4 Essential Oils As Home Remedies For Acne

The usage of fragrant substances (such as essential oils from plants) in the treatment of various dis-eases has been going on for at least 5000 years as hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt testify. They used these substances for cosmetic purposes but also to treat illnesses and even to preserve the bodies of the dead. Their knowledge was later passed on to the Greeks and the Romans who also used aromatherapy abundantly. Today, they can make excellent home remedies for acne.

By distilling various parts of plants (seeds, roots, stems, leaves, fruits and flowers) with steam, there remains a concentrated oil that is naturally found in the plant and which usually has strong healing properties. These oils can then be used topically or internally – depending on their composition and strength – to treat various conditions. Be careful, most oils are too strong to be used undiluted and some can be toxic if used internally.

Combining essential oils to your other natural home remedies for acne

You can buy pure essential oils and mix them with your creams and other skin care products to enhance or their effectiveness as home remedies for curing acne. Adding a few drops of selected oils to a hot bath can be also be beneficial for your skin and provide a rather pleasant experience.

Lavender essential oil is soothing to the skin

For a more localized effect, you can fill a bowl with hot water and add a few drops of essential oils in it before placing your face above it and cover your head with a cloth. The steam will open up your skin pores and carry the benefits of the oils into your skin. This is a great way to use essential oils without actually putting oil on your skin.

4 essentials oils to combat acne

  1. Lavander essential oil is effective to treat and prevent mild acne as well as skin that is generally oily as it contains antibacterial agents. It will make you skin feel refreshed and appeased because of its soothing properties. If you use a make-up remover you can add a few drops of this oil to it. It will also be a beneficial addition to any neutral skin creams or facial mask mixtures. Just make sure you dilute it with some other substance – it is too strong to add it directly to the skin.
  2. Tea tree oil is one the most famous home remedies for acne and all around general antibacterial agent. It rightfully enjoys its place in many homes and will help to fight acne and clean wounds in general. Dilute it and apply on acne rashes and pimples to soothe the irritation and clear up the skin relatively quickly.
  3. Lemon essential oil is an excellent astringent and detoxifier and will be effective against blackheads and pimples. Simply add a few drops to a facial mask or makeup remover. It also helps to add spark to dull skin.
  4. Bergamot oil is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent, it contributes to the healing of scars and can help to dry up excessive oil from the skin. As such, it will be excellent to apply on damaged skin that needs to be healed. Its sweet and spicy smell will also be quite pleasant to most and provide a calming effect on the mind which can help to reduce stress.

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