Natural Home Remedies For Skin

skin home remediesHome remedies for skin are mostly based on herbal, dairy and natural mineral resources that you can buy from shops and grocery stores near your home. Primary purpose of these recipes is to cure and prevent skin and skin affecting infections and diseases.

Elimination of scars and side effects from the skin disorders in the healing period is the second major task of home based natural remedies. Restoration and rebuilding of skin texture, tone, brightness and health and beauty aspects are the other goals of homemade remedies. However these recipes have their limitations.

  • You can cure skin allergies, infections and diseases as long as they are in the initial stages, or their intensity is relatively lower or moderate in nature. Once they cross the threshold of moderate conditions and become severe or critical, you need the expertise of an herbal skin care specialist or a dermatologist to find reliable and timely solutions for them.
  • Not all organic ingredients are skin friendly to all. Some of them like garlic, asafoetida, poppy seed, nutmeg and others could be allergic to some types of dry and combinational skin.

In spite of these limitations natural home remedies have been proved to be effective in serving most important stages in disorders cure and beauty care procedures.

In this section you can read about many home recipes involving herbal, dairy and natural minerals. Consult your doctor before preparing and using any of the recipes listed here.

Glowing Skin Home Remedy

Glowing skin means more than being fair and bright. Even brown, black, yellow and other tones of skin can reflect part of the light which falls on it, without dry and oily conditions. If your skin reflects greater percentage of light that falls on it is said to be relatively brighter.

Food – Carrot

Your food is the primary resources of natural ingredients that can bring glow to your skin.

Carrot is one such vegetable. It contains vitamin A, biotin, potassium and vitamin B6 as the main composition elements.

  • Biotin is an ingredient which enables healthy metabolic process for digesting nutrients and vitamins and absorbing them into blood stream. Glucose level in your blood is controlled by regular consumption of raw carrot. Cure to hair loss, vitamins for hair growth and protection from damages like bleach are some of the other benefits of biotin in carrot. The natural mineral potassium found in carrot could enable the skin cells to absorb and retain moisture.
  • Balancing electrolytes and critical fluids is one of the other key benefits of having potassium in your foods. According to dermatologists the average volume of potassium required for an adult is 4700miligrams in a day.
  • Electrolytes are the positive and negative ions when salt or related mineral dissolves in water and splits into constituent ions. They help in balancing of water and fluid content in the skin. They help the skin to absorb more fluids from the foods you eat when skin gets dry and eliminate excess water when water levels in the body exceed maximum limits. Diuretic in one such element.
  • Potassium and vitamin B6 can control the levels of essential fluids in your skin. Sweat, body waste, nutrients and many types of chemical communicators are carried by skin fluids to and from rest of body organs till the top skin layer and into the external world. Blood is one of the most critical body fluid which benefits skin in many ways. Blood carries oxygen from lungs into skin cells, it also removes many of the wastes from them and carries them to elimination points.

Food- Spinach

Spinach is a green leafy veggie which is available in multiple varieties like Savoy, flat leaf and Semi Savoy. It contains two important ingredients like Neoxanthin and violaxanthin.

  • Neoxanthin is a potential antioxidant which eliminates toxic elements from your skin layers like excess oil, dirt, sweat and other impurities. It increases the natural glow of your skin.
  • Violaxanthin is a skin pigment derived from many plant resources like spinach. It is known to control the level of pigmentation in your skin layers and prevent hyper pigmentation.
  • Natural minerals found in spinach like magnesium and zinc lends strength and elasticity to skin tissues, eliminating the chances of skin wrinkles formation.
  • Spinach juice is a tested natural remedy for acne. You can crush its leaves in water and apply on acne affected areas to reduce and eliminate them over a period of time. You can prepare skin friendly juice with spinach, tomato, cucumber, carrot, beet and honey. Consuming it every day when you are affected by acne can bring considerable relief within couple of weeks.
  • Spinach juices applied onto your skin can protect it from UV radiations due to vitamin B6 and omega three fatty acids.

Dry Skin Home Remedy

Dry skin is a condition in which the cells and tissues are unable to absorb or retain the required levels of water and fluids in them. Normal activities of skin like oil balancing, impurities elimination and electrical pulse communication between the skin and other vital body organs get affected.

Moisture can be injected into the skin cells by applying a natural homemade solution, but it won’t be able to make the skin retain it. Food is the way which enables the skin layers to retain the moisture and fluid content within it.

Salomon, tuna and trout types of fish contain omega 3 fatty acid in abundance. It protects the skin outer surface with a permeable protective layer which blocks moisture from escaping once it has entered the cell. Cucumbers, avocado, nuts and olive oil are the other food ingredients that can help dry skin to get enriched with necessary fluids, vitamins and nutrients.

Skin Tightening Home Remedy

Green tea, beets, pepper, and tomatoes are known to increase the levels of collagen production naturally. They also help your skin generate elastin which increases the skin elasticity to considerable extent.

Note: These foods can also repair the skin characteristics like loss of collagen, elasticity and other disorders. However the process takes minimum of 3 to 4 weeks when you consume these foods regularly.

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  1. roshni says:

    My daughter had dry skin, it was so bad that her hands had cuts and she couldn’t hold a pen to write. She was given steroids and told it will take weeks to heal. she applied coconut oil and recovered within few days.

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