9 Most Popular Myths About Acne You Should Know

Acne is one of the most common skin disease on the world. For years people created many myths about its causes and ways of treatment. They often passed through word of mouths, and eventually everyone started to believe that they are facts. In case of people suffering from acne those myths are dangerous. Improper measures, worsening skin condition, may lead to unintentional self – harming. How much truth in myths you think it is?

Skin problems are caused by lack of hygiene.

Pimples have many causes, but dirt is not one of them. Blotches are formed when dead epidermis cells are mixed with natural tallow produced by organism, blocking skin pores. This process has nothing to do with dirt. It means that frequent washing your face (more than twice a day) will neither treat acne nor prevent it. Contrary, it can be harmful. Excessive washing removes natural skin protection, and alcohol preparations dry your skin causing the worsen of its condition.

Peelings and tonics will stop acne

Alcohol tonics can irritate skin and remove essential lubrication. It increases tallow production and make skin condition worse. Peelings containing apricot seeds and nutshells can irritate and even damage skin. It causes infection and strengthen the symptoms of acne. For best result you should only delicately rub epidermis and wash skin with non-alcohol tonic.

Lubricating single blotches may remove acne

Every acne eczema grows around 2-3 weeks. Lubricating single pimples is less efficient. It only removes late symptoms, not problem itself. Effective fight with acne is about not letting pimples appear. It means caring about whole problematic skin area, before acne eczemas appears.

Acne is teenagers’ problem

Acne may occur at any age. Over 85% of suffering people is between 12 and 24 years old. Disease may occur even in thirties. Women belong to higher risk group, as their hormone level is permanently unstable. It’s estimated that one on four people between 25 and 44 years old suffers from acne. Almost half of adult women suffer from acne of various intensity, from soft to very severe.

Leave it alone, you’ll grow up from it

This idea is harmful for several reasons. It can encourage teenagers for ignoring problem instead of seeking solution, and at the same time it can alienate adults suffering from acne. Disease may occur at any age. Luckily there are effective medicines, which you should use. Untreated acne may leave permanent physical and emotional scars. The most important is to prevent forming new eczemas.

Acne is cosmetic case – nothing serious

Acne affect our appearance. Even if it’s not serious threat for our life, it influence our well-being and self-esteem. It can even lead to isolating of social life. Do not let anyone to discourage you for seeking help or accuse you of vanity.

Some dietary products cause acne

It’s not truth. Yesterday’s French fries are not a cause of today’s acne. Scientist didn’t found any links between diet and acne. Dietary products are not responsible for causing acne. You can indulge yourself from time to time without any worries, as an exception from healthy, balanced diet.

Sunbathing treats acne

Hell no! Small amount of sun can only improve natural skin condition. However excessive putting your body on sunlight may block skin pores. It causes forming nodules, comedones and blotches. What’s more there are also derivative effects of sunbathing. Spots become darker, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation may appear. Often sunbathing damages skin and increase probability of having permanent scars. Besides, sunbathing increases risk of developing skin cancer. Summing up – sunbathing has more disadvantages than benefits.

There is cure for acne

You can control acne by everyday care. Regular using of effective products may help. However it is important that even if blotches disappear it doesn’t mean healing acne completely. You should care about your skin patiently and constantly even when it already looks perfectly. It will its returning.

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