Meladerm Cream: The Best Uneven Skin Tone Remedy

woman with sensitive skinOne of the biggest cosmetic skin concerns for a lot of people is uneven skin tone, many people are always looking for a good uneven skin tone remedy, as it is a common complaint for guys and girls.

But a concealer or foundation can only last so long. It can be a hassle to reapply makeup when you are out and about. The best way to have great looking skin is to remove or lighten the dark spots, especially if you are not keen on using cosmetics.

Before you treat any uneven skin tone, it is always a good idea to have it checked out by a health professional. Dark spots or patches that appear over night can be a sign of a health issue, once you know that it is just a cosmetic issue you can now try to get rid of it.

There are many reasons why someone may suffer from uneven skin tone, these include:

  • Aging and liver spots
  • Heavy sun exposure leading to patches of dark skin
  • Pimples
  • Scars
  • Birth marks
  • Genetic: freckles
  • Bad lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol
  • Skin cancer
  • Liver damage

How to Treat Uneven Skin Tone

face dark spots

Home remedies for uneven skin tone works, popular ideas that some find effective are:

  • Exfoliation, a way to remove the dead skin. As the skin renews itself every few days, regular exfoliation can help even out the skin tone if it is caused by sun damage or scarring.
  • Yogurt and honey skin mask. The lactic acid in yogurt helps to remove dead skin, while the honey contains antioxidants to help lighten the skin tone. The mask is done weekly for best results.
  • Lemon juice to lighten and bleach the darker spots. Apply the lemon juice on dark spots instead of the whole place, and let dry before rinsing away. This remedy is best used at night, as the sunlight during the day can over- bleach the skin.
  • Onion juice to renew skin and even out skin tones. Applying onion juice on affected area can help exfoliate and stimulate new skin growth. Also a remedy that is mainly used at night, as sunlight can cause staining on skin.
  • Creams or topical products such as Meladerm or other spot correctors. A popular home remedy that is easy to maintain. You can incorporate this step into your daily skincare routine without much fuss. These are relatively cheaper compared to salon treatments, but more effective that using other household products.
  • A diet of food that contains high level of antioxidant: tomatoes, berries and leafy green vegetables can help cleanse the body of toxins. Tomato in particular contains lycopene that acts like an internal sunscreen, perfect to avoid getting dark spots.

Your other option is to pay top dollar for laser or microdermabrasion treatment. While they work, you need to continue treatment to keep your skin tone looking even. Most people are time poor, and do not always have the time to visit a professional salon. They do have good results if your uneven skin tone is obvious and you need to even it out professionally.

What Is The Best Uneven Skin Tone Treatment?

meladerm package

Why should you invest in a good quality hyperpigmentation cream like Meladerm? The main reason is because of the quality ingredients and research that was done.

A combination of science and nature, scientists work hard to find a balance between ingredients to give you a product that is gentle yet effective.

Main ingredients of Meladerm that are:

  • Alpha Arbutin, the biosynthetic that brightens skin of all skin types.
  • Sepiwhite, an Aminovector™ solution made from Phenylalanine. Sepiwhite can fade age spots and dark skin within six weeks of regular application.
  • Gigawhite is a combination of plant extracts that naturally brighten the skin in clinical trials. Plant extracts that make up Gigawhite are organically grown plants: common mallow, peppermint, yarrow, primrose, speedwell, lemon balm and Lady’s Mantle.
  • Kojic Acid is found in Asian diets, and is effective in fading pigmentation and dark sorts.
  • Licorice Extract contains glabridin, a well known skin brightener and anti- inflammatory.
  • Mulberry, bearberry, lemon juice extracts. All three are natural skin brighteners.
  • Lactic Acid/ AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) to dissolve dead skin cells. It is gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.
  • Antioxidants: emblica fruit extract and vitamin C.
  • Vitamin B3 is commonly known to work in synergy with arbutin and kojic acid for skin brightening effect.

Meladerm does not have hydroquinone, which makes it suitable for those with dark skin. Hydroquinone is known to cause ochronosis in those with darker skin, as well as possible links to leukemia, liver damage and thyroid disorders.

Treating Uneven SkintoneIt also does not have mercury and steroids, which can be toxic and not suitable for long term use. Although it does not have dangerous ingredients, people can still have a negative reaction to Meladerm, as it contains natural proteins and extracts.

This cream is also easy to use, just apply every morning and at night after your cleansing routine. To maximise the effect, you should use sunblock, as well as avoid exposing yourself to the sun too much.

Packed in airless dispensing technology, the bottle will dispense proper amounts for your skin with each use. The dispenser also avoids air contamination, which can cause oxidation that will make it less effective.

Meladerm is a product that passed clinical trials, which means it is an effective product that people are able to tolerate. Aside from treating uneven skin tone, this product can also help reduce wrinkles and puffy eye bags. This is truly a multitasking cream, no home remedy can top its function as an all- rounder.

For best results, you have to be consistently using this cream for three months before seeing obvious changes. However, the result is permanent and the cream comes with a money back guarantee if you buy it from its official store.

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