Tips To Select Best Of Anti Aging Fruits

anti-aging foodBasic anti aging factors are mainly concerned with extending the “Hayflick limit” of the skin cells. Cell growth happens through division. It is a process by which cells multiply in numbers.

Keratinocytes are the main types of cells found in the epidermis layer of skin which form nearly 90%. According to dermatology they originate from the interior (basal) layer of epidermis and move onto the outermost layer. At some point they reach the Hayflick limit and die.

These dead cells are then replaced by newly formed cells. This process is called natural exfoliation. When you shower or clean your skin in some way the dead cells layer is removed which gets replaced by newly emerging layer.

Some of the aging cells don’t die away. They increase in their size, get depleted in energy and form a layer at the top. They are also said to be responsible for severing the collagen from skin. It results in wrinkles, lines and loose skin layer at the top, leading to skin aging.

L Carnosine is said to be one of the known amino acids which can extend the life of a cell beyond Hayflick limit.  Since no veggies or fruits contain this ingredient in the original form (lean meat, chicken and egg have it) vegans will have to depend on supplements in the form of capsules to intake this skin anti aging element.

Best of Anti Aging Fruits

Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruit is the most recommended fruit for producing anti aging effects among men and women after 40s. Some of the benefits of this fruit are based on its ingredients like

  • Vitamin C which is an antioxidant, collagen producer; it prevents UV skin damage to large extent and reduces the after effects of skin exposure to sun, heat and dry climatic conditions. As an antioxidant vitamin C takes care of neutralizing the oxidative elements produced from UV radiation. In this process it balances the activity of sebum, the skin oil producing substance.
  • Vitamin C is also responsible for optimum generation of collagen in the skin layers. It gets absorbed by the blood stream and it is transported to skin layers from the Subcutis layer till the epidermis. It is highly soluble in water and hydrating substance. It enhances the water retaining capacity of skin cells. Since collagen gets generated freely, the skin gets tightened and wrinkles are naturally eliminated or reduced.
  • The fruit contains 74.3mg of Omega-3 fatty acids which is said to be considerably good for acting as an anti infectious agent. It provides immunity to most of the common skin disorders like eczema, Vulgaris, acne, hives and Rosacea etc.
  • It has high laxative ingredients which can remove the stress forming toxic elements from the skin layers. Toxic elements get accumulated into skin from various external and internal resources.

Sun, heat and pollution are said to be some of the external elements. Medicines, fatty and oily foods, alcohol, smoking and chemicals in foods are the internal factors. These elements make the skin cells prematurely grow old. The cells lose their energy levels and start expanding, making the skin layers form wrinkles and lines. Tightness of the skin is also lost in the process.

Hence the first step to prevent this process is removal of toxic elements from the skin layers.

  • Eicosapentaenoic acid in the fruit reduces skin swelling when your skin sustains injuries, gets affected by infections or diseases. Docosa-hexaenoic acid is said to be highly effective against cancer as it forms a natural protective layer over the skin.


Watermelon is another highly effective anti aging fruit as it hydrates your skin from the subcutis layer till the epidermis.

  • Water molecules in the skin cells make them denser in nature and bulky. They are able to convert the nutrients and vitamins into useful energy.
  • It increases the stability and stamina of skin cells even when they age. Brightness of skin remains intact and the liveliness improves.
  • Watermelon contains vitamin B6 which is highly effective against acne. The average quantity required is 1.9mg for women and 2.4mg for men. Consuming water enough of quantity to supplement the everyday needs.


  • Gooseberries contain potassium, calcium, copper, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin E.
  • Regular consumption of gooseberries helps in keeping the skin in hydrated conditions. It helps in attaining and retaining healthy skin glow for long years.
  • Calcium in gooseberries helps your skin in preventing cancer cells from developing. Many of the non melanoma types of skin cancer patients are given plenty of gooseberry juices to quicken the healing process after they undergo surgery or therapy.
  • Vitamin A in gooseberries helps in reducing possibilities of skin Rosacea. It is made possible due to the normalization of blood flow. It helps in restructuring of cells in the epidermis layer for enhancing protection from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Cell membranes start developing with the supply of vitamin A. They have a high elastic nature which gives flexibility to your skin in the upper parts of epidermis layer. Skin lesions due to infections can lead to cancer when they are left untreated in the initial stages.

For example the red nodules with bleeding in nose, eras, forehead and other parts of skin which get frequently exposed to UV radiation. The bleeding gets deposited around the sores, leading to non melanoma type of skin cancer. Vitamin A heals the nodules before they can reach the stage of bleeding.

  • Vitamin E has multiple benefits as a skin moisturizer, cleanser, stretch mark healer, cold sores healer and dark spots remover. It also stimulates healthy hair growth and nourishment in the scalp regions. It is highly useful for treating skin fibrosis. Skin wrinkles get straightened out due to its ability for increasing the skin’s tensile strength.

You could add honey, lemon syrup and black pepper powder to Juices made from the listed fruits for enhancing the skin benefits in the long run.

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