a part of the health and diet industry.

They’re most well-known for their flagship product, the Plexus Slim.

Their other famous product, Accelerator, has helped to send the company into a fairly successful business venture.

They have grown quite a bit over the few years that they have been active.

This also indicates that there is something good that this company is doing.

After all, if they sold bunk products or treated their employees badly, they probably wouldn’t be as successful as they are!

What Do They Sell?

Being a health & wellness company, they offer a number of products intended to enhance the health of the human body.

One cool thing about Plexus is they recognize the importance of healthy lifestyle choices.

They don’t suggest that taking their products will magically heal all your ailments.

Instead, they provide products that are intended to help bolster a healthy lifestyle.

These include:

  • Plexus Boost: an alternative supplement for those who don’t want to use Accelerator with their Plexus Slim.
  • MegaX: a supplement that contains a number of different omega- fatty acids which are important for general health.
  • X Factor: a nutritional supplement that provides you with a variety of essential nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Plexus Block: a supplement that’s intended to help absorb starches from foods like bread and potatoes and help the body maintain a good nutritional balance.
  • Plexus Nerve: a certain mixture of vitamins and other nutritional compounds intended to help balance and support the health of the nervous system.

As you can tell the majority of their products are a part of the X line or the Plexus line.

All of their products fit into the same niche and will be useful for helping to manage some aspect of health and wellness.

Most Popular Products

We have already mentioned the flagship products of Plexus.

Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim

It is a powdered drink mix that you’re supposed to consume before meals.

It will help enhance digestion and provide a number of nutritional health benefits that can bolster your health in general.

Plexus Accelerator

Plexus Accelerator

It is a dietary supplement that’s supposed to accelerate your metabolism, among other things.

Plexus Ease

Plexus Ease

It is a product that’s available in two separate forms, a cream and a capsule.

They are both intended to work as anti-inflammatory supplements to help ease pain and discomfort.

Does It Work?

The verdict isn’t exactly out as to whether or not Plexus products actually work.

Usually you can get a clear indication by the customer reviews in regards to this, if there’s no actual evidence or studies that have been done on the products.

Unfortunately, reviews on Plexus products are pretty mixed.

For example, Plexus Slim – one of their flagship products – has a rating of 2.5/5.

That means that half of the people thought it was great and the other people thought it didn’t work at all.

In an objective sense, Plexus products do work to a degree like any other weight-loss supplement.

With a combination of fiber and nutrients they help you feel full quickly and suppress your appetite so you’ll lose weight.

MLM Business Opportunity

MLM companies, or multi-level marketing companies, are a unique type of business opportunity.

They allow people to join the company not just as consumers but as distributors.

This means that you can make money by selling the company’s products and recruiting other people who are interested in doing the same.

For many this sounds like a quick, awesome, get-rich-quick scheme.

The reality is that this is far from the truth.

Many people assume that MLM companies are all scams, but this isn’t the case.

However, since some of them require you to pay a joining fee, and many require that you pay a monthly fee or continue to buy products to stay active, then if you’re not making money, you’re going to lose it.

The majority of people who think that these type of businesses are scams are just bad at marketing (like myself) or just don’t have the patience or dedication to put in the hard work required to make money.

I know they’re not scams, but I also know I wouldn’t be able to make money with them because it’s not the best type of work for me.

But there are lots of people out there who are great at marketing and networking. If this sounds like you, then you can probably make a living working for a MLM.

The Compensation Plan

compensation plan

While most MLM companies are pretty similar in nature, their compensation plans can vary.

The compensation plan is usually what encourages people s to whether or not they actually want to join a business of this type.

Plexus charges people $34.95 to join the company as an Associate.

This is a pretty good price to join a MLM, because some companies charge up to $100.

After becoming an associate you’ll be able to get stuff at wholesale prices and sell these for a bit of profit.

However, as an Associate you won’t be eligible for any bonuses or commissions from the company – to get these you’ll need to spend a bit more on a higher-priced package.

This is a bit sheisty because it convinces people that they’ll only have to pay a small price to get all the benefits of the company when in reality you’ll need to spend $100-199 to get an Ambassador rating to actually make legitimate sales or recruit other members.

Once you join as an Ambassador, though, you end up with 11 different ways to make money. The majority of these are just bonuses that revolve around recruiting people and selling stuff.

MLM companies like to hype up their business by saying you can earn money a million different ways but the reality is, if you’re not selling things and recruiting members, you’re not going to make money.

The only real difference between the ways to make money with Plexus is making profit from direct retail sales, earning commission from your downline (the people that you recruit) or qualifying for one of the bonuses, such as the Business Building Bonus or the Sapphire Bonus.

You also earn more money as you earn more PV, or Personal Volume.

This is a point value assigned to your value in the company based off of what you sell and how many people you recruit.

PV increases and your ability to earn commission increases as a direct result.

This is the ‘leveling’ part of the multi-level marketing scheme: higher level sales associates earn more cash, and that’s that.

Guide to the Plexus Worldwide Compensation Plan

Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

pyramid scheme

What business isn’t a pyramid scheme these days?

Most of these MLM businesses are associated with being pyramid schemes because lots of people just don’t have what it takes to make money with them.

Instead of admitting that they don’t want to dedicate the time and effort required to make money, they’ll look for any excuse to attack the company.

That said, a lot of these companies have ripped off customers and consumers in the past.

That’s why they have the bad rep.

That’s also why we’re here – to help you figure out which ones you should join and which ones you should avoid .

In that regard, Plexus isn’t really any more of a pyramid scheme than your other average MLM.

They’re a bit sheisty in their packages – the cheapest package won’t even give you the ability to sell things as a member of the company, which has surely confused and infuriated a few people.

However, once you jump through that hoop, it functions the same as any other business of this type.

Plexus Customer Reviews and Complaints


Reviews for Plexus are all over the board.

Some people swear by their products and others think that they’re garbage.

For example, the most recent review of Plexus X factor is great.

They said it was “pricey but great” and that they “wish I could afford to get it regularly.”

However, someone else reviewing the same product said it was “a horrible product they should tell you about the side effects.”

They experienced the “worst gas ever” and it “made me sick to my stomach.”

These are common side effects of detoxing so maybe that’s the case.

Reviewers of Plexus Edge said it was “great for fibromyalgia fatigue,” and one person had mild success “replacing my prescriptions with something natural”.

Prices & Where to Buy

plexus official website

If you’re going to buy Plexus, the best place to do it is through a distributor or through their website.

If you buy through their website you can sign up as a distributor and get good discounts.

Otherwise, the prices will be quit estandard:

  • 30 days of Plexus Slim will cost you $87.95
  • 30 days of Plexus Accelerator + will cost you $39.95
  • A combination pack of both of these will cost you $117.95

Prices for their other products range between these prices.

Shipping and handling will cost extra.

If you get deals on shipping from sites like Amazon, you can also usually find Plexus products on there.

Money Back Guarantee

Plexus offers a reasonable 60-day Money Back Guarantee, promising that there’s no risk involved in buying any of their products.

Like most MLM companies, if you want to get a refund from something that you bought from a distributor, you’re expected to return it to them.

They should immediately refund you and deal with the rest of the process themselves.

On the other hand if you are hoping to get a refund on a product that you bought yourself you can simply contact the company and send the products back.

Unfortunately not everyone has had positive experiences with their money-back guarantee.

One user reported that they were supposed to get a $145 refund as per the terms of theri agreement but they didn’t receive the full value of what they were owed.

Pros & Cons

It’s a good idea to be aware of the good sides and the bad sides of a company before joining.

After reading a big article like this it can be hard to remember what’s good about a brand and what’s bad.

So we’ve put all the pros and cons of Plexus together here for you.


  • They offer a great compensation plan that is quite generous to members despite being a bit expensive to take part in. You’ll earn 50% commission on yoru sales which is a lot more than many other MLM companies can boast.
  • Ambassadors will get their own websites to help them run their business and sell stuff for the company.
  • The company offers a good variety of bonuses that can complement people with various styles of selling.
  • Plexus products are known to be safe and effective.
  • Their flagship products provide energy without using excessive amounts of caffeine like the energy supplements from many other similar MLMs do.


  • There are a huge number of complaints against the company with many people having problems with their products (however the company makes an effort to respond to all of these complaints).
  • Despite responding to the complaints it took Plexus many years to fix the problems that led to them in the first place.
  • There are a large number of requirements that you have to meet to actually be eligible to get paid by the brand itself. You need to join autoship as well which is problematic for people who don’t want to work full-time for Plexus.

The Final Verdict

final verdict graphic

Plexus seems like a pretty legit company if you ask me.

I’m not going to tell you whether or not you should join it, but it looks like their business practices are solid and their products are pretty good.

If that’s what you’re looking for in a company, then by all means, link up with Plexus.

Otherwise feel free to check out my other MLM reviews.

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