Why And How Acne Is Formed? Let Me Explain…

acneMany of you probably ask yourself: “Why it is me who have this terrible acne? Why it happened to me?” The causes of acne are not yet ultimately found. In many cases its occurrence is caused by hormonal influence, skin type and genetic inheritance.

Denying yourself some dishes or face peeling every 15 minutes won’t change your predispositions for having this problematic, ugly and sometimes very painful affliction. If your parents had acne in youth, it is probable that you will also suffer from it. There are no acne vaccinations yet, or even preparations avoiding its occurrence. We can only cope with it.

Main causes of appearing acne are:

  • Hormones

Acne vulgaris occurs during intensified hormones activity. During puberty, boys and girls produces a lot of androgens – male hormones, including testosterone. These hormones signal our body to produce more tallow, skin lubricate, which disturbs cleaning of hair follicles and in consequence
clogging pores in our skin.

  • Bacteria

High production of tallow blocks hair follicle – especially those on face, chest and back. Blocked hair follicles are friendly environment for bacteria. Tallow overflow causes forming of black and white skin pimples – so called noninflammatory form of acne. It happens that hair follicle ruptures because of overflow of tallow. When it happens, tallow leaks to tissue around and cause blotch or so called inflammatory form of acne. Next stage is forming a cyst, which – in case of rupturing – may leave temporary or permanent scar.

  • Genetic factors

Genetic acne problems do not occurs always, but when parents had or have skin problem now, it is possible that their child will also have it. Therefore it is not always so, and depends on luck in inheriting proper gens.

  • Hygiene

Some people has more “fatty” skin than others. Sweat doesn’t cause acne, it is not necessary to wash after every physical effort, in fear that sweat will block hair follicles. Moreover, excessive washin may irritate and dry you skin.

  • Stress

Some people are very worried about their pimples, scars, nodules, and that their skin will never be in perfect condition. It causes their stress and malaise. Stress itself does not causes acnes at all.

  • Medicines

Some medicines may strengthen acne, or even cause it. Such medicines are for example preparations containing iodine, bromides, steroid hormones (prescribed prednisone and illegal steroids applied by some body-builders). However acne caused by medicines is rather rare.

  • Hormonal medicines

Hormonal medicines may strengthen or ease acne depending on individual preferences and sort of taken medicines. It is very rare for hormones to cause acne, however it possible.

  • Cosmetics

Most of skin cosmetics don’t cause pore clogging. However chose cosmetics which are based on water and don’t contain fat, If your skin is oily or has tendency to drying Chose cosmetics we recommend.

  • Abrasions

Wearing helmets or tight collars, may cause strengthening of cane or reddening. Depending on clothes textile symptoms may be higher or lower. It is best to wear pure cotton clothes or cotton refined with e.g. cashmere.

  • Profession

People working in places where they are prone to various lubricants and coolants may suffer from acne more. Other chemical substances, e.g. cleaning products may also cause acne.

We now know why acne appears on our skin. There are many causes, and you shouldn’t feel sorry for yourself, because it’s very common affliction.

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