Age Spots On Hands: Get Rid Of Them With Meladerm

age spots on hands

The hands are a great give away of a person’s age.  However, sometimes hands can be just as misleading. The skin on the hand is always being in contact with something. Not to mention direct sunlight that hits the hand. All of this causes age spots on the hands.

Age spots are typically found in people with fairer complexions, but can be seen in darker complexions also. They are typically flat, oval spots of pigmentation, and are mostly only brown, black, or gray. They can be tiny like a freckle, but can become larger. Much of the time there are multiple spots in an area.

These spots can be lightened or treated completely, but before any treatment is made, it is best to see a dermatologist. A dermatologist can determine if the age spots are cancerous or not. If the area is treated before testing there is no way of knowing if a spot is malignant, and it has the possibility of spreading before the person would know.

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Once the testing has been done, then the person should look into treatment. Creams with kojic acid and/or alpha-arbutin are great choices. They really work to lighten the skin, and do so weekly. Home remedies such as using lemon juice or potatoes take up to two months to see results, but creams can see results in as little as two weeks.

A dermatologist can perform dermabrasion and chemical peels. This type of treatment tends to see results after the second or third session. They do have side effects of redness and sensitivity to light.

Laser therapy and cryosurgery are other alternatives. These are also the most expensive treatment options, but they are also typically the ones that work best. This type of treatment works quicker than all the others, and the recovery does not take very long. Main side effects are redness and peeling.

With any type of age spots removal, the person must consider their skin in the long run. Sunscreen must be worn whenever the person plans to be in daylight. The hands already have some of the most sensitive skin on the body. These treatments only make it more sensitive. Wearing sunscreen helps to protect from any future damage.

Whatever type of treatment the person chooses to have on their hands, research should be conducted beforehand. Some types of creams can cause allergic reactions and some can cause more harmful side effects. It is best to review all possible choices before committing time and money.

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