Kojic Acid Soap Review: Is It The Best Skin Whitening Solution?

When you look for skin whitening solutions, you will see posts for kojic acid soap review. Kojic acid is a popular active ingredient for products that whiten and brighten skin. It is first isolated from fungi Aspergillusoryzae, as a by- product of a fermentation process in sake manufacturing.

Kojic Acid Uses

Before gaining notoriety in the beauty industry, it was a natural product that is normally used as a food preservative. Kojic acid had less side effect compared to laboratory synthesized food preservatives, and cost less to obtain as it was a byproduct of fermentation. Kojic acid uses:

  • Stop fruits from oxidative browning, particularly after cutting
  • Keeping color of seafood looking fresh, it avoids color fading
  • Added into food to keep it fresh, as it keeps cells healthy

Beautifying Effect Of Kojic Acid

It is more common to have a concentration of 0.2% kojic acid in beauty products, although it can go upto 1% for a strong effect, as it is a 98% pure substance. Most manufacturers find that any higher concentration can have side effects such as skin irritation. Kojic acid is used to:

  • Dissolve stubborn grime in pores as an acid, making it easier to be removed later.
  • Exfoliate skin as it can strip off dead skin layers, revealing new layer beneath. Hence it reduces appearance of hyperpigmentation, scars and melasma.
  • Enhance skin cell renewal to promote new skin cell growth.
  • Inhibit enzyme tyrosinase, which induces production of melanin, a pigment that darkens skin, a useful skin whitener.

How To Use Kojic Soap

One of the ways to use kojic acid in your beauty regimen is in the form of soap. There are a few brands that makes this soap in varying concentrations, so bear that in mind when you buy one. To start, dampen skin with lukewarm water to open up the pores, so that the product can be more effective.

Initially stage: if you are trying to test kojic soap for sensitive skin, then start using it once daily, and do not leave the soap on for more than twenty seconds. You can repeat daily until your skin is used to it. Never rub the into the skin, only gentle circular motions to lift grime away.

Sometimes you can feel a tingling sensation, but it should not feel like your skin is burning off. When that happens, it means that you are having a reaction to kojic acid and therefore you should discontinue using.

Second stage begins when you can use it as directed, or twice a day with the same time limit. You can also try to extend the time by leaving it in five to ten second increments. You can repeat and increase the time until you are able to tolerate leaving the soap on for around one to two minutes.

After you rinse off, always follow up with a good quality heavy moisturizer, as you need to replace the skin’s natural hydration. When using this soap, always apply sunscreen and practice staying out of the sun.

If you’re interested in learning more, make sure to check out this in-depth article on kojic acid soap.

Kojic Acid Soap Review


Judging from many kojic acid soap results from users, it does work. Some even use kojic acid soap on face, and lauded its effectiveness in whitening the skin, as well as lightening scars and pigmentation. It will take around six to eight weeks for you to see an obvious effect, while some say that the effect is not permanent.

However, as it is a natural product, anyone can try it. There are some who would be unable to tolerate this strong formulation. Fortunately, aside from soaps, you can find kojic acid as an ingredient in Meladerm cream at a lower concentration.

Is Kojic Acid Soap Effective?

While it is effective, there are other products that are equally so. Once you achieve the results you desire, you still have to continue using the soap as maintence at least three times a week.

Meladerm cream is a beauty cream that has kojic acid as one of its ingredients, as well as other active substances that works in synergy with it.

Advantages Of Meladerm

meladerm photo

Meladerm is superior that kojic acid alone, there are studies that were conducted during its creation for various skin conditions. An independent study showed that the combination of Alpha- Arbutin and Kojic acid worked faster to show better results after one month to reduce hyperpigmentation.

Other active ingredients in Meladerm that enhances skin whitening and reduce melasma and hyperpigmentation includes:

  • Alpha- arbutin, which is a biosynthetic product of bearberry (beta- arbutin). Meladerm contains both to brighten and whiten skin. Both arbutin are proven to be effective in reducing hyperpigmentation and liver spots.
  • Mulberry extract for its Prenylated, polyhydroxylated mono-and bis-phenylderivatives. This natural product is lauded for its skin brightening effect, since it is a non- irritant.
  • Lactic acid is a gentle exfoliant, to enhance dead skin removal with kojic acid
  • Lemon Juice Extract is a natural bleaching agent, added to help brighten skin.
  • Emblica Fruit Extract is a special composition that is patented by creators of Meladerm. It is a strong and stable antioxidant as well as a skin brightener. This fruit extract can stop melanin production.
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 are also skin brighteners.

Meladerm Video Testimonial


How To Use Meladerm

All you have to do is apply the cream onto the skin twice daily, you can apply it anywhere that you wish to have fairer skin: face, underarms or inner thighs. The formulation is gentle enough for any parts of the skin. You still have to use a high SPF sunscreen, and regular moisturizer.

In comparison to Kojic Acid soap, you do not have to wait around before rinsing off, nor do you have to worry about skin irritation. Meladerm is better as you can just rub in and move on with your day, instead of having to wait a minute or two in the shower.

Meladerm is a good cream for those who are time poor but wish to have the fair skin kojic acid soap promises. It comes in a airless dispensing container that makes it easier to travel with, as you do not need to be in the shower for this.

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