How To Energize Your Face After A Sleepless Night

woman after sleepless nightWhether you’re a busy college student with exams to study for and papers to write or a working busybody with too much to do, getting a full night’s rest is oftentimes not an option.

Unfortunately, neglecting a good night’s rest tends to show up directly on your face, which can ruin anyone’s day. Luckily, there are a few steps you can follow in the mornings to banish any signs of an all-nighter.

One of the easiest ways to reenergize your face after a long night is to take a shower. However, don’t just make this a regular shower. Before stepping in, apply a rich and creamy moisturizing facial mask or a thick layer of facial moisturizer.

Also add a layer of petroleum jelly to your lips. The combination of the facial mask or moisturizer with the heat of the water will cause your skin to become plump and soft. This is ideal for getting rid of creases and fine lines that can creep up on your complexion from too many late nights or those annoying lines that can appear from sleeping on your pillow. Afterwards, gently wipe off the moisturizer and petroleum jelly with a warm washcloth.

You can also spice up your morning rinse by using an energizing body scrub and lathering your body from head to toe with a good loofah. There are plenty of body scrubs that contain special ingredients that are perfect for stimulating blood flow and circulation, as well as invigorating your skin and the senses so you step out alert and ready to take on the day. As your shower comes to an end, gradually make the water cool for the final rinse.

To get the rest of your body going, taking a few minutes out of your morning to do some quick exercises can help whip you into shape and get your adrenaline going. Ideally, 20 minutes of jogging, walking or other type of aerobics will give your face a rosy and healthy complexion. But if you don’t have the time, just five minutes of jumping jacks can still get the job done.

One of the areas hit hardest by late nights is the eye area. From bags to dark circles and puffiness, your eyes definitely pay the price. To battle puffiness, store your favorite eye cream or serum in the fridge the night before. This will make the cream extra cool and soothing to your puffy eyes. Look for eye creams that contain botanicals that are known for their revitalizing properties, such as cucumber, chamomile and briar rose. Having a good concealer handy will take care of any dark circles or blemishes.

When covering up problem areas, be sure to stay away from lighter shades and white cover-ups. Stick to yellow or skin-tone shades. For the rest of your makeup look, keep it minimal. To have a truly healthy complexion, skip the foundation and powder and instead only apply blush and lipstick with rosy shades. Browns and beiges should be avoided when it comes to makeup colors since these can cause your complexion to look dull, tired, and less vibrant.

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