Uneven Skin Tone: Causes, Treatment & Prevention

uneven skin toneDealing with uneven skin tone may prove to be a task from hell. Bothersome at best, and face spoiler at worse, it’s an undesirable nuisance.

Practically and medically, the problem is on the surface, but it’s unlikely that you won’t be disturbed from the inside. It will bother most minds like a noisy fan that refuses to shut down.

Those who have lived through this ‘my life sucks’ phase would know the inevitable toll this skin problem can have on their lives.

Rain or shine, sufferers are obliged to stay married to this problem, until it’s banished. So, what really causes this troublesome skin condition? Let’s give you a quick rundown of the causes.

Causes Of Uneven Skin Tone

Right off the bat, the major contributors for skin issues are genetics and environmental exposure. Over here, the main villain is going to be environmental exposure to things such as sunlight, pollution, or stress.

All these things can shift the amount of color to different regions of the skin.

Overproduction of melanin is also cited to be a major contributor over here. It’s a pigment that works from morning to dawn to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays. Also known as hyperpigmentation, excess production of melanin causes unflattering skin tone on the body and face.

This problem can also occur due to skin scars, acne, or injury. So, there are too many culprits to be blamed.

Uneven skin tone on face is believed to be the worse because it makes us self-conscious to the extent that we don’t feel confident enough to step out of our doors without plenty of makeup. In simple words, it robs us of our right to feel comfortable in our own skin.

How To Prevent This Problem?

tips for uneven skin tone

Many people go to great lengths and expense to deal with uneven skin tone.

Why not effectively prevent the problem?

Have you not heard the legends say that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure?

As it is, treatment without prevention is said to be simply unsustainable. So, let’s run through the preventive tips.

  • Drink plenty of water: Yes, this could be an age-old advice. But, do we all really practice what we preach? Coming back to the preventive measures, drinking lots of water can cleanse our skin both from the inside and outside.
  • Use sunscreen: Let’s first have a moment of silence for those who don’t use sunscreen. Studies have shown that even 5 minutes of sun exposure when the UV rays are the strongest can cause skin damage. Since sunlight is already cited as one of the reasons for uneven skin character, how can we not use sunscreen to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of UV radiation?
  • Exfoliate: ok, what exfoliation does is that it helps our body to eliminate dead or damaged skin cells caused by hyperpigmentation. For exfoliation, a facial scrub can do the trick over here. It’s clinically proven to improve skin tone.
  • Keep the skin hydrated: Keeping the skin hydrated is of great essence over here. So, cleanse and moisturize your skin to ensure that they stay hydrated at most times. Your skin health will surely thank you for the efforts.

How To Treat Uneven Skin Tone On Face?

Wondering how to cure uneven skin tone? What’s the best face mask for uneven skin tone?

If you have lived with this condition for a while, you could be asking yourself these questions for the hundredth time.

Don’t worry; we have your back covered. We know the playing field very well, so we do have the answers for all your heated questions.

Hold on! The beauty gods have not sent us to slap some high-end products at your face. We know that hardworking families are duped into purchasing a fleet of crappy products that do more harm than good.

Oh yeah! Don’t fall for these money monster products even if your neighbor is selling them to you.

Nevertheless, we have scoured the Internet like crazy and found a product that has been road-tested by hundreds and thousands of people out there. With so many products to test, it proved to be a great challenge to separate the best from the rest. But, we did it.

Looking back, the pursuit was worth it. Oh, how can we forget! Our honorable mention goes to Meladerm! Yes, when we separated the wheat from the chaff, we were left with Meladerm cream.


Meladerm Cream For Uneven Skin Treatment!

meladerm photo

At its heart, Meladerm is a skin lightening product that aims to reduce all signs of discoloration and hyperpigmentation including scars and dark spots.

According to the product manufacturers, one can expect noticeable results in a matter of two weeks. Is that a true claim? Well, we will come to that in a little while.

Is it Natural?

First up, it’s a natural product, so we don’t mind recommending it through our nose. It doesn’t contain any of the harmful or irritating components that could ruin your day.

That being said, people with sensitive skin can experience some allergic reaction. Therefore, one’s best bet would be to get in touch with a dermatologist before using Meladerm.

Product Ingredients

We were largely impressed with the ingredients of the cream – Alpha Arbutin, Tego Cosmo C, Gigawhite, and Kojic Acid. All these ingredients have a solid track record for skin benefits.

A host of other skin-beneficial natural components is also combined in the solution to make the product more effective.

Are the claims about quick results true?

Now, don’t buy everything that the product manufacturers have to say about the product. After all, everyone will state that their product is a bombshell. No one out there will say that they manufacture crappy products.

Although one can witness tad bit results within a couple of weeks, nothing dramatic will really happen in such a short timeframe. To experience largely noticeable results, one should give time for the product to work.


Actual Results


Judging by most customer reviews, it’s a safe bet to state that one should allow at least 3-4 months for best results.

Be patient over here. Rome was not built in a day. Neither do skin issues evaporate into thin air in a day or two. Also, there is no guarantee that the product will work on all skin types.

That being said, Meladerm has been a hit with a majority of the users. Moreover, the product is backed by 30-days money-back guarantee, so it’s worth a shot after consultation with a dermatologist.

After all, there is nothing to lose!


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