Hydrotherapy Methods For Skin Care

Women doing hydrotherapyTreatment of skin disorders with the help of pure water is called skin hydrotherapy.  The treatment uses the water pressure and temperature for cleansing the skin layers and removing infection causing elements.

The other known benefits are stress removal, immunity system stimulation, easing of blood circulation and increasing pain withstanding capacity of skin.

When your body is immersed in a pool of water it produces an effect of gentle massaging to all the skin cells and tissues. The receptors in your skin layers respond to this type of massaging by normalizing the flow of blood. It also helps in reducing skin wrinkles by hydrating the cells and tissues.

Colon Skin Hydrotherapy

Colon skin hydrotherapy is one of the natural methods for removing many of the skin ailments like acne, skin blemishes, dryness and other forms of accumulated pollutants and infecting elements from the skin layers. Skin benefits of colon hydrotherapy depend on the effectiveness of the following.

  • The process involves infusing cleansing water into the large intestine region through rectum region. The temperature of water is controlled by the therapist depending on the nature and intensity of your skin disorder. Repeated treatment ensures removal of harmful deposits like mucus, bacteria and other pollutants from this region.
  • The process enables your colon to absorb vitamin contents from food and other sources of supplements. The acne causing elements are effectively eliminated from your body for good.
  • Removal of toxic elements from the intestine region helps in purification of blood flowing into the subcutis region of your skin layers. The volume of oxygen also gets nearly doubled resulting in healthier cell and tissues.
  • Inflammation of skin is often caused by dryness due to excess exposure to heat and UV radiation. When the intestine gets cleaned it induces the body to preserve water content, especially in the dermis and epidermis layers of skin. Evaporation gets controlled and cells retain moisture to healthy levels. This process also helps in balancing the natural levels of skin oil which in turn restores the natural skin glow.
  • Consult your doctor and dermatologist before you opt for colon hydrotherapy. This is Never to be tried at home using the DIY method as it could prove to be dangerous. Only an FDA certified practitioner will be able to give you safe and effective treatment.

Herbal Therapy For Skin

Herbal therapy in Ayurveda is useful for removal of five types of disorders from your skin. It is made of emesis, purgation, nasal treatment, oil enema and decoction enema.

These methods are to be performed by a qualified herbal practitioner who is certified by the FDA or another recognized medical certifying body.

Never try these therapeutic methods at home as they may prove to be critically harmful for your body and mind.

  • Emesis

Emesis method is useful for removal of excess mucus from your body which can cause skin infection like molluscum lesions. Cure for yeast infection is another benefit of opting for this method of therapy. Herpes, pimple eruptions and itching skin are the other types of infections which get eliminated from the process of emesis.

Digestive medicines are given before the start of Emesis therapy. This process lasts for about 3 to 4 days. This is followed by specific type of Ayurvedic oil or ghee consumption for the next 3 to 4 days followed by oil massage of skin. Mucus concentration is made to increase with fish sesame or sweet curd. Emetic Ayurvedic medication is given at the end of other treatments.

This process induces controlled vomiting for specific period of time. All the toxic elements including mucus will be eliminated from your body.

  • Purgation

Purgation is a method by which excess of “bile” is removed from your body. It can cure rashes, acne, pimples, jaundice and other forms of inflammation from your skin. Internal cleansing of sweat glands, small intestine, spleen, kidneys and large intestine is carried out with the help of specialized herbal preparations. All the pollutants are removed from your body through the rectum.

  • Nasal cleansing

Nasal cleansing method involves administration of special herbal oil through the nostrils. This type of treatment helps in removing allergens and bacteria causing skin irritation, eczema, black dots, hot spots and white patches.

  • Oil enema

Oil enema is a method of treatment used for stress removal from skin layers. Herbal oil is passed into the body through the rectum region. It passes through the intestine, liver, spleen and other internal organs before returning back to the rectum.

By this time the oil removes most of the elements that cause skin wrinkles, scaling, dryness, loss of immunity and skin vitalizing proteins. Your skin will be able to absorb all the vitamins, essential oils, minerals, proteins and other skin vitalizing elements from the circulating blood. Volume of oxygen supplies are restored to normal conditions.

  • Decoction enema

Decoction enema is the final process of 5 types of Ayurvedic therapy. Herbal decoctions are used to clean the internals of your body by passing them through the rectum region. They help in treatment of skin diseases like non-malignant-melanoma, jaundice, sweat gland infections etc.

Overview Of Hydrotherapy Skin Benefits

Hydrotherapy tubs help your skin to get streamlined all over your body. Besides external cleaning of skin pores, the therapy can help improving the skin immunity levels. It can be achieved by adding herbal medicines to water.

  • Softness of skin increases with the treatment since it hydrates your skin to the subcutis layers.
  • It relieves pain and skin irritation syndromes.
  • Many types of natural oils are added to water for increasing the complexion and brightness of skin. Rose, lavender chamomile, sandalwood and Geranium are the elements that can increase the natural glow of skin.
  • Water steam is used to cleanse the skin pores to micron levels. It helps in proper air circulation and removal of sweat and heat from skin layers. It helps in maintaining skin temperature at normal levels and reduces the effects of UV radiation. The chances of heat bumps formation are also eliminated through hydrotherapy on skin.

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