MD Complete Review 2018: Products, Ingredients, Side Effects, Price, Where To Buy & Best Alternative

In this article (Last Update 2018) we will explain to you what is MD Complete, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customer reviews, give you prices, where to buy it & recommend best alternative.

md complete anti aging

On average, a visit to a dermatologist costs a patient around $170 to $2001. This is for a single visit, which may not yield effective results as continued sessions are usually needed. The patient will have to return to the dermatologist and even pay for prescription topicals to help treat their conditions.

With acne and aging skin being the most common complaints among patients who see a dermatologist, many companies have decided to produce products to help address these issues without the need for prescription drugs or a consultation with a dermatologist.

The problem is that most of these brands are only in it for the money – offering useless products at expensive prices that causes the customer to waste their money. Some products offer real results, however – and MD Complete is surely one of these brands that offer products that work.

MD Complete does not focus only on making money. The entire brand aims to offer products that help to deliver effective formulas that help to address two particular issues that are especially common – wrinkles and acne.

What Is MD Complete

MD Complete is a dermatological brand minus the cost of a dermatologist – and also more affordable than most prescription options that can be provided to a patient after they have consulted with a dermatologist.

The brand is owned and has been developed by Dr. Brian Zelickson. He is a trained and licensed dermatologist that sees hundreds of patients every week. He identified a need for effective acne and anti-aging products for the general population that is unable to afford professional dermatological care.

Unlike many of modern-day products that claim to be dermatological formulas, this product is actually made by a real dermatologist and is based on compounds that have been proven through scientific research to deliver effective results when it comes to treating common skin conditions.

According to the brand’s official website, the products have been proven in clinical trials to offer the same results as a patient would be able to obtain by opting for laser treatments.

Additionally, these products have also been proven to offer results that are similar to what a patient would be able to achieve through the best prescription skin care products – without the use of prescription chemicals and other potentially unsafe ingredients.

What Do They Sell?

product list

MD Complete is a skin care brand that sells a range of different products developed by a dermatologist, Dr. Brian Zelickson.

All of the products sold by this brand has gone through testing to ensure they are both effective and safe for users when used according to the instructions provided with each product.

The brand mainly specializes in two areas of skin care – acne treatment and anti-aging. The majority of the products they sell have been developed to target either of these two problems that a customer is suffering from.

They specialize in many different products that can all be included in an effective skin care regimen to help address issues like acne breakouts and acne scarring, as well as wrinkles, under eye bags, dark spots, fine lines, and a poor complexion.

A variety of serums and concentrates are also sold by this brand, which is applied to the skin to help stimulate the production of important fibers, such as elastin, that boosts the firmness of the skin.

Before & After Photos From The Official Website

before after md complete

Best Selling Products

While the brand has a great number of products to offer their customers, some of their products are definitely more popular than others.

We would like to look at some of the most popular products that are currently being sold by the brand below.

  • Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate: A high-quality serum that is made from some of the most effective ingredients to help fight against the dreadful signs of aging. The primary ingredients in this serum include vitamin C and Retinol – two effective ingredients that have been proven to deliver a powerful way to reduce wrinkles and other skin-related problems that comes with age.
  • Wrinkle Corrector Due: A trial-sized package that is perfect for testing the powerful effects of the brand’s Anti-Aging product range. This package includes their Eye Wrinkle Corrector and Advanced Wrinkle Corrector products, ensuring both the area around the eyes and the rest of the face can be treated
  • Healthy Skin Probiotic: A very unique product that focuses on improving the balance of the gut flora in order to reduce stress triggers and inflammation; thus addressing the causes of acne, instead of only covering up the result.

Video Commercial

Side Effects

side effects

Side effects are common in some people when using skin care products, no matter how good the quality or what brand.

This is why all users need to be aware of some particular side-effects that they could experience while using these products.

Fortunately, when we look at the reviews listed for products manufactured by the MD Complete brand, we do not find a lot of complaints about side-effects.

There are some users who have noted that they experienced adverse reactions.

Redness and skin irritation seems to be the most common complaints, which leads to the conclusion that individuals with very sensitive skin may want first to test the product to see if they develop a reaction or rather opt for a product that is more suitable for their skin.

Allergic reactions are usually rare, but always a possibility.

A basic allergy test can be conducted after receiving the product, which will help the user determine if they can safely use the products or should rather return them for a refund.

Is It A Scam?

After we have conducted a thorough investigation of this brand of skin care products, we have come to the conclusion that the brand is certainly not a scam.

Even though there are some complaints listed on review sites for this brand, all of these complaints were pointed toward the products causing side-effects or not working effectively.

No complaints were made about orders not being received or any other factors that could classify this brand as a scam.

MD Complete Customer Reviews & Complaints


One of the best things about MD Complete to help us determine its usefulness is the fact that there are many reviews for products manufactured by this brand on the internet.

Even though a large number of reviews are found on the official website, it is important to look beyond any brand’s official website to determine whether their products really work.

The reviews on products by the brand are mixed – some claim that the products work like magic, while other customers found the products to be ineffective and even lead to some unpleasant side-effects.

Let’s take a look at some of the positive and negative reviews found on product listings from this brand on Amazon.

MD Complete Wrinkle Corrector Duo Kit

Pam Dailey says:

After using the trial size, I can almost guarantee you’ll be back for the full size! This stuff works. I love it!

Jessica HA says:

There were no visible results. If anything wrinkle were worse! I would not recommend.

MD Complete Acne Clarifying Gel Mask

Constance Reardon says:

This peel is amazing! I have been using it for three days after a breakout, and my face is 90% clear!

Carly says:

As someone who suffers from severe acne, this seemed to do nothing. It didn’t work for me.

MD Complete Wrinkle  Radiance Trio

Linda Shubert says:

This is the third time I’ve order products from MD Complete. The retinol content is good, and I can really notice a difference in my facial skin especially in the morning when I first get up.

Jane E. Buckner says:

I did not like this product. It broke the right side of my chin and cheek. It was terrible. I am still trying to get my face back to normal.

Where To Buy It & Prices

mdcomplete official web

The availability of products by this brand, especially in the United States, may be one of its biggest advantages. A lot of similar brands only sell their products on an official online store. This can be unpleasant for people who prefer to shop at specific retailers, with an emphasis on

Customers can choose to buy products from the brand’s online store:

All of the products that are manufactured by Dr. Brian Zelickson can be found on this website. The process of buying these products are relatively simple. Local shipping toward locations in the United States is more affordable than shipping to worldwide destinations.

The prices of the products offered by this brand are relatively affordable, especially when we compare it to similar dermatologically developed products currently on the market.

Customers can choose to buy products separately or can opt for systems, which include multiple products at prices that are lowered compared to buying the products separately.

The prices vary widely and depend on whether a single product is purchased or rather an entire system.

Most single products have a price tag that ranges from around $30 upward. The systems have prices that range from around $100 to $130 in most cases, but some of the more advanced systems and products are pricier.

The Wrinkle Corrector System, for example, includes five different products at the price of $99.99. The Deep moisturizer, a single product that helps to hydrate and moisturize the skin, costs $36.99.

In addition to being sold on the brand’s website, customers can also buy these products on Amazon, as well as a variety of other third-party online retail stores.

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

The dermatologist behind this brand believes that every person should have access to an effective range of skin care products to help them overcome common skin problems.

This is why the brand offers a guarantee for each and every product a customer buys from them.

Customers are allowed a period of 90 days to test the products they buy from the brand.

If they are not fully satisfied with the results – such as experience a reduction in acne or find that their wrinkles have not decreased in appearance – they can mail back the remainder of the product, along with the appropriate documentation, to request a refund on their order.

Processing of returns and refunds take up to three weeks, and the brand will deduct handling and shipping fees from the refund amount before crediting the customer’s account.

Pros & Cons


  • This brand is owned by a skilled dermatologist that has helped a countless number of people get rid of acne and improve the overall appearance of their skin. Dr. Brian Zelickson has been involved in the development of all formulas provided by products by this brand.
  • Even though the brand’s products are all manufactured by a dermatologist and offer similar results as dermatological treatments, customers can buy these products without a prescription and without first seeing a dermatologist.
  • Thousands of customers have already used products from this brand and have provided confident reviews on how the products helped them overcome common skin conditions.
  • The results offered by this brand would make one think that the products would be very expensive, but the opposite is true. All of the products offered by the MD Complete brand is very affordable and usually lower prices than products from competing dermatological skin care brands.


  • We did find some complaints about mild side-effects experienced while using these products. This may be somewhat unpleasant. It should be noted, however, that no serious side-effects were reported.
  • Even though available worldwide, shipping to countries other than the United States can be quite costly when ordering this product from the brand’s official website or their Amazon listings.

Final Verdict

final verdict

A visit to a dermatologist can be very costly, and a single visit is often not enough for adequate treatment to be provided for a patient.

The products prescribed by dermatologists further adds to the expensive costs associated with dermatological care.

Still, the various skin-related conditions affecting the general population can take a toll on the self-esteem and confidence of affected individuals.

MD Complete offers an advanced solution to treating specific conditions and ailments that affect the skin, without the need of a costly visit to a licensed dermatologist.

Many customers support the brand, and a significant number of positive reviews can be found on their product listings.

The products developed by this brand also seems to be very effective and provides a safer approach to the treatment of skin conditions as compared to prescription options.

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7 thoughts on “MD Complete Review 2018: Products, Ingredients, Side Effects, Price, Where To Buy & Best Alternative”

  1. JoAnn Crowe says:

    I am using the MD Complete for wrinkles….using as directed and it is burning my face…It started off burning my neck and it has been 5 days now and still burning and itching…I did not use anymore on my neck ..It is the MD Complete Retinol Vit C. …I have been using it for about two weeks, Today it has burned my chin area…I only use the Wrinkles and Radiance every other day and it seems to do ok I have been using as recommended…There is limited instructions so I called the help line to make sure I was using it correctly.

    1. janet dienes says:

      I am having the same problem with the Vit-C. I have been using Paula’s Choice Products and never had a problem. But as we grow older we are always looking for a promising treatment. I don’t think that there should be burning ..

  2. Melissa says:

    Does the itching and burning go away and how long does it last ? I used all the products just once before bed and woke up to this. I’m hearing the cause is the retinal vitamin C. Do you feel the rest of the products are safe ?

  3. Joan Ferris says:

    You can get redness in the beginning, but after an initial redness, it went away and I’ve been using it every single day. It’s AMAZING! I also use the serum and highly suggest using both.

  4. Darlene says:

    I have been using MD Complete for months now and I love the products, you do have to use the vitamin c/retinol product every other day for about 2 wks depending on how sensitive your skin is and also the wrinkle and radiance but once your skin has gotten use to the products the results are fabulous, I use to have a brown mark on the side of my cheek it is 95 % gone now..I would recommend these products to everyone, you just have to ease into them.

  5. carol walsh says:

    I recently bought MD Complete . Radiance Renewing Deep Moisturizer. I used it for a week night and day like recommended and it wasn’t worth $40.00 . The moisturizer was adequate yet the size of the bottle was very deceiving. The bottle is at least 5 inches and the amount in the container is one oz. I stuck a q-tip in the bottle and found a smaller container in the larger one. It is very misleading and false advertising since most people do not check the small print to see the 1oz. but buy based on the bottle size.

  6. Patricia says:

    I am using the basic system and all is fine! I love the lack of perfumy scent! I am very happy with this product line. I have not used Dark spot remover, but all products state to use bare minimum.

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