Nourishments For Organic Skin Care

organic skincareOrganic ingredients for skin nourishment and care are derived from plants and other natural resources which are cultivated without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other synthetic elements.  They help in keeping your skin free from harmful chemical elements. This is the first goal of using organic skin care ingredients.

Benefits of Organic Skin Care

There are no negative side effects of using organic products. Your skin stays healthy and fit.

Your skin has the capacity to absorb micro components from any skin care ingredient that is applied on it. The skin cells and tissues process these ingredients and convert them into useful and waste products. Useful elements are retained while waste is eliminated through sweat, evaporation and other forms.

Using organic ingredients can help the cells convert maximum ingredients into useful elements. It also keeps your skin pores clean which helps in faster elimination of waste.

Organic ingredients are rich in nutrients. For example consider cocoa butter which is one of the organic ingredients used for natural skin care. The volume of saturated fat in it is 300% (when you consider 100 grams of butter). This ingredient helps your skin in gaining stiffness and elasticity.

They are natural hydrating agents. When combined with essential oils, saturated fats help in healing of skin blisters, wounds and reduce swelling. Polyphenol compounds present in saturated fats can help in generation of collagen. They are helpful in enhancing the heat retaining capacity of skin during winter.

Coconut oil is another pure organic ingredient that can help in removing dryness from the skin and increase the moisture levels. Take a few drops of coconut oil in your palm and apply it onto your skin before taking a warm or hot shower.

It penetrates the skin layers and forms a protective structure around skin cells and tissues. It enables skin cells to retain moisture. Coconut oil acts as a good cheekbone highlighter. It makes the skin glow and hence it is used as a foundation for many makeup kits. It is due to the fact that coconut oil has plenty of light reflecting pigments in it.

Coconut oil is also a good skin conditioner. It can penetrate into the dermis and subcutis layers of your skin and nourish the cells and tissues.

There are many other types of organic ingredients for your skin care that can enhance its health, immunity, beauty and texture naturally.

There is one fact about organic skin care products which you need to remember. They are relatively slower to show visible results unlike the synthetic and chemical ingredients which act almost instantly in many aspects.

For example you can consider the difference between boric acid and tea tree oil. Using boric acid can quickly clean your skin within a span of few hours, while tea tree oil needs to be used for several days before it starts showing any visible effects. At the same time cleaning effects of tea tree oil last longer and it is safer to use since it has no side effects (unless your skin is allergic to it).

Organic Skin Lightening

Skin lightening is a process of bleaching your skin to increase the fairness and brightness. The main task of skin lightening is to reduce the effects of melanin (skin pigmentation element that gives darker tone to your skin) by decreasing their count and production in the skin layers.

There is a limit to which you can reduce the count and production of melanin in your skin. Going below this level can adversely affect the condition and texture of your skin beyond repair. In many cases it is not possible to reduce the melanin volume below certain limit (as decided by genetic condition of your skin).

  • Your skin produces two types of melanin namely the EU-melanin and PHEO-melanin. EU melanin is responsible for brown and dark tone while PHEO is responsible for yellow/red tone. Using organic skin care ingredients can be made to reduce the influence of EU melanin to maximum possible extent. In such cases the farer skin tone increases in volume and your skin turns lighter.
  • Tyrosianase is a copper based enzyme in your skin which enhances the production of melanin by a process called catalysis (reducing the reaction / production time). Organic ingredients like bearberry extract, mulberry extract and burdock root extract contain large volumes of Tyrosianase inhibitors.
  • Lignin peroxide is said to be one of the haemo-proteins produced from the plant peroxides which can act directly on the existing contents of melanin in your skin. However it can have some side effects like increased level of oxidation within your skin layers since it is highly oxidant in nature. Your dermatologist will be able to guide you about the steps to be taken for reducing the oxidation property of this element while retaining the melanin destroying ability.

Organic Skin and Body Health

Balancing of organic skin and body health depends on effective and efficient use of herbal ingredients from your skin care cream to the fruit juice you consume today.

  • Acidity is usually detested by skin care enthusiasts who can write volumes about its negative effects on skin. However acidic water treatment can help in overcoming many of the common and critical skin infections and diseases. Eczema, athlete’s foot, nail fungus, insect bites, chapped hands and sunburns can be quickly cured with it. It also helps in conditioning of facial skin, reduction & elimination of pimples and treatments for acne discoloration.
  • Pomegranate is a natural anti aging product from nature which helps in reducing skin wrinkles to considerable extent. You need to eat the fruit or drink the fruit juice twice a day regularly. You can also prepare a gel by adding the concentrated juice with Aloe Vera. Apply it onto the wrinkle affected areas in your skin. Doing so for a period of 10 to 15 days can considerably reduce the skin wrinkles.

If your skin is allergic to any of the organic products you need to consult your dermatologist before using them for your skin care.

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