Problems With Acne? Avoid These Foods to Prevent And Treat Breakouts!

acne dietAcne formation is result of organism self-cleaning from toxic metabolism products. Eating dishes containing a lot of additional chemical substances such us preservatives, flavours, dyes, etc. provides our organism more toxins and various compounds, which increase probability of occurring exanthema (result of organism self-cleaning). To avoid it you should possibly eat natural products and care about self-cleaning.

Now we generally know how it works, so we can focus on what we should specifically avoid. I chose products, which I personally stopped consuming or replaced with other. Below you can find list of products with reasons of their removal from diet.

Sodas (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Lift, Sprite, etc.)

Sodas are mayor enemy of people suffering from acne. They’re full of preservatives, flavours, dyes and sugar. Moreover they contain whole mass of empty calories, which discourage from eating regular food. We replace this sorts of drinks for water – sparkling or still water. Its advantage is the best hydrating of our body, and in consequence – our skin. Water also contains minerals which our body needs.


Source of many problems, not only with acne. It affects our skin for several reasons, mostly because it contains trans adipose and high amounts of salt, spices, and various flavour enhancer. Note that we should replace adipose with vegetable oil, e.g. olive oil or grape seed oil. Cold – liver oil is also healthy.


Including: pepper, salt, worchester sauce, chilli, ketchup or mustard. They improve taste, but irritate our gastric tract and epidermis. I don’t mean to eliminate it completely from our life, but it is possible not to salt or pepper our soup, and eat sandwich without ketchup. It is hard to disaccustom at the beginning, but results are impressive.


Another, very important section, and yet one of the hardest one. Unfortunately sweets are perfect nourishment for acne. We shouldn’t forget about salty, fat chips – complete massacre for our organism. They cause huge insulin shot to our blood, which foster acne forming. Personally I always ate different sorts of sweets, and it limiting it was biggest challenge, but after some time I started getting used to it. As the time past, you will feel taste for different, healthier products during day.


I mean both alcohol and cigarettes not even mentioning others. After drinking alcohol our organism is often dried (hangover) and deprived from many elements, which are essential for sustaining proper skin condition. Cigarettes contain so many heavy metals and other substances, that they clog skin pores and contaminate our body. It’s not worth describing since everybody knows it.


I have to drink tea to feel well in the morning. Some people have the same need with coffee which is by the way unrecommended for everyone suffering from acne, who should resign from it. Normal, black tea has also negative affect on our body, that’s why it’s worth to replace it with green tea or pansy tea. Green tea helps to clean our organism from different sorts of contaminations, while pansy tea is diaphoretic and diuretic, which foster skin detoxification.

Fruits and vegetables

It is known that they’re worth eating. If you cook them yourself, or at least make shopping, try to choose those seasonal and not sprayed. Wash it carefully before consuming, as they often has micro – toxins on their surface, which cause pimples forming. Non seasonal fruit and vegetables (e.g. winter strawberries) are grown by using many preparations, which are also harmful for our skin. You must follow all given guidelines, with no exceptions.

Remember – we fight with acne complexly not with half-measures. We want to suffer for a while but deal with it quickly and permanently, so it is worth it. It is obvious that dietary changes themselves won’t heal our acne, but they are very important basis.

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