How Sleep Deficiency May Cause Acne Outbreaks

acne and sleepAlthough there has yet to be solid medical proof that acne can develop from lack of sleep, there seems to be a solid connection between the two. The body needs an ample amount of sleep at the most suitable hours so as to renew itself, and a shortage of this can bring about certain complications.

Lack of sleep can make a person so burned out. Additionally, there may be greater resistance to insulin and inflammatory conditions can happen. Let us first look into acne to better recognize how all of these can transpire with insufficient sleep.

Acne is a skin affliction which is recognized by blackheads, whiteheads, and papules or pustules that are infected growths on the skin surface. The skin has several pores that contain a hair follicle and an oil gland. Otherwise known as the sebaceous glands, they are responsible for keeping the skin soft and moisturized. Excess oil secretion leads to blockage of the pores as a result of build up of dirt. If this plug gets inflamed, a pimple results.

Now here is the truth on how insufficient sleep relates to acne. There still isn’t any proof about the direct relation between acne and insufficient sleep. Nonetheless, when you have existing acne, research has shown that lack of sleep can worsen the problem. The initial effect of less sleep is stress, which is a very well-known trigger of acne. Heightened stress contributes to over stimulation of adrenals which are in charge of producing androgens. Acne formation is activated when your body produces a higher level of androgen.

Lack of sleep can also lead to systemic inflammation. Your immune mechanism suffers when there is lack of sleep and this may bring about a significant rise in inflammatory cytokines. Cytokines induce a propensity towards inflammatory states. As we know, acne breakouts are inflammation of plugged pores in the skin, so it is clear that this inflammation is activated by an increased amount of cytokines in your body.

Insulin resistance is a medical condition when the body has to generate more insulin for sustaining blood glucose level. The problem can be induced by a mere deficiency of sleep. It’s also quite typical for the skin to become oily when one is short of sleep. Insufficient sleep enhances sebum production which can be a scenario for skin inflammation.

Even though sleeping late into the evening isn’t going to give rise to acne formation specifically, it definitely affects the conditions which are accountable for acne formation. Teens and young adults are most vulnerable to acne, however they may take preventive measures like receiving sufficient sleep and obtaining acne treatment.

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