Basics About Acne – Everything You Should Know About This Skin Condition

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Acne is stigma, which has to be born… something which rise shame. Something which brings derision – (dr. A.C.Chue).

This is the way many people suffering from this problem thinks. However it’s worth knowing and understanding causes and growth of acne lesions, as well as its effective treatment. It will help to understand, that contemporary, proper therapy significantly improves skin condition after one month in over 80% of cases.

Acne’s Characteristic

Skin lesions of young men, appearing as comedones, nodules, blotches rise huge anxiety. This is not only cosmetic issue, but also reason of emotional problems and shame. Conviction that acne is incurable is co common, that there is even worldwide support group (ASG) based in England. Its aim is to help people suffering from this disease, so their life with disfiguring acne could be easier.

Acne’s Causes

Acne is nightmare of many people. Skin lesions visible on a face can make many teenagers’ life miserable. However acne occurs also adults and even babies. There is no specific age, in which we can expect it. So where does it come from? Acne is severe inflammation disease of skin sebaceous gland, which causes excessive tallow production. Tallow answer for proper moistening and skin tension. Its overflow irritates skin and block hair follicle. As a result mucus is unable to get outside, and eczemas appears. Acne mostly occurs people between 11 and 30. Almost 100% of boys and 90% of girls suffer from it.

Acne’s Symptoms

Everyone know how acne looks like. Characteristic acne’s lesions appear on skin – in area of forehead, chin, nose and chicks, as well as on the back and chest.

  1. Noninflammatory – open and closed comedones and micro-comedones
  2. Inflammatory – blotches, nodules and cysts with purulent substance.

Acne lesions has severe character. During summer skin condition improves due to insolation.

Types of Acne

For growing girls it is often real tragedy, especially when it “pop out” day before party our date. Pimples are different sorts of spots, blackheads, and nodules on our body, mostly on face. Usually when we speak about pimples we mean acne. Below there are several kinds of this disease.

Acne vulgaris

It is one of the most common type of acne. It occurs young people during puberty. Almost everyone pass through this skin problem, however some have short-living, barely visible skin lesions, and some suffer from protracted, perplexing affliction. The cause of acne vulgaris formation are hormonal changes, leading to hyperactivity of seborrheic gland. As a result, comedones start to form, with accumulated gland and tallow. As it is bacterial – friendly environment it may lead to local infection.

Infection causes inflammation, and comedones transform in hard, painful nodules. Pimples appear usually on face, but some people may observe pimples on back or chest. Treating acne vulgaris is about lubricating skin lesions with exfoliating creams containing salicylic acid or germicidal preparations. In some situations dermatologist may refer you for hormonal treatment or antibiotic oral or local therapy

Neonatal Acne

Causes of its formation are unknown, that’s why as the matter of fact there are no ways of treating it. Usually it passes spontaneously after couple or several days. However it is recommended to wash skin only with delicate lubricants instead of ordinary soap. If there will be no improvement after a couple of days, medical advice should be sought.

If a child is above 4 months old it also recommended to visit doctor, because this disease affects only children in their first months after birth, so it good to check whether it is not any other affliction. The symptom of neonatal ace are painless red pimples or spots in area of face, neck and forehead. It is characteristic that it “disappears” when it’s cold, e.g. after going for a walk, and it becomes more visible when it’s getting warmer.


It’s protracted affliction affecting adults. It’s appears as various exanthema on face. It can be lesions such as rash, nodules, pimples and sometimes conjunctivitis. Lesions appears particularly in specific face areas – under eyes, on chin, nose and under eyebrows.The cause of this acne occurrence mostly consists of several factors, including environmental and genetic.

The affliction mostly occurs people between 30 and 60, mostly women, but men are believed to suffer from the most severe cases. Rosacea may be also connected with immune system disorder. Depending on lesions character and stage, various types of treatment may be applied: local pharmacological treatment, phototherapy, laser, cosmetic therapy and in most severe cases – surgery.

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