The Wheatgrass – A Secret Weapon Of Fighting Acne

WheatgrassHere’s one of those miracle foods that provide so many health benefits that it is sort of crazy we’re not all eating and drinking it right now. For the purpose of this article though, I’ll stick to explaining why this is one of the most worthy home remedies for acne.

You’re perhaps aware of how ridiculous I find it when some say that food does not cause acne – yes, we all know food does not cause acne but there is a strong relationship between the food we eat and how our body functions. Whether you’re dealing with hormonal acne or whatever kind, food will influence how your body is able to deal with your skin condition and as such can be an indirect natural acne treatment.

One of the main causal factors of acne is the buildup of toxins in the body. If the body is not able to cope and get rid of the toxins we feed it then one of the things that can happen (depending on different variables) is that they will end up in the skin and break out through it. One of the things we can do to avoid this is to stop feeding crap to our body. Another is to give it food that will help it detoxify itself.

Enter Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass can be considered as a home remedy for acne because it is a strong detoxifying and nourishing substance. While scientific data does not yet back up the claims of its detoxifying powers, there are many testimonials coming from people suffering from acne about how their skin has significantly cleared up once they began to drink wheatgrass juice. Some also claim to have benefited from rubbing the juice directly on the infected areas.

Wheatgrass Is a Potent Superfood

On top of cleansing the body and the skin, wheatgrass nourishes them with a multitude of vitamins (A, B1-2-3-5-6-8-12, C, E, K), minerals (calcium, iodine, selenium, iron, zinc amongst others) as well as 21 different amino acids (including the 8 essential ones). As little as two ounces of fresh wheatgrass juice will provide as much nutrients as can be found in three pounds of vegetables (organic). For those who are concerned with gluten you’ll be happy to know wheatgrass does not contain any because the wheat is too young to have formed the grain within which gluten is found.

How To Use This At Home Remedy For Acne

Growing wheatgrassWheatgrass is merely young blades of wheat which are either transformed into juice, capsules (powder) or extracts. Wheatgrass juice has become very popular and is available in many juice and smoothie shops. These will be expensive over the long run however and given that you would want to take about 1 oz of juice a day you’re better off making your own. You’ll need a juicer which will cost you but it will be more than worth it over the long run.  Remember, it will help your acne but it is also an excellent all around food for your health.

If you’re not able to afford a juicer you can also simply chew the blades and masticate them at lengths for about 5 minutes in order to get the nutrients from them.

Growing wheatgrass in your home is not complicated but does require some care. You’ll need to buy seeds which are commonly available at health food stores.

Soak the wheat seeds in a little bit of water and put them to rest in a warm and dark place (a cupboard should do nicely). Leave them be for 12 to 24 hours or until they begin to sprout. Plant the sprouts by the windowsill or outside if you can and let them grow for a week or so (they grow very fast). Then you only need to cut and use them. Voila!

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