Tips To Get Rid Of Wrinkles And Reduce The Signs Of Ageing

wrinkles treatmentAs we age, we notice more aches and pains in our bones as well as a change in our skin tone. In fact, wrinkles may be the first sign you see that you are ageing. The elastin in the skin (which keeps the skin firm) starts to change and this is what causes the skin differences. In addition, other factors affect us too, such as UV rays and a lifetime of wrong diets and unhealthy eating patterns.

Whilst you may be able to slow the process down, you will never be able to reverse or stop it – and God knows scientist are trying their best to discover a pill to take care of age reversal. But until that happens, we have to take steps ourselves to reduce the wrinkle look. Here are a few ways you can do that.

  • Not only should you have a good sleep pattern, you should also aim to have at least 6 hours per night. The recommended average is 8 hours but some people, just can’t manage that. If you are able to take a nap during the day when your body’s natural energy levels dip then do this too.
  • This is always necessary whether you are fighting the signs of ages and wrinkles or not. A good diet includes fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as proteins and fish.You should find a good moisturizing cream and use it during each morning and night, and afternoon if you are out in the sun when it has dried your skin.
  • Some people have thirsty skin (don’t laugh, there is really this term for it!) so this is absolutely necessary. Drinking water not only helps to regulate your kidneys, reduce toxins in the body, but it also helps to moisturize the skin too, although the recommended 8 glasses per day may be a bit excessive for some people.
  • Ouch. This one hurts a bit, but there id research to suggest that caffeine can have an aging effect on your body and skin, so cut down on tea and coffee intake. This also applies to the highly popular caffeine high energy drinks too.
  • Your skin renews itself all the time, so you may not be surprised to learn that there can be a build-up of dead skin cells. By using a facial scrub and removing the dead cells, you are encouraging new skin growth, which is more youthful in appearance. This should be carried out at least weekly.
  • Deep cleansing routines should also be incorporated into regime too. Cleansing daily will also help to remove grime, debris and oil form the skin, all contributors to skin imperfections.
  • Alcohol has aging affects on the whole body, not just the skin, and although some researchers say that a glass of red wine a day is good for the heart, the absolute proof of that has yet to be published. So to avoid excess wrinkles reduce your intake of alcohol, and that brings us on another tip.
  • Some people find it difficult to stop smoking, so telling someone to stop smoking is futile. Until they are actually ready to quit – they won’t. It’s as simple as that. However, you can reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke, and this can be helpful too. If you start by just smoking one less cigarette day and reduce as often as you feel comfortable you are more likely to get to the stage where you are ready to quit altogether, which is good news for your skin, your pocket and the environment.
  • This is a difficult one to achieve, but if you can reduce the amount of stress in your life, either through meditation or other means, then you will avoid more wrinkles than if you were stressed the whole time.
  • UV rays are known to age the skin more and if you have to go out in the sunshine, always use a high factor sunscreen.


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