Acne Elimination And Prevention

Acne gets formed in skin when excess oil and dead cells block skin pores. Blackheads, pimples and oily skin layers are the distinct features of acne.

It can appear in mild, modest and intense forms. Black and white heads are categorized as mild forms. Lesions formation is said to be the modest stage and formation of skin bumps is said to be the intense form.

Skin inflammation in some severe cases can result in appearance of pigmentation, scars and open wounds. The skin around acne bumps will be dry and rough in nature. The scars appearing on the epidermis layer can go deep into the dermis layer and cause extended skin damages when acne is left untreated.

Effective Acne Elimination Formula

Before knowing about the effective acne elimination formula you need to understand some of the most common causes of acne. This will help you in arriving at the solution faster since curing methods are directly proportional to the causes.

UV radiation & heat combination is one of the major causes of acne. It is due to the abnormal reaction of sebum, the skin oil producing gland. Sebum is said to be highly useful to skin as long as it is under normal working conditions. When the UV radiation from sun starts generating free radicals, they directly hit sebum cells and oxidize them. The self protective mechanism of sebum senses threat to its survival and starts generating excess of skin oil.

In some cases the production of skin oil can exceed the levels which are sued by the skin. Excess oil starts blocking the skin pores as it has nowhere else to go. This process results in the formation of sebum blackheads on the skin surface. They are usually oily in nature.

When the dead cells in the top layers of skin combine with oil and dirt they form a hard layer of bumps on the skin. It can further lead to dryness, scars and even open wounds in the next stages.

The formula used for this type of acne needs to break open the bumps, dissolve them, clear the pores and balance the production of skin oil. Once this cycle is completed your skin starts returning back to normal conditions and it takes time.

One of the most effective treatment is the combination of vinegar, cinnamon Aloe Vera. Though each element can help in curing the skin from acne, the combination is preferred for some simple reasons.

Vinegar being an antioxidant stops the further spread of acne by neutralizing the free radicals generated. Aloe Vera and vinegar combination can effectively dissolve the toughest of acne bumps and clear the affected areas. Cinnamon can help in removal of dissolved acne through skin pores.

Then Aloe Vera acts in keeping the pores clean and providing immunity properties to skin. It also helps in re growth of collagen in the affected skin layers. It helps in increasing the elasticity and tightness of skin layers, preventing the re-growth of acne bumps.

Simple Techniques For Acne Scars Elimination

Elimination of acne bumps, blackheads and wounds is the first step in acne treatment. The scars of acne however remain on your skin surface for a long time. The simplest technique of removing them is through lemon syrup.

You need to wash your skin before applying the syrup. You don’t have to dilute the syrup unless your skin is sensitive enough not to withstand the concentrated form of the syrup.

  • Cut two lemons and extract the syrup from them and take out the seeds.
  • Use your fingers to apply the syrup onto scar affected skin areas. If you wish to make your skin radiant and bright you need to add few drops of vitamin E, Aloe Vera and rose essential oil. Let the liquid rinse your skin for about 20 minutes before washing it off.
  • Repeat the procedure twice a day for about 15 days. You will be able to observe considerable improvements in healing of scars and brightening of skin.
  • Elimination of acne scars can also be done with the help of honey, olive oil potato, tomatoes or tea-tree oil. Remember to rinse the affected skin region for a minimum of 20 minutes. This is the only way in which you will be able to ensure maximum effects within your expected time of treatment.

Tips On Acne And Elimination Diet

The diet for acne will be more about what foods you should avoid rather than about what foods you should include in the plan.

What to avoid?

  • Grains are the primary foods which need to be taken out of diet plan.
  • Oats, rice, wheat and barley contain hard proteins that can help in flaring up of acne symptoms on your skin.
  • The other food you need to avoid is gluten. It can directly affect the flow of blood to your skin layers and worsen the acne condition.
  • Carbohydrates, sugar and fructose are the other food ingredients which need to be avoided.

What to eat to get rid of acne?

  • Vegetables and fat free foods are best recommended for acne. Fermentation of raw vegetables can further make it fit for acne as it influences the health levels of the gut.
  • Foods containing vitamin D are essential for increasing the skin immunity and implementing advanced acne elimination methods.
  • Omega-3 types of fats help in retaining moisture content in your skin layers. They can also help in enhancement of skin complexion and prevent inflammation of skin layers.
  • Water consumption needs to be 3 to 4 liters everyday during acne treatment. It can help in keeping your skin hydrated and speed up acne toxin elimination process. Smoothies can help in normalizing skin temperature within permissible levels and prevent inflammation conditions.

Stress accumulation can be one of the key factors in worsening of acne conditions. Physical stress on skin layers has to be reduced. Avoid excess skin exposure to sunlight and heat. Wear skin covering clothes and sun screen to open skin. Protect your eyes with sun glasses.

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