Dermalogica Review 2018: Products, Results, Prices, Where To Buy & Best Alternatives

In this article (Last Update 2018) we will explain to you what is Dermalogica, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customer reviews, give you prices, where to buy it & recommend best alternative.

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We are not only faced with increasingly stressful lives today but also with overall unhealthy habits.

At least 34% of all adults in the United States are obese, and the majority of these individuals have gained weight due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

It is estimated that around 7% of all women and 30% of all men (worldwide) are smokers.

Millions of people expose their skin to the sun unprotected each day.

These are only some factors that the world is exposed to that leads to acne, blemishes, dark spots, and, of course, premature aging of the skin.

Conditions like these cause psychological complications in the population, leading to social anxiety, depression and a low self-esteem.

While the world is faced with many options to treat these conditions, the overwhelming amount of information and brands can cause a lot of confusion.

In this post, we want to discuss a brand that has won several awards and have even been featured in multiple publications – Dermalogica, an international brand that caters to everyone, no matter their gender, race or the particular skin problems they are faced with.

What Is Dermalogica?

Dermalogica is a skin care brand that caters to everyone, regardless of who they are and what state they find their skin in at the moment. The brand is popular not only in the United States but also in many other parts of the world.

Products manufactured by this brand consists of scientifically researched ingredients, at the right concentrations, to deliver effective treatment options for almost any kind of skin condition that the user may suffer from – be it acne, scarring, oiliness, dryness, or even aging.

This brand was started in 1986, making it one of the oldest skin care brands on the market. Their products have won a total of 324 awards to date, and they have become a preferred brand of skin care products in over 80 different countries.

Additionally, there are now over 100,000 therapists around the world that recommend products from this brand to their patients on a daily basis.

What Do They Sell?

dermalogica what they sell

This brand is perfect for anyone looking to improve the condition of their skin. This is one of the major advantages that Dermalogica offers over other brands.

At first thought, some people may consider the wide range of products to be inappropriate – opting for a brand that specializes in a specific skin condition may seem more beneficial as the dermatologists employed would only focus on that particular skin condition.

This is not the case with this brand, however. They have employed multiple therapists and dermatologists to ensure they have professionals specializing in a wide range of skin conditions. In turn, this means each product manufactured by the brand is made from years of experience and expertise.

Most Popular Products

This brand specializes in virtually any kind of skin care product – no matter what condition the customer suffers from, and the brand has products that can help them treat the condition effectively and quickly.

These are some of the most popular products from the Dermalogica brand:

Special Cleansing Gel

Special Cleansing Gel

An affordable facial cleanser that helps to purify the skin and get rid of dead skin cells, dirt, and other impurities that have collected on the skin.

This is a non-drying cleanser and will also not make the skin oily.

Intensive Moisture Balance

Intensive Moisture Balance

The perfect product to help boost both moisture and hydration of the skin.

This product is rich in humectants, phytonutrients, and skin-healthy vitamins to help improve skin health and moisturize at the same time.

Intensive Eye Repair Cream

Intensive Eye Repair Cream

An effective, yet affordable option for getting rid of crow’s feet, wrinkles that surround the eyes, and bags underneath the eyes.

Common Side-Effects

side effects

Most individuals who have purchased products from this brand in the past only had good comments to deliver, making it relatively difficult for us to determine if new customers should be wary of any potential side-effects that may be caused by these products.

There were a few complaints that we noticed, which makes it obvious that a small number of individuals could still experience side-effects.

The most common complaints were related to breakouts after applying certain products from the Dermalogica brand.

Even though some users experienced breakouts, it should be noted that the acne products from the brand were not responsible for these breakouts.

Individuals with acne prone skin are advised to carefully consider the products they use on their skin – choosing the wrong product can lead to a breakout.

Is This Brand A Scam?

By considering the fact that the products offered by this particular brand is not only sold on their official website, but also on Amazon and at many other retailers, as well as considering the fact that thousands of people have left positive comments on their product listings, it is quite easy to see that this is not a scam.

The brand offers real products made by highly experienced dermatologists to assist with many different skin-related ailments.

Customers can buy from this brand with the confidence of knowing that will not be falling for a scam.

Those who are wary of buying items on the internet can visit a local beauty supply store or even their local Walmart to buy this brand’s products in person.

Dermalogica Customer Reviews & Complaints


In order to provide an accurate overview of any product, be it an acne face wash or an anti-wrinkle under eye serum, it is vital not to only rely on the information and claims provided by the brand behind the particular line of products.

Understanding the results that users have been able to achieve when opting for these products is an important part of any reviewing process.

Luckily, the majority of Dermalogica products sold on Amazon and many third-party websites are backed by hundreds of reviews – and most of these reviews are positive.

The brand’s products mostly have four and five-star average ratings associated with them.

Overall, the majority of products from this brand seems to work as promised.

Most people state that they were able to see visible results soon after they started using the products.

There are very few people who had anything bad to say about products made by this particular skincare brand.

In many cases where complaints are made, the dissatisfaction of the user does not stem directly off from the product not working well.

Here’s an example of a user who left a comment on the product listing page for the brand’s Multi-Active Toner:

Love this product, p*ssed off because the sprayer doesn’t work. Have to go to Walmart now and buy a squirt bottle.

Some people have mentioned they broke out after using certain products from this brand. Here’s an example:

DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! I have broken out SOOO bad this can not be the real product. I have used this product in the past and NEVER had this rash in my life! This is a fake product!!

Now let’s look at some positive reviews from different products.

 This product single-handedly solved my dry skin problem.

Have abandoned my Clinique Dramatically Different lotion forever and will buy Super Rich Repair again and again!

This primer is AMAZING! Goes on so smoothly.

Excellent product for adult acne!

Finally, my skin is clear, and I am feeling.

Video Testimonial

Where To Buy It

official website

A large number of skin care brands today only offer their products on an official website that represents the brand.

This causes a lot of limitations to be placed on their availability – in many cases, and these brands would not ship to locations other than the United States, or when they do offer international shipping, the customer has to pay ridiculously expensive fees to obtain these skin care creams and serums.

Dermalogica has not placed such restrictions on their line of products. While the brand has an online store where customers can gain access to the latest products to be manufactured by them, the brand has not limited their availability to their online store only.

This brand sells their products at a number of third-party locations – including some of the world’s most famous websites and physical locations. has a complete page set up for products manufactured by this skincare brand. They tend to regularly update their listings on Amazon to ensure their latest additions can easily be purchased by the millions of people who rely on Amazon for their online shopping.

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

The official website of the brand provides a brief overview of how their return policy works, but the information provided is quite vague.

No details are provided on criteria that may allow an order to qualify for a refund.

We are not sure whether or not the brand offers a money-back guarantee if the customer is simply not happy with the results they obtained from using the items they purchased.

All returns of products purchased at this brand need to be made within 30 days of the purchase date. This is somewhat unpleasant and many types of skin care products, such as anti-aging solutions, may take a couple of months before the user will be able to see any significant results.

It seems like the process of returning products purchased from the brand is relatively simple. Customers should note. However, that pre-approval needs to be provided by the brand’s customer service department, or a refund will not be authorized.

While a refund policy is available for products purchased on the brand’s online store, these terms may not apply when the customer has made a purchase from a third-party online retailer or at a local store in their town.

We advise interested individuals to request more details for a specific store to determine how their return policy work before proceeding with the purchase.

Pros & Cons


  • This is an international brand that offers their products in most countries. Customers do not have to rely on the internet and wait several days for delivery as well, as the products produced by this brand is available at a large number of local retailers.
  • All of the products offered by Dermalogica is affordable, yet highly-effective and based on some of the latest research in skin care science.
  • The brand focuses on providing solutions for everyone. Instead of being too focused on only specific conditions, such as acne and premature aging, they have gathered some of the top dermatologists to ensure their products can address virtually any skin-related issue customers may be facing.
  • Even though the brand already has an extensive line of products, they still continue to do research to identify newer and more effective ways to produce skin care items that will help their customers achieve perfectly flawless skin.


  • Some of the products manufactured by this brand contain very strong ingredients, which may cause the user to experience adverse reactions – in particular, it seems like it is not unlikely for some users to experience sensitive reactions when using certain Dermalogica products.
  • While the majority of this brand’s products are reported to be highly effective in offering the benefits claimed, there are some products that this brand has released that was deemed ineffective by most individuals who have purchased and used it.
  • Even though the brand has a return policy in place, customers are only allowed to return products within 30 days of purchase, which may not allow an adequate period of time for testing the potential of certain products – especially items that are focused on reducing the visible appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Final Verdict

final verdict

The skin is exposed to a significant number of stressors and toxins daily. While the sun plays a particularly important role in aging, factors like environmental toxins and smoking also greatly contribute to poor skin health.

With the right products, the skin can be kept healthy, as well as protected against toxins and other exposures that are known to cause acne, wrinkles, and more.

We highly recommend individuals with existing skin problems, as well as those who simply want to preserve the well-being of their skin, take a look at Dermalogica. This brand caters to everyone, no matter the problems they are facing.

The brand is affordable and authority in the skin care industry. Their products are readily available at both local and online retailers.

Thousands of customers have also shared how products made by this brand has helped them gain back the confidence that comes with healthy, clear, radiant and younger-looking skin.

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10 thoughts on “Dermalogica Review 2018: Products, Results, Prices, Where To Buy & Best Alternatives”

  1. Vivien Biggs says:

    I met a beauty therapust in a swimming pool in Bangkok in 2006. She was en route to live in Australia so had nothing to gain from our conversation . She recommended that I try Dermalogica and I’ve been using it ever since. I find the moisturiser in particular to be very good.

  2. Nicolette Deeth says:

    I must admit.I.started using.Dermalogica products after a visit to a salon in my home town( I’ve never been to one in my life and I was 52 when I first set foot in one .As I have oily sensitive, red skin . I was advised by my therapist to try their products as they use and stock them
    I have found a dramatic difference in my skin health….even thoigh no one outwardly comments on my skin.I notice the difference.
    If I were to criticise this firm it would be to state they have a rediculously large number of products which makes your daily skin care routine long and complicted (which I’m sure is not necessary) and it is for this reason I’m going to find another natural skincare company to provide a much simpler routine as I’m confused about what is the best

  3. Jackie says:

    I’ve used Dermalogica for about 10 years. I frequented a spa for a number of years that supported their product. I bought product from the spa as well as purchased from Dermalogica’s website directly. I bought from amazon once and the product was expired so that’ll never happen again. Ultimately nothing beats their skin care products for me, and you get what you pay for. Plus, they are cruelty free which is important to me as a consumer. Hope this helps. Cheers.

  4. AdwoaGh says:

    I’m using Dermalogica now here in Ghana and it’s working, was using tretinons, adepalene, and after sun exposure it darkened my face, just two weeks and the ultra calming range is working, I can see my skin tone showing up. It’s expensive but I’d use it if I’d get my skin back. I hear malederm works but makes u black at a point in time.

  5. Abbi says:

    I don’t know what’s so great about dermalogica. To me its just average stuff that is expensive because of the brand. I can find better stuff in the supermarket. I used it and it gave me horrible acne all over my face. And it’s taken me over 4 months to get my skin looking somewhat decent. Its no where never how nice my skin looked before I starting using these products. I’ve tested and tried many different types of skin products and never had a bad reaction as I did with dermalogica. If anyone would ask me if they should use this brand I would tell them to run and save their money. I also am left with tiny scars all over that I’m praying end up healing.

  6. M says:

    I have also had a bad reaction! I have used pre cleanse balm, special cleansing gel and moisturiser. Started stinging and for the next few days red bumps all over my skin, it was awful!. I emailed them but they didn’t seem too worried and told me to return for a refund which I am still waiting on 2 weeks later. I have since found some YouTube videos with others stating the same reaction!

    1. Kelly Craig says:

      What was the moisturizer you used? Are you allergic to any botanicals. There is a possibility that your barrier was compromised and upon applying products with active ingredients, it may have been too strong for your face. The ultracalming line is amazing for those with sensitivities.

  7. Elise says:

    I purchased Dermalogica pre cleanse and used it the past 2 night – have a severe allergic reaction. My eye lids are swollen and red and cannot recommend this product. I do know that the calming cleanser is really good as my sister buys it by the 500 ml.

    1. Kelly Craig says:

      Do you have nut allergies?? The two main ingredients are kakuwi nut oil & apricot kernel

  8. Kelly Craig says:

    As a professional skin care therapist, yes, we do use the word ‘prescribe’ when it comes to our recommendations. It is best to see a professional, considering we are trained in skin types & conditions, therefore knowing what would be best for your skin. That is the reason they recommend seeing a professional.

    A list of ingredients can be found on every package. Of course they back the ‘International Dermal Institute’, it’s their post graduate education center & where they create their products! Like hello, are they supposed to get it made somewhere else to ease your mind??

    They have an amazing botanical scientist who creates the products using the best ingredients & essential oils. If you haven’t been fully educated on the line, how can you write this article? You obviously haven’t used them or know nothing really about what they do. And yes, there are counterfeit products that are sold on amazon & eBay.

    I mean, you do recall how they sell knockoff purses online, no different than selling knock off products of it’s going to bring revenue. I have ordered many from amazon to show & prove the ingredient list is 100% different than what I get from my distributor.

    Their products are highly concentrated there lasting 3-4 months vs one month of water based drug store products which contain barrier destroying & comedogenic ingredients. I’ve been using Dermalogica for 10 yrs & if I could post the before & after that I posted in my Facebook a few weeks ago of myself, you might think differently.

    Dermalogica is a great product line & has options for all skin types & conditions. If you find yourself breaking out bad it probably because your allergic to one of the botanicals or you’re not using what’s right.

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