Itchy Armpits: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

itchy armpitsYou will certainly start thing about how to treat itchy armpits when you are driving on the fast lane to your office and you start feeling the irritation and burning sensation.

You might be forced to pull over and scratch your armpits until you seem to get some relief. But the feeling will certainly catch up with you soon or later when you are off guard.

The familiar feeling of accumulated sweat and dirt will make you feel like taking a shower every hour. Here is a brief listing of the sure cure that gets you complete relief from the itches for good.

How To Treat Itchy Armpits – Home Remedies

Skin Infection

  •  Causes:  yeast infection is a common phenomenon that occurs during all seasons. The excess accumulation of sweat within your armpit causes the yeast to grow and multiply in numbers. It happens in spite of taking a shower twice a day and keeping the armpit cleanly shaved. You may apply body spray or deodorant liquids to get rid of it. But it won’t go away so easily.
  • Symptoms:  Persistent itching in the armpit region with sweat and dirt accumulation. Red patches appear at the most sensitive spots. Trying to scratch them can further aggravate the condition and the result could be swelling.
  • Treatment:  Prepare a cream with one spoon of Aloe Vera + one spoon of honey + one spoon of milk cream + one spoon of neem oil. Apply under your armpits and relax for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure you have washed the area with pure water and dried before applying the cream. The combination of neem and Aloe vera can literally kill all the accumulated bacteria and germs in this area. You need to use the preparation whenever you feel the itches. If you are able to do it for about 10 to 15 days continuously, the symptoms will start receding gradually.
  • Prevention:  Keep your armpit neatly shaved. Use herbal talcum powder to keep it dry and free from sweat. Make sure you wash the armpit with cold water every time you get a break, especially when you are in hot and humid climatic conditions. Applying a cream of Aloe Vera gel, basil powder and turmeric powder can help you in keeping the infection causing bacteria away.


The perfume you use could be the reason for allergy. The other forms can be in the form of car freshener you use regularly. The nylon or synthetic shirt you wear could be the reason. Exposure to chemical fumes and dust can cause the allergy. The foods you eat or the medicines you consume could contain the allergens. You might never be able to identify the real allergen from them. So, you need to take a trial and error method by stopping the usage of these items. The conditioning of your skin is such that it will stop reacting negatively, once it is kept away from the allergen. So you will be able to identify the exact allergen and keep it away from you.


  • Causes:  psoriasis could be caused by the formation of skin patches on the armpit area due to overgrowth. In the beginning the patches can appear in small sections, increasing in numbers and intensity with time. The irritation soon turns into sores.
  • Symptoms:  Patches of skin overgrowth appear in and around the armpit area. It is accompanied by persistent irritation and burning sensation.
  • Treatment:  Combination of tea seed oil and Adrenic acid is recommended for the treatment of psoriasis. The other well known combination is the false daisy powder, Aloe Vera gel, basil powder and turmeric powder. You need to take one spoon of the ingredients and mix them in a bowl. Once they form a paste, you can apply it to the armpit region affected by psoriasis. Let the paste get absorbed completely by the skin layers. You need to wait for 15 to 20 minutes before washing with warm water. Repeating the procedure twice a day for 10 days can help reduce the intensity of psoriasis by removing the patches. But you can be never sure of getting a permanent solution from the infection once you are affected by it. This is due to the residual nature of the bacteria which remains dormant within the subcutaneous layer of the skin. This can get activated whenever the skin conditions are suitable for it. Hence you need to keep monitoring your armpit frequently. Get a clean shave of your armpit once you have got rid of the symptoms completely. Then you can apply the paste once in 10 days to keep your armpit safe from psoriasis.
  • Prevention:  You need to keep your armpits under hygienic conditions with regular washing and shaving. Application of herbal talcum powder can help keep away the psoriasis symptoms away. Keep using the paste regularly.


  • Causes: Eczema is the result of skin infections due to infiltration of antigen into the T- Cells. The continuous reaction of the cells to the infectious bacteria can in turn cause the skin inflammation.
  • Symptoms:  The main symptoms of eczema are persistent irritation with the formation of red patches within the armpit region. The irritation starts in a mild manner and it can increase its intensity within a few days.
  • Treatment:  Consistent application of Aloe Vera gel on the affected area can help in the healing of eczema. You can also use one spoon of linseed oil + one spoon of lemon juice + one spoon of honey + one spoon of Aloe vera. You can make a lotion and apply on the affected areas in the armpit. You will be able to get the relief within a span of 3 to 4 days. If you continue applying for the next 10 days, you can heal the eczema symptoms completely. You can continue using the preparation consistently to avoid the recurrence of eczema in the future.

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