6 Simple Tips to Clear Up Back Acne for Good

Do you dread every situation where you know you’re going to have to take off your shirt in front of others? Back acne is pretty embarrassing and worst of all, it’s kind of an unspoken thing. You feel subconscious around the pool or in the bedroom with another person because you can practically feel their eyes scanning over every body blemish and acne bump.

There is hope though! The following 6 strategies will clear up back acne in a matter of days IF executed correctly. Ready to start flaunting your physique again? Great! Let’s get started with tip number one…

1. Switch to an Anti-Bacterial Soap – Antibacterial soaps like Dial can dry out your skin. However, sometimes this can be just what it takes to clear up a bad case of back acne – particularly if your bacne is caused by oily clogs. See, when your skin is oily, bacteria has a greater attraction to it.

The bacteria (which feeds on the oil) clogs the pores and this is what gives birth to those unsightly back pimples. The solution? Lesson the oil and decrease the clogs. Just be sure not to over do it. Antibacterial soap can cause skin dryness if used in excess. You’ll need to find a happy medium. That brings us to our next tip.

2. Try using a Lufa Sponge – a Lufa works well if dry, irritating skin is what’s spawning multiple back zits. You can buy a natural Lufa (that’s what I recommend) on a long wooden handle to reach the parts of your back that a normal exfoliater would miss.

By cleaning off the dry, dead skin cells, you’ll be opening your pores up to more oxygen and oxygen is acne’s worst enemy. The result? You’ll have breathable, clear skin that won’t act as a breeding ground for gross bacne patches.

3. Install a water softener – This is definitely one of the pricier solutions but I can testify that it works well. If you’ve got hard water in your house, meaning it has a lot of minerals and calcium deposits in it, you’re not getting completely clean in the shower. Hard water will leave you with an invisible film on your skin which makes pores less breathable and in turn a pimple paradise.

The first step is getting your water tested by a local plumber to see if it is in fact hard. After that you can decide where to go from there. Water softeners do more than just help your skin with acne. You’ll have cleaner hair, a dandruff free scalp, feel overall cleaner after the shower AND they’re better for the lifetime health of your plumbing pipes.

4. Keep the Sweat Off Your Back – If you’re a gym rat, you may want to consider changing or showering immediately after working out. Sweat is like a magnet for bacteria (which clogs pores) and if you’re not changing your shirt right away, you’ll restrict air to your pores as well. This is like a one-two punch for causing acne.

Make sure you change clothes or shower within the first 10 minutes after your workout is over.

5. Salicylic Acid will Help – Try buying an astringent that contains salicylic acid and apply a thin layer to your back at night with either cotton balls, makeup cotton pads, or even just your hands. I used to use Oxy pads for sensitive skin and apply them directly to my back before going to bed.

It’s an easy way to clear the bacteria off your skin and may way for health oxygen to clear out your pores.

6. Water is the Way – It may sound like simple advice but water really does go a long way. Water will clear your skin up all over – including bad bacne. That’s because it flushes out toxins, prevents excessive body sweating and dilutes oil from overwhelming pores. Be sure to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day for the full effect. Yes, you’ll be peeing a lot but isn’t that beautiful clear skin worth it?

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