Squeezing Pimples: Helpful or Not?

Squeezing Pimples

Squeezing pimples it usually first idea of teenager who starts having pimples. I also used to do it even before I had had pimples – I learnt it from my brother (who, by the way also didn’t have serious skin problems). Unfortunately squeezing blotches is harmful and can cause many problems, which we wouldn’t have if we didn’t do it.

Let’s be honest – sometimes we have to squeeze pimple. We can’t even resist it, and stand it’s view.

Squeezed pimple especially purulent, has tendency to relapse and bacteria dissemination on whole skin. Certainly you faced a situation when morning, small white blotch returned after several hours twice as big and what’s worse – sometimes with few smaller “fellas”. It is so because when we squeeze pimple our epidermis ruptures, providing wide gate for whole kind of bacteria. Additionally, squeezed purulent spills around pimple and bacteria can easily work again.

Some says, that after squeezing it is good to lubricate a place with salicylic alcohol, to disinfect it. Ok, alcohol certainly kills bacteria, but are you eager to spill it on open wound? And a place of squeezed pimple must be treated as open wound. If we spill alcohol on it, it will leave scar, which we won’t get rid of till the rest of our life. I know people who spilled salicylic alcohol on face, and know it looks like moon surface.

The same think situation is about comedones – small black spots. Usually they’re harder to remove than pimples, which disappear after some time. In their case, instead of squeezing I recommend peelings which are to unlock clogged skin pores. Then drink some diaphoretic tea and skin will deal with comedones itself. Squeezing pimples cause your skin not only rough but also full of visible spots in every pore place, even when there will no pimples anymore.

Summing up, squeezing blotches is definitely wrong idea. To get rid of comedones, we have to unlock pores and stimulate our skin to self – cleaning. Furthermore, there are no as effective ways of removing purulent pimples as squeezing it. However squeezing it may cause its return or scabs. Proper diet may help avoiding it, but there is always risk that some eczema will appear.

It is best to use antibiotic lubricant recommended by dermatologist. Usually they dry pimples within hour, or two, and there is no visible sign of it, that’s why I recommend this way of dealing with it.

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