Digging Out Aging Skin Causes

aging skin

Physical aging is one of the natural causes of skin aging which is found commonly among people. It is an irreversible process and hence no remedies exist for it. The other types of skin aging happen prematurely due to various external and internal causes.

External causes are mostly related to UV radiation, skin infections and diseases, medicinal and therapeutic side effects, pollution and other forms of toxic element deposition in skin and internal organs.

Internal causes could be hormone imbalance, genes or malfunction of skin connected internal organs. According to dermatologists it is possible to treat and prevent premature skin aging through natural remedies.

In this article you can read about some of the most prominent causes, symptoms and probable cure for them.

What Causes Skin Aging in Cigarettes

Smoking is considered as one of the reasons for skin aging in men and women. Cigarette contains many harmful ingredients like nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, cadmium, ingredients used in varnish and paint, petroleum by-products and so on.

  • According to research studies conducted by dermatologists over a period of time, nicotine is the primary element that causes addiction to smoking. Melanin is a skin ingredient which gives skin tone. Nicotine gets deposited in melanin and forms an unbreakable bond. This is said to be the main reason for craving which is found among chain smokers.
  • Nicotine is capable of breaking the collagen molecules and rendering them ineffective. Since they are unable to form firm bonding with skin cells, it leads to formation of wrinkles and aging lines. Smoking causes skin to go dry and void of vital nutrients and vitamins. As a result the immunity of skin is reduced drastically. This is one of the reasons for development of rashes, red patches and dark spots as the skin is virtually defenceless against UV radiation.
  • Toxic elements like cadmium, mercury, carbon monoxide and others get deposited on the layers of lungs. The oxygen supplied through blood to the skin cells also gets affected by these toxic elements, forcing the skin to absorb them. This leads to depletion of nutrients and vitamins to skin, causing reduction if tensile strength. This causes skin to sag which is another sign of premature skin aging.

Critical Premature Skin Aging Causes

  • Excess exposure to UV radiation results in generation of free radicals in the skin. These free radicals are attracted to melanin, the pigment producing element in the skin. Since it is already affected by bonding with nicotine it has the affinity to form additional bonding with oxidizing elements in free radicals. It causes melanin to react strongly with skin colouring, making the skin to go dark. These spots are clearly visible in a smoker’s facial skin, hands, chest, forearms and back.
  • Regular exposure to pollution and industrial chemicals is said to be another major cause for premature skin aging. Chemicals and fumes get absorbed by the skin layers very easily through the skin pores. They start forming a layer within the Subcutis layers and extend up to the dermis and epidermis layers. Soon they block the skin pores. It could lead to trapping of heat within the skin layers, resulting in hot flashes, inflammations, bumps and other allergic reactions. When the bumps break they form a crust around the openings due to the liquid oozing out. It soon dries out and makes the skin scaly in nature. This is another cause of aging which remains long after the inflammations and bumps have healed.
  • Diet is one of the critical reasons for premature skin aging. Acidity and reflux causing foods and excess of alcohol cause the skin to lose essential fluids and vitamins. Large intestine, liver, kidneys and metabolic organs get depositions of unhealthy fat and cholesterol. Since the skin is connected with the conditions of these internal organs the effects can influence the skin to lose its shine and liveliness faster.
  • Skin cell inflammations caused by cancer treatment methods like radiation therapy, LASER and others. When the intensity of radiation therapy increases, some people start losing hair from the scalp region, rendering them partially bald. Dark spots appear on skin layers. Excess hypo-pigmentation can destroy the melanin to alarming levels, making the skin go completely pale and lifeless.
  • Genetic causes of premature aging have not been explored completely by dermatologists till date. Research is still in progress.
  • Hormones imbalances are known to cause premature skin aging among women during menstrual cycles, pregnancy & neonatal period and menopause. Some of the minor signs like spots may go away after the passing of these critical periods, while others like wrinkles, aging lines, sagging skin, dullness and energy less skin cells may continue long after. It is possible to eliminate these symptoms with the help of herbal skin treatments.

What Causes Aging in Skin to Reverse

Herbal treatments with ingredients like plant roots, berries and fruits, leaves and stem, spices, essential oils and vegetable oils can be used to prepare recipes for premature aging. These recipes are known to work effectively in cases of controllable factors only.

Home remedies can reverse the skin aging symptoms when they are in mild, moderate and intermediate stages. When the symptoms reach critical and chronic stages they need the intervention of skin specialists.

They may choose natural therapy or other methods which are found to be most suitable at that point of time.

  • Anti aging with Aloe Vera treatments can be effective when other ingredients like honey, Indian Ginseng, Neem oil, castor oil, anti aging fruit extracts, spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic, red pepper and carrier oils are combined with it. You need to know the right sort of ingredients proportions based on your skin type.
  • Anti aging methods could be successful when you combine skin treatments with effective diet changes. Green leafy veggies, fish, lean meat, healthy fat, omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids and natural minerals can enhance the strength and elasticity of skin layers, prolonging the skin aging signs for a long time. Uncontrollable factor like natural aging is still out of the coverage area of the best of anti aging treatments.

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