Rodan And Fields Review 2018: Products, Side Effects, Customer Testimonials, Prices, Where To Buy It

WARNING: Last Update June 2018
We do not recommend Rodan And Fields anymore. For the best alternative click here. Otherwise keep reading our review.

In this article (Last Update 2018) we will explain to you what is Rodan And Fields, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customer reviews, give you prices, where to buy it & recommend best alternative.

rodan and fields products

As much as 64% of who experience acne during their teenage years continue to suffer from this skin condition in their 20s.

One recent study found that as much as 90.8% of individuals with acne also struggle with acne scars, with as much as 14.2% suffering from severe scarring.

The general population also experiences many other skin-related problems. Approximately 62% of women experience sensitive skin – and even amongst men, as much as 52% do struggle with the sensitivity of their skin.

Premature aging, blemishes, uneven skin tone – these are all common problems in the population.

Rodan And Fields is a brand that focuses on targeting all of these problems that the general population is struggling with.

They have a range of different products and systems that customers can choose from, each delivering dermatologically developed formulas to help address the most common skin disorders and problems experienced by their customers.

What Is Rodan and Fields

Rodan And Fields is an American skin care brand that specializes in the production of different products that aims to deliver an effective approach to treating common skin conditions that are diagnosed and treated by dermatologists on a daily basis.

The dermatologists behind this brand’s formulas are Dr. Kathy Fields and Dr. Katie Rodan.

Both of them obtained their degrees in dermatology from Stanford University and had years of experience in dealing with patients that struggle with many different skin conditions.

The fact that all of the products offered by this brand is made by experienced dermatologists already adds more authority to the brand.

This means that care has been taken to ensure that users are able to truly benefit from each and every product that this brand offers them.

The brand aims to strive for three particular benefits in all of their products and systems:

  1. To use the right ingredients in every product.
  2. To provide customers with the right formulas to target specific skin conditions.
  3. To offer systems with products that are used in the right order for maximum results.

What Do They Sell?

product listAll of the products sold by this brand is aimed to provide certain benefits to the user’s skin.

The brand specializes in skin care products that improve the facial skin of the user, and they do not provide products that target the rest of the body.

The brand understands that many different conditions can affect the user’s skin.

Whether acne, premature aging, blemishes, scarring or sensitivity – this brand has developed multiple systems that work upon these common problems to help improve the well-being of the user’s skin, as well as to address the problems they are facing.

Most Popular Products

This brand has a lot of different products that they offer to their customers.

The majority of their products fall within a particular system – each system has been developed to target a specific type of skin-related problem that the customer may be struggling with.

Let’s consider some of the most popular products developed by the Rodan And Fields brand.

Redefine Overnight Restorative Cream

Part of the Redefine system from the brand.

This is an overnight cream that includes ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Honey extracts, Polyurethane-40, Saccharomyces Lysate extracts, Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil, and more.

Redefine Intensive Renewing Serum

A retinol-based serum that works to renew the skin and eliminate scaring and wrinkles.

Ingredients include Retinyl Palmitate, Retinal, Dimethicone, and more.

Reverse Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

A basic, yet effective sunscreen product that not only protects the skin, but also works to reduce the visible signs of aging.

The active ingredients of this sunscreen include Octocrylene, Homosalate, Avobenzone, and Octisalate.

Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment

The perfect serum for treating sensitive skin and relieving skin irritation.

The active ingredients of this cream include Dimethicone and Allantoin.

Unblemish Dual Intensive Acne Treatment

One of the most effective acne treatments from this brand.

This product takes advantage of Benzoyl Peroxide, combined with other acne fighting ingredients, to reduce breakouts and take care of acne scarring at the same time.

Side Effects

side effects

The fact that all of the products in the Rodan And Fields range was designed by experienced dermatologists to mean they have not only ensured their products are effective, but also attended to the safety of each product.

While this means the majority of products from this brand are unlikely to cause any significant side-effects, users should be aware that there is always a risk of still experiencing an adverse reaction to certain ingredients found in these products.

The most common side-effects that a user may experience when using products manufactured by this brand may include irritation on their skin, as well as redness.

Additionally, using the wrong products can also yield more significant side-effects – users should ensure the products they buy are appropriate for their skin type.

Allergic reactions are rare, but can also develop.

Users should consider doing an allergy test on their inner-arm before using any of the products sold by this brand.

Is It A Scam?

We always do research to see if a product is legitimate and not a scam – we know how important it is for our readers to know that they are not buying into a scam.

We searched the internet and found that thousands of people have already bought products from this brand – they do deliver on their promises and even offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure individuals who are not happy with their products are able to get their money back.

There are no reports claiming that this product may be a scam.

Rodan and Fields Customer Reviews & Complaints


There is a lot of reviews to be found on the product pages of skin care items produced by this brand at Amazon, making it relatively easy to determine the effectiveness of this brand and whether any precaution need to be executed when deciding to opt for their products.

The majority of the brand’s Amazon listings have between one and 100 reviews behind them, and the average rating for these products are quite positive.

Let’s take a look at some reviews left by previous customers on some of the brand’s most popular products.

On the product listing for their Enhancements Lash Boost, Hind Shaheen says:

Amazing. I tried prescription Lattice before, which was good enough. But this lash Boost works much better. Love it.

On the product listing for their Unblemish Regimen for Acne and Post Acne Marks, Sue Coyle says:

Great products but too pricey.

On the product listing for their Reverse Deep Exfoliating Wash, Elizabeth Bullock says:

I love this cleanser – keeps skin clean and fresh!!

Video Testimonial

Where To Buy It & Prices

rodan fields official website

Buying products from the Rodan And Fields brand are relatively simple for people who live in the United States.

The product can also be shipped to customers who reside in Canada.

For the rest of the world, however, obtaining products manufactured by this brand may be nearly impossible.

The easiest way to buy products made by this brand is to log onto their official website.

Here, the customer can easily choose between the different ranges they have and even take a quick quiz to help them determine the best products for their skin and the particular problems they are facing.

Additional shipping charges will be applied to all orders made on the official online store of the brand.

There are also different packages that customers can choose from – they can choose to opt for single products or for complete systems that come with everything they need to treat specific skin-related conditions.

The majority of the systems offered by the brand tend to sell for between $170 and $199 – this would include all products that form part of the particular system that the customer is interested in.

The price of individual products varies widely, depending on the particular product that the customer is interested in. For example, an eye-cream may cost the customer around $62, but a more advanced hydration serum may cost the customer $108.

Skin care products manufactured by this brand can also be purchased at

This may be a more convenient option for some customers.

Their products are available in kits or systems on Amazon, as well as individual products.

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

Rodan And Fields is a relatively popular brand, and they are proud of the products they produce. In fact, this brand is so confident that every customer stands to benefit from the use of their products that they have decided to throw in a 60-day satisfaction guarantee with the purchase of all their products and systems.

The satisfaction guarantee offered by the brand lasts for 60 days from the date of purchase – once 60 days have passed, the brand will not issue any refunds to the customer and will assume the customer is happy with their results.

To request a refund on a purchase, a customer needs to follow a relatively simple two-step process.

First, they need to fill out the return authorization form and send it back to the brand. Along with this form, the customer also needs to attach a copy of the invoice they received upon purchase.

The second step is to send the products they wish to return to the shipping address of the brand.

This address can be obtained on the brand’s official website, along with a copy of the return authorization form if the customer would rather prefer to print the form out and send it to the brand along with their products.

The brand usually takes between 10 and 15 days to process a refund request.

The customer will receive an email notification once the processing is complete.

After processing, the refund will be issued to the payment details that are on file for the customer’s account.

Pros & Cons


  • The products offered by this brand are quite advanced and includes some of the latest scientific research in their formulas, ensuring that customers are able to keep up with the latest findings in clinical trials to help benefit them faster and better.
  • All of the brand’s products are available in systems, which usually include three to four different products that are used in combination with each other for maximum results.
  • The brand aims to cater for everyone, no matter their skin type or what problems they are looking to treat.
  • The online regimen analyzer offers an easy and fast way for a customer to identify the best products in this brand’s range that will help them target the particular skin-related problems they are facing.


  • All Rodan And Fields products are only available to customers who reside in the United States or Canada. Shipping costs are also on the more expensive side, which will certainly be unpleasant for many potential customers.
  • This is definitely not one of the more affordable brands on the market. The majority of products offered by the Rodan And Fields brand are quite expensive, especially when we compare their products to some of the other leading skincare brands that are currently selling on the internet.
  • Some users have reported unpleasant side-effects. While mostly mild side-effects, they may still become problematic to an affected individual.
  • While the brand offers a full refund on returns if the customer is not satisfied with their purchase, they do not pay for shipping of the product back to their facility – this is an expense that the customer will have to cover. Additionally, it may also take as much as 15 days for a refund request to be processed (plus shipping time).

Final Verdict

final verdict

A lot of skincare brands promises to deliver exceptional results, but once purchased, only a handful of them really delivers.

Rodan And Fields is a dermatological brand that has been developed by licensed, trained and experienced professionals.

The brand also keeps up with the latest advancements in skin care science to bring their customers products that really work.

While it seems like the products manufactured by this brand is truly beneficial and effective, there are some possible adverse reactions an interested customer should be wary of, as well as some negative pointers that we have pointed out in this review post.

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73 thoughts on “Rodan And Fields Review 2018: Products, Side Effects, Customer Testimonials, Prices, Where To Buy It”

  1. Vonnie says:

    Is there clinical research that Meladerm works?

    1. negin says:

      i bought Radan and Fields products on early of january 2018 and started to use the products .After 2 weeks my skin got so irritated and red so i called the customer service to refund the products and they said they will refund the money back in my account .Return process is frustrated and nightmare .I am still waiting to get my money back after almost 3 months .

      1. Patty says:

        I am on day 15 and the have had a bright red face the past few days. My skin does feel better, but it’s suddenly really red. Did they say to stop using it? keep using it? was it an allergic reaction?

        1. Nicole Buchanan says:

          I currently using the redefine regimen. My face did the exact same thing and I was getting so frustrated. They say that your skin is purging itself and will be that way until maybe month 2 or so. It is a long time to wait for your skin to get better and I felt that I was breaking out worse than in high school. Around the 3rd month my skin has gotten better but it’s still a lot to pay for the results. I expect a slight miracle for these prices. I decided to order one more round of products and I’ll reevaluate in a few months.

        2. Sarah says:

          This is common if you are exfoliating real hard or multiple times a day. It has happened to me lots with proactive and when once when I tested the microdermabrasion paste from R&F. I tested a little to hard. I found that I am better if I exfoliate every 2 to 3 days. If I am gentle then more often.

          1. Charity says:

            THIS ! I use the SOOTHE regimen (didn’t buy it, it was given to me) along with the dual Unblemish treatment. And scrubbed extra hard on my acne spots (all over my chin, the top of my jaw line) and covered my face with the unblemish treatment. The next day I woke up looking like I was in the sun all day with a book or rag shading the top part of my face. Acne DISAPPEARED. But where I scrubbed harder, it dried my skin SO BAD. I was scared and called my R+F lady. She hurried and brought me some more hydration serum samples. I bathed the serum all over my face. The next day, the redness had faded and my chin started cracking. The unblemish treatment worked like a miracle but was rough on my face due to my own actions. I continued to use the soothe regimen, even though my skin stung through the process. I trusted the process. I’ve been dedicated to this regimen night and day sometimes 3x a day on the weekends, and it has only been ONE WEEK and, brace yourself, cliche statement coming up, MY SKIN HAS NEVER LOOKED BETTER. I cannot wait to actually purchase something from this brand. It’s a miracle brand. And NO I don’t sell it nor have I ever bought ANYTHING. It’s REAL. It REALLY works. You have to see for yourself. Trust the process. Be smart about it. Don’t microderma your skin off before you put stronger level products on it. Hope I helped someone!

  2. Sandy says:

    Interesting read- I suggest you check out the BBB website regarding the complaints about unauthorized charges. Google Rodan and Fields Scripts and you’ll see dozens of manipulative language aimed at misleading, cherry picking information and even more deception. Return process is a nightmare and recruitment I supersedes sales. These are hallmarks of bad business practices.

  3. Jen says:

    I completely disagree with this review. I have been using R+F for about 6 months and can absolutely see and feel a difference. I no longer wear foundation or eyeliner. My lashes are long and stunning, I love them!! My skin is softer, brighter and more even. The wrinkles around my eyes are deminishing after only a month of using the eye cream, my lips are fuller and softer from using the Lip Renewing Serum and I no longer have to carry chapstick with me at all times. I use to have little dry patches on my skin but not anymore since I started using the Hydration Serum. I use to hate myself in pictures but not anymore! R+F has not only given me beautiful skin but also confidence. You should really try it before you give it a negative review.

    1. Charissa Blackburn says:

      I’ve heard of this company, but have literally recent encountered several people who use produce. I have seen results from the products. I just don’t want to be scammed with high prices. Thank you for your the review/reply.

    2. Laura says:

      You sound like all of the other robot representatives from that company. Please explain to me how not wearing eyeliner has anything to do with the quality of your skin or length of lashes..eyeliner lines the eyes to add color- that’s it. I have tried their products and they are beyond expensive and are either ok or work just as well as something I can buy in CVS for $5. This company needs to stop brainwashing people- so those people can stop pressuring and harassing others to buy their junk.

      Ok, now give my your pre-written, robot response that the company suggested you to say…

      1. Deborah Hardy says:

        Hmmm… Laura you obviously are not familiar with the R&F Lash Boost. When used properly, after about six weeks you will notice longer, stronger fuller lashes. When mascara is applied at the lash base and rolled up and out it creates a natural eye line that does not look fake or overdone. Eye liner is created to “define” your lash rim not color. If you are young enough to add pops of color with liner then go for it. However; the average woman who has at least a basic knowledge of cosmetic application and artistry will appreciate the benefits of the R&F incredible Lash Boost product. The research and quality that goes into developing this company’s products is what makes it a step and price point above the average products. Although I am 69 years of age, people guess my age to be 10 to 15 younger and I thank my Rodan and Fields regime for that as I’ve been a customer for over five years.
        Oh and by the way, I’ve just signed on as a consultant. So when you decide that you need to step up with your skin care because you are worth it, contact a Rodan and Fields consultant and you be the judge.

        1. Ashley says:

          Hmmm.. Deborah, you obviously have not read that people are having adverse reactions. Not all people, but there are SOME that do. No one is questioning the claims of some positive results, but to assume that anyone who uses it be in awe just isn’t true. In fact, a reply by Rodan and Fields on the Better Business Bureau website acknowledges it. As far as the claim of the research and quality that goes into developing the company’s products is what makes it above the ordinary, I’m not so sure that is accurate either. Have you even read the ingredients? What specifically does R&F offer that isn’t already offered to the public, probably at cheaper price. To be clear, you are not getting medical grade material without a prescription. Regardless if the creators are Stanford Trained doctors, you don’t need any special supervision or prescription to use it, so lets not overstate the value of the product. Over the counter products tend to have limits to accommodate the one size fits all audience. Even then, not all are created equally in terms of products. Unfortunately, your unsubstantiated claims further hurt the credibility of the company you’re defending. Cautionary advice, if your claims were taken to task, you’d likely see a quick distancing response that you don’t represent the company. I’ve seen that happen before. Remember that neat title of “independent consultant”? That’s also acts as a buffer.
          Outside of that, kudos to you for finding something that works well for you. The mere fact that nice eye lashes have caused people to guess your age to be 15 years younger is remarkable. I don’t even think Botox can do that. I figured you actually sell the product based on your defensive response to Laura and overall dismissal of any information that you deem “bitter”, “negative” or “mean”. I wish you the very best with the new venture and nice lashes.

          1. Laura says:

            Thank you Ashley for your comments. I agree with you. My daughter bought me the am and pm moisturizer and the eye lash boost as a Christmas present. For the first 3 or 4 days everything seemed fine, then I woke up with brown circles around my eyes, looked like I was on drugs. My face was completely covered in a rash from my forehead to my chin and cheeks. My husband said, what changed? I said , I’ve been using the Rodan and Fields that our daughter bought me for Christmas. Since I stopped using it, my eyes are normal looking again and my face has cleared up. Wow…what a lesson in over priced products. I’ll stick to my Oil of O’lay any day.

          2. Danielle says:

            the Thing is you people writing negative comments probably have sensitive skin and are using the wrong regimen. I have extremely sensitive skin so I had to stick to the soothe regimen. I can’t use the reverse or the redifine until my skin gets better and stronger. I tried over the counter creams lotions and all it did was dry it out more or irritate it. Huge waste of money with store bought creams! Also if you go to you dermatologist and get prescription strength cream your likely to have worse side effects and pay twice as much.

        2. Macaria Suddarth says:

          That’s called a make up tip not a result of using the lash boost. And guess what, I’m terms of wrinkles, it’s cheaper just to get Botox than pay for RF regimens abs creams.

        3. Caroline says:

          That’s why they are being sued for the irritation and puffy eyes that lash boost causes.

        4. Connie H. says:

          Im 54, just now purchased R & F from a consultant i work with. I so looking forward to getting started. It is a bit pricey, but as you said, “i’m worth it”. 🙂

        5. Mary Jo says:

          I found your review interesting because of how you described the proper way to apply mascara. I can think of only ONE time in my life that I applied mascara & felt that it looked good. For most of my life I have chosen not to wear mascara & have always thought my eyes needed a boost.

          I see that you are now a Rodan & Fields consultant. I also read in either yours or someone else’s review that their Rodan & Fields consultant had sent her some products to try. Can you please send me some samples? If you have any lash booster samples will you please send me some of those? I wish you the best success as a Rodan & Fields consultant.

    3. Maria says:

      I believe there isn’t a difference. It works the same as any other skin care product as it contains the same Ingredients. I wouldn’t waste my money

    4. mo says:

      Well not everyone is going to have the same reactions to all of the chemicals in the products. So I guess by what you’re saying you haven’t experienced you sales consultant telling you that your card wouldn’t be charged again but then it does. This company is a sham and they are messing with the wrong damn person!

    5. Ashley Perez says:

      Dear Danielle,
      Please recognize how silly you sound when stating that, “the Thing is you people writing negative comments probably have sensitive skin and are using the wrong regimen.” I’m afraid it might be a little more than that. You, like many of your fellow consultants make an awful lot of assumptions. You haven’t seen one person, aside from reading a few “negative” comments, and you assume that all who are negative are misguided. Any doubters are haters. Complaints are mean. People like me are just trolls. Wake up and see who the real culprit. The irony is, you are the misguided one. Might it occur to you that over the counter grade skin care is designed to be as “one size” fits all as possible. The idea is shoot for middle and accept that it wont work for some and will be too extreme for others. So please stop pretending that each formula is specially customized for individual people. Secondly, ” I can’t use the reverse or the redifine until my skin gets better and stronger.” Skin doesn’t get stronger. If anything it develops a tolerance, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t doing damage and the regiment is starting to work. I’m not sure where you read this. It’s one thing to oversimplify, but overstating is concerning because you create doubt for people that might have legit concerns. If it works for you, fine, but don’t attempt to shame others or insinuate that their issue isn’t an issue. Thirdly, “I tried over the counter creams lotions and all it did was dry it out more or irritate it. Huge waste of money with store bought creams!” R&F are over the counter sold at premium prices. It’s amusing that your experience with OTC grade was so awful when you are getting the same thing with R&F is so different. Just for your own knowledge, compare the ingredients, and kindly report here any ingredient R&F uses that isn’t already available in giant skin care sections of retail stores (probably way cheaper too). This may feel like an attack, but it’s not. I don’t know you personally, but seldom to do I see comments such as yours and other consultants taken to task. And that’s what this is. If you’re willing to refute with real evidence, I think we can have a meaningful discussion. Last point, ” Also if you go to you dermatologist and get prescription strength cream your likely to have worse side effects and pay twice as much.” I’m sorry, but you’re advising people not to see someone that has a professional license to practice medicine in exchange for the advice from an untrained independent consultant. Prescription strength is bad for those with real skin issues? Your argument actually contradicts yourself because if you’re worried about paying too much and adverse effects, you recommend R&F? Clearly you haven’t done much reading on the subject. Some of the biggest complaints about R&F, aside from unauthorized charges to credit cards, bad customer service and the hallmarks of MLM, are bad effects and price.

  4. MJ Strom Copland says:

    I am a 65+ year old woman who, since using R+F have been mistaken for 40 something. My skin improved so much that I no longer use foundation, or anything else other then mascara. I used to live with peeling lips, uneven skin tone,age spots,etc . Now I have people constantly asking me what I use or what surgical procedures I have undergone ( I have never had any procedures other than an appendectomy).

  5. Joanna says:

    i just started using and I can say right now i see a change my feels looks clearer..I have some acne spots im trying to get rid of so we will see how this goes.

  6. Lynette says:

    I’m back and forth with my feelings on R+F. Previously I had used their Proactive line for acne and while I had a great help from it, I could only take the products for up to 4 months and then I would have to take a break for at least a month with out before I would restart. Proactive would heal wonderfully for about 3-4 then the reverse would start to happen and my face and skin would start to over react and break out worse. I am finding my experience with their high priced line of R+F to have the same effect.

    Among just a few of some unfortunately health issues I have, I have sensitive skin and hormonal imbalance. This makes my skin react a lot of different ways. I first tried R+F Soothe Regimen (as directed by 3 different consultants after hearing some of my medical history), and was very disappointment. My skin became extremely and uncontrollably oily. I was told it’s just my skin adapting to the new product so to keep it up at least 60 days. I did that and nothing changed. I even dropped out step 3 and 4 and only used 1 and 2 but still had uncontrollable oily gross wet skin.

    I switched (as directed) to Reverse Brighten to try to help with the dark spots and uneven tone. I’ve been using it about 4 months now. I started to notice a difference in the smoothness of my skin in about 33 days. Although the uneven skin tons and dark patches didn’t seem to change at all. A little over 4 months in, my face has no started to break out with acne like issues. It’s hard to truly know if it’s the product, the environment, the foods you eat or what, but I would hope with after all this time and the cost my face would be much better, not got better than worse again. I’ve read up a lot on the products and different ways to use them, but not much has changed. So the major difference I have seen while using Reverse is just that my face is much smoother and soft now, but not much changed with dark spots and skin tone. I also have been using the eye Multi-Function Eye Cream for almost 5 months now, and while I notice a small difference from before, in 5 months of consistently it’s not proven (to me at least) to be worth the cost.

  7. Crytal says:

    I find it funny that this article says the consultants are “untrained”. Funny because the company offers so many training opportunities, as well as the teams and high achievers with in the company. There is at least 3 training events with in my team from the ladies who have hit higher levels. It’s the consultants responsibility to attend these training events. They also have plenty of virtual training events. If you are a consultant and you are not using all of these things to help your business as well as your customer, than your just not a great consultant. But just to clarify there is more than enough consultant training.

    1. Sally Fax says:

      Crytal – the company trains you how to recruit others to sell it. Team leaders even write scripts for you to read recite, post on social media and send to your warm list of people (usually friends and family) It does not train on the actual ingredients, application and adverse effects. Don’t tell me that there is a nurse on standby ready to diagnose you without even seeing you. Enough with the lies. How much training do you get on business ethics?

      I’m always amused by R&F facts, but since you’re in the mood for them, here are some which might sting…

      1. Before and after photos (not all but a lot) are done with different lighting, different angles and at times photoshopped.

      That’s not being held accountable, that’s deceptive.And yes, that’s trying to fool someone.

      2.Are you aware that the products you peddle are no different than over the counter stuff at a fraction of the price? You are not selling and/or using prescription strength nor anything “revolutionary” that isn’t already available to the public for a lot more money. That’s not exactly life changing. That’s called ripping people off.

      3. It’s not your business. It’s someone else’s. You’re a salesperson working on a *** commission for a company that makes most of its sales from consultants that sell it. Yes, if all 180,000 consultants bought only a year supply of lash boost for $150, the company makes 180 million bucks, and I know you may not believe it but 99% of the business owning R&F consultants make under $10,000 for the year! Sounds good, right? The business that you own makes $180 million and you bring home under $10,000 before taxes, website fees and more? Give me a break. It’s genius on the owners part, no high end store distribution fees, no insurance, brick and mortar cost, not even a payroll really. Sorry, it will never be your business. Your own income disclosure states how little over 95% of consultants make. Fact! Factor in the little income with the amount of product you buy, the website fee, your “free” samples consultants buy to give away and any trips that you have to pay for, your left with none. But since it’s “your business” please inform me of the turnover rate. Kindly supply your source when citing that information.

      4.Your whole company is built on recruitment, which is why the company relies on the google Rodan and Fields scripts…btw way more people use those scripts than they will let on to.They’re real and I’ve personally seen them verbatim on multiple people’s Facebook page. I can understand why you wouldn’t want to admit it, but don’t lie. It makes you even less credible than you already are being a part of a MLM scheme.

      5.On the subject of MLMs. Are you aware of where MLM’s came from? Probably not. You were likely recruited by someone who just told you about the “amazing opportunity” . MLMs come from a long line of practices which are now illegal and you guessed it, MLM’s will be outlawed. Pretty evident with the major FTC ruling against Herbalife. MLMs have origins in Ponzi schemes. From there they morphed into chain letters, direct sales and pyramid schemes. That’s some family to be associated with. So next you see someone post about all their “financial success” understand that is directly violating the newly implemented law.

      6. The vast majority have not attended medical school or business school. Therefore you have zero credibility and zero clue on the adverse effects and unethical violations many of your beloved consultants commit routinely. Professional people laugh and dismiss the garbage that many recite from their index card style talking points.

      7.You don’t win a Lexus. It’s leased in your name and under your insurance. Two things, the monthly lease approximately $600-$700 a month is taken straight from your downlines sales. Fail to make the month quota and your stuck with the bill, which makes perfect sense why some would resort to deception to avoid fronting the bill. Secondly, you and your leased Lexus are used as bait to recruit more people. Others view it as a gift, and you see it as a burden. Still think it’s your own business?

      8.R&f is not the number one skincare. Maybe according to Euromonitor which any business can fund their own study that yields very specific results. In other words, you buy the results you want. Euromonitor is associated with many MLM. Phony quotes about Bill Gates claiming to love MLM are often paraded without even knowing if he really said it or in what context it was said. I know, I know, it makes a good meme but its just not true. I hear articles about Forbes and how this industry has grown 300% and other major companies have only grown minimally. Well, if you’re a giant company that made billions last you and more and few more bucks this year, you’re company, statistically, hasn’t grown, but is still worth a lot. Where as a new company will achieve statistically more is only worth a fraction of the price. Cherry picking info and not being up front with the public is the name of the game. You don’t see any other major company cite Euromonitor.

      9. You are not being honest with yourself (if you really believe what your saying) and others which is disturbing because most of your early recruits are friends and family. Hopefully they’re not reading the truth about how they’re being used by you to elevate yourself in the pyramid shaped business you’re in.

      10. Recap- it’s not your own business. You don’t own anything except the bills and the burden of pushing this stuff on others while you try to recruit.The products are average at a premium price, which I would define as a ripoff. Sleep tight! Ps- it’s been brought up in the previous conversation regarding the validity of Euromonitor.

      My sources tell me it’s not very scientific (at least the R&F study that claims them to be number 1) from my understanding studies can be funded to support a claim. Data is easily manipulated- also found that google searches can be manipulated to hide negative info on a company for a price. Not saying google is complicit but searches can be skewed. Similar to how herbal life bought out all the tickets for Betting on Zero.The movie came out, and showings were sold out with not a single person in the theater. I wonder if someone was trying to hide something. So you had sold out shows with zero audience.It’s very telling about the lengths some will go to to bury info from the public. MLM also has a very rich and powerful lobbying group in DC to make sure companies can stay a step ahead of any progressive laws.That’s where a lot of this money goes – not to the consultants who burned every bridge to reach a goal that isn’t attainable.

      1. Sara says:

        Sally Fax. I’ve seen your kind before. I don’t even use R&F but after reading your bitter review I may just have to go try it. You sound like a flopped consultant or an immature teenager. All this girl did is post that the consultants do have training and you flew in on your broom and started attacking. Even if everything you stated was fact your approach is bitter and therefore a complete waste. Find a more productive, and nice instead of smart ass, way to get your point across. Also, since you want to throw so many “facts” out there, try siting them. You may be taken a little more serious next them.

        1. Kristin says:

          SALLY FAX!!!!!!! I’ve been using R&F for 3 years and my skin looks perfect!!! I’ve gone from wearing foundation to wearing nothing!!! I have pelvic cystic ovarian syndrome and it was killing my skin, and after using this product for 3 weeks it cleared up rough bumps, Brown spots, dry skin patches that felt like leather and adult acne. Not to mention after 3 years of use my wrinkles have gotten less! The only thing I don’t like is that I’d like a bit more lotion in the bottles!!! It’s changed my skins life! My God lady, can you be any meaner or sound any more ignorant? I’ve tried Kinerase, all kinds of prescription Retional and lotions from the derm, and by the way, I used to be a Cosmetic Surgical Consultant for a big time Cosmetic Surgeon, I’ve tried Lancôme Genefique, Estée Lauder, had Botox and Restylane! Nothing besides laser treatments, and Botox and Restylane has made my skin look as great as it does while I’m using R&F. It’s also funny how you say there’s nothing important in it, bc I was turned onto it by my friend, who’s a chemist! She’s looked into the ingredients (you can get them) and says the products and serums are packed full of antioxidants and peptides amongst other things! So I’d also love to know if you’ve even tried the product you so hatefully dis on the internet? You don’t like it, don’t use it! Everyone I know uses it & just loves it!!! My girlfriends eyebrows are growing so fast, she’s cutting them down & the salons are buying the lash boost around me! I’m sure it’s not for everyone, my mom didn’t like it. She’s much older obviously. There’s no reason to make anyone feel bad & rip them a new a** the way you did above bc you don’t like the product for whatever reason. Get a serious grip lady………..

          1. SF says:

            Kristen, I’m happy you found something that works, I’m sure your chemist friend can find a cheaper alternative and one that does not require recruitment and shady practices. MLM businesses are not sustainable models. Haven’t you ever noticed that MLM companies all sell some sort of miracle product that fights aging, wrinkles, weight loss, magic oils etc..? It’s the areas that people are most insecure about and would pay to get, however, most are overpriced- “act now and get three bottles for the price of one” – you think that’s out of the kindness of heart? Or could it be that is grossly overpriced. Blanket statement like “everyone I know loves it” makes your claim even more questionable.

          2. Jane says:

            Your fighting for a product that anyone can sell. It’s not medical grade, nor does it require special training to sell. All this person was saying is that R&F products are not life changing. There are better alternatives out there that are safer and not sold through multi level marketing. Defending the ingredients as special and exclusive to R&F is just not true. That said, I’m happy to hear you found something that works for you.

          3. Caroline says:

            Another consultant all consultants claims it works
            Its over rated and overpriced

        2. Jamie says:

          Just because she wrote this doesn’t give you the right to claim she’s a flopped consultant. Research it and the facts she stated are all there. Are you one of those that just buy products because of claims and use it without doing research? Or take medication without reading the harmful side effects? I use to use and sell R+F products until reading about all the carcinogenic ingredients found in their products. Do your homework before you bash others!

          1. Melanie Nankivell says:

            Hi Jamie, I use R & F but only a few of their products. Can you please tell me the carcinogenic ingredients? And your source? Thanks so much.

        3. Sally Fax says:

          LoL! Really!? You don’t sell it or use it however you were just drawn here and felt obligated to post?! After you’re finished admiring your lame take down take a step back look how ridiculous you sound. How about you refute specific things stated, with sources of course! Rather than resort to name calling and insulting something you’re not willing to admit. R&F products are not “game changers” – how about you read the ingredients and compare. While you’re at it, what’s the turn over rate in R&F? Please provide sales to non consultants. I know it’s a lot to digest, especially since you don’t sell or use it but feel compelled to use it now because of me. By the way that makes about as much sense as you do.

        4. Brooke says:

          Sara, thank you for your response. I, too, found the previous reply to be slightly bitter.
          I always appreciate knowledge and insight from an outside perspective, however, it came off a little harsh.

          I have a few problems with the “scam” nature and negativity surrounding R+F…
          1. This product actually was amazing and worked for ME. My adult acne was so horrible, Accutane was my next step, (I even completed the initial labs and signed up for ipledge.)
          2. I wasn’t forced to use it, or to buy it, I had a friend who liked it and kept asking me to please try it.
          3. There was never a guarantee it was going to work. I didn’t receive a box in the mail claiming, “Brooke! All of
          your miracle await you in this box! Order another, and we’ll wrap it in glitter!!”
          I was actually told- try it, don’t like it? Send it back, and we will go our separate ways.”
          4. I DID sign up as a consultant. -before you take me through the coals, Sally (or like minded folk) please know this: I wasn’t forced, after a few months I asked. Why? Because, I wanted to be able to assist people Who have struggled with disgusting blemishes, or other skin-ailments, like me. I wanted to be a consultant people could talk to about the product and they would get an honest and fair answer. You ant Redefine for Your toddlers elbows? Sorry. That’s a “no” from me.
          I was judgmental and annoyed with all of the Facebook posts and pushy sales, and it turned me away from a product that actually worked for me. (And trust me, my face and my GI system wish I would have tried it sooner. Rounds of Doxycycline and Bactrim will do that to you.)
          5. “Independent” Consultant, means independent. Clearly I don’t follow the scripts, which even I find comical, at times. What I try to do? Help people who have problems with their skin, find the best solution they can. Hopefully, it can be with the products I happen to sell, however, if it’s not, or I don’t think it’s going to work for them- I WILL TELL THEM THAT.

          Before any panic ensues, I would say I am a decently educated individual, who happens to do pretty well medicine, but which Health Sciences Center honors I achieved, or what my decade of education consisted of, shouldn’t be relative. However, I must say, I appears it may be, as apparently only “robots” sell R+F. I also know plenty of other single mommas like myself, who chose to sell this product. We all have our different reasons, and our different way of doing things.

          But, for all that is good and holy in the world, can we PLEASE stop attacking individuals for doing what they want? Of the product didn’t work for you, fine. You don’t like it? Okay! Too pricey for you? We’ve ALL been there!
          People promising a “miracle” is wrong. As adults, we should also be smart enough to decipher that if someone is promising something, there is NO way to predict the outcome for, we probably shouldn’t buy from them.

          And at the end of the day… what In the world is so wrong about a momma trying to make a buck? (Especially after something she likes, and thinks her friends may like, too.)

          1. Ashley says:

            Dear Brooke,
            You seem like a nice person. Unfortunately, you as with other others get personally insulted if someone questions the practices of this company or any MLM. Not once did say there is anything wrong with a mom earning an extra buck. Thirdly, that is fantastic you found a remedy for your skin condition. However, it’s the set up of MLM which poses threats to those not selling it. Don’t take my word for it, see it for yourself. Check out Robert Fitzpatrick and Jon Taylor. They are both very well informed individuals on the subject. I’ll use your approach, try reading it. If it doesn’t apply to you, simoly keep walking.
            I personally see striking revelations that are applicable to many encounters I have with this type of sales format. Just last night I liked someone’s post on a mommy board, can you guess what followed? A friend request and persistent messages about lash boost. Leave me alone! It’s everywhere and it’s annoying. You’re right, as adults we should be able to know what the deal is. However I see more lines blurred, more information manipulation in an effort to persuade to buy and then sell. Why is that on most consultants, please don’t try to deny this, that when a consultant makes a post, and there are 20 likes and 10 comments, all of those only come from other consultants? Could it be that they are being coached to comment on team member pages? That doesn’t sound independent to me.
            Keep doing what you’re doing if you’re happy., but don’t take every post that doesn’t a deisreable perspective as a personal attack on you, people with skin issues, or mom’s trying to earn a buck. One has nothing to do with the other.

        5. Renee says:

          I actually found her response extremely informative , educated , clear and concise. Glad somone is using their brain.

    2. Elizabeth Douros says:

      R&F uses the same ingredients found in much cheaper products in your grocery & drug stores. The eyelash growth contains synthetic products most companies don’t use anymore for safety reasons.
      Training? Does the training teach you how to analyze skin, PH balance, contraindications, skin physiology, product ingredients. Just looking at someone’s reddened skin does not always mean 1 thing! Do you suppose that’s why aesthetics’s & dermatologist go to school to analyze skin & properly treat?

    3. Beth says:

      They train you how to SELL!
      They are not skin care experts

  8. Tiffany Arnone says:

    I would NEVER recommend Rodan and Fields, after thoroughly researching their products and business model. Their products contain SOOOOOooOO many toxic, cancer-causing ingredients, I don’t care how many zits or wrinkles I had, I could never justify putting that toxic stuff on my body! Furthermore, 40% of women that use these over-priced, toxic ingredients see no positive results and worse, have a lot of skin reactions.

    1. Susan M. says:

      Tiffany, can you provide an example of the toxic ingredients? I have been using a few products for about 1 year and am now concerned about what is in them..

      1. SF says:

        “For California customers:
        WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Benzophenone, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to Click here for information about the FDA’s position on Benzophenone.”

        1. Marina Nemtsanov says:

          Omg which product is that in. And can you recommend an alternative to lash boost?

          1. Weavs says:

            Sorry but that sticker goes on an insane amount of things… That cancer chemical is found in sunscreen as well. Hopefully people do their research on things. People are crazy these days. Drinking too much water can kill you too.

        2. Bailey Doodle says:

          This warning is written on everything. Go to Starbucks, Disneyland or check any other beauty product sold in California and you’ll see this posted everywhere. You’d have to physically eat our products by the pounds – which obviously is going to have negative effects and would never be done. You talked earlier about how the company “pays off” negative comments – when you’re trying to spoon feed negative ideas to others because for whatever reason have a problem with MLM. Also, consultants use their websites to look up lists of FAQ and answers to provide to help the person they are consulting with that are created by the Stanford trained dermatologist. If you haven’t been a consultant or know personally how this business works then you shouldn’t be able to negatively accuse such absurd claims. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything. People have the power of choice and consultants are sharing the products with others to help them get the skin they want.

          1. SF says:

            Dear Bailey,
            Just to clarify, your position is that since “everything” has that sticker people should ignore it? Where did you get the information that you’d have to “eat your products by the pounds” to get cancer? I’ve never heard that study. Companies do pay indirectly to bury unflattering information. Take in point the blogger Lazy Man. He was threatened legally and silenced. Not an opinion, a fact. Herbal Life literally bought out showings of Betting on Zero tickets to prevent people from seeing it. Some showings were sold out, yet the theater was empty. Unfortunately, these are some practices that have been associated with this style of business. It’s not personal or an attack on people that sell it. In many cases, the sellers aren’t aware because they were enticed by the “opportunity”. Doctor’s Rodan and Fields may be geniuses but that doesn’t mean the public isn’t allowed to question a product being sold. Secondly, their Stanford Training does not mean all consultants are Stanford Trained. These are the types of claims that mislead people. Claims stated have been documented. Information is not an attack. If you are happy buying and selling, all the power to you. Never once did I urge you to not buy product X or consider product Y. Personally seeing the social media blitz, every mommy board I joined is followed up by an invite to join their team to sell this and others, and these private facebook messages I get from people I haven’t spoken to since high school stating that I’ve been on their mind and I’m lucky invitee to join a position where there are only limited spots for- I had to look into things, and what I’ve found is disturbing. Do your own homework and see what you find. FYI not being pro MLM doesn’t make you anti-MLM. Despite of what some claims, its not an us vs. them matter. That narrative is what divides people and influences each side to dig in instead of listen.

          2. Deb says:

            No Bailey, Prop 65 is not absolutely everywhere, although I wish sections of it were. I live in NC, but I lived in CA and was working for a CA state senator who was very involved with the construction of Proposition 65 back 20+ years ago. I was surfing to find out more about R & F. When I came upon this website. I have a friend who is a consultant and no
            Pressure for me to buy, but when I found I couldn’t buy just one item out of a regimen or subtract one out of 4 without it lowering the cost, I decided to check it out. Don’t get me wrong. This person is a smart woman who truly believes in this product. She doesn’t need the money, she offered it to me at cost. Still more than I choose to spend. That’s why I wanted to research it. I wanted to see if this truly would be worth my hard earned money. Anyways, back to Prop 65… after reading through this thread I found a lot of interesting comments. I decided I’d find out more about ingredients and find a cheaper alternative. When I came across the Prop 65 comment I just wanted to let you know that it would only be posted on this product, indeed a harmful chemical was in it. No, you don’t have to injest these chemicals for them to be harmful. Benzopheneone can be absorbed through the skin. I don’t know what quantities are in these products, but continued use of any product with any of the chemicals listed in Prop 65 can be deadly. I believe I saw an If you are pregnant or nursing disclaimer somewhere on their sales page.

  9. Lisa Browning says:

    um. I stopped reading early on. You didn’t do your research. Rodan + Fields “Pulse” is not a Product. It’s a tool the consultants use to learn, keep up with clients, track productivity etc. So you clearly did a superficial sweep, and are promoting an alternative product. Which is fine! Promote what you want, yet I would suggest you have integrity in what you do, otherwise you discredit yourself and both the products you are for and against with lack of investigative.

  10. BrandyHoffman says:

    Sally Fax (u live in San Fran don’t you? HA HA)
    So What do you use? Id love to hear what you would recommend as an alternative to R & F.

  11. IfeelIwasrippedoff says:

    Almost 90% complaints on the BBB website. No other business is Getting that many very unhappy customers.

  12. Julie says:

    I know alot of people that sell these products,not just R&D.. there are numerous companies that what i call climbing the pyramid to supplement your income but if you do enough research on any of these ingredients that these companies are putting into their skincare,makeup etc, you would probably not want to use them.Most are not educated in skincare and are just told its the best but you are putting these products on your biggest Organ..the skin, it takes 10 seconds to reach your bloodstream alot faster then ingesting something.You can go onto any companies data base and look at the ingredients. 1st ingredient has the most and last ingredient is the lesser amount but the Fda said if it is less than 2% off the product weight they do not have to label it or say if there is anything extra.This is the scary part of all cosmetics and skincare sold.

    1. Rachel Wilson says:

      Hey Julie! Sounds like you’re interested in the more natural way or no harsh chemicals and all that jazz. Have you tried the Lush store? All natural ingredients, they give samples, which is awesome from the store. My daughter has really bad eczema and allergic to nuts. I was able to try a sample to see if it irritated her skin, which the sample I got did, which was nice to try before I bought a whole jar.

  13. Rocky Tomas says:

    U guys are all nuts! All this back and forth does is prove that women are serious about their appearance. U guys r trying to get to the same place so knock it off already. One love people

    1. Amber says:

      Rocky, I couldn’t agree more. I think what EVERYONE needs to just stop and realize, is that what works for one person doesn’t work for every person. Every brand of skincare, and make up has people who love it or hate it and some in between. If you look at this objectively, its just another option, that when compared to its other high-end skincare counterparts is actually on-par to cheaper depending on which you’re comparing it to. For those who want to state its a dirty company, then I think your issue is more with the people you’ve been exposed to and not the brand itself. ANY company whether direct sales or a brick and mortar relies on the sales teams representing it, and I’ve come across both crooked and genuinely honest people in all types of businesses, R+F included. If your goal is to say something negative, then comparing something marketed as a $5 drugstore bargain to a product marketed as high-end skincare is always going to be a negative outcome dollar for dollar. You wouldn’t compare a Filet at a high-end restaurant to a burger at McD’s, but both are beef! If everyone’s true concern is the legitimacy of the products, then talk to someone who sells it that you DO trust, because relationships are what direct sales SHOULD be about. If you want to compare equal products then look for reviews of something comparing it to similarly marketed products/demographics. Lexus or Porsche isn’t going to advertise to a low-income area. See the ridiculousness of trying to do that exact thing?
      Also, ingredients lists are great for knowing what’s in it, but not how much, or if the effectiveness works best by using certain ingredients in a certain order.
      There are genuinely good people in ALL industries, who truly believe in the products they use/sell or the service they offer. AND not all people who choose to participate are all good or all bad, and some even have significant medical or applicable experience that does make them an expert.
      I think everyone needs to focus less on throwing any one brand under the bus and decide what works best for them.

      1. Susan Todd says:

        Well I’m so happy that the moral police stopped by. No one is “throwing anyone under the bus” by providing helpful information about a company that operates under an MLM model and/or sharing their own story about a not so pleasant experience. I will be you that not very many “medical experts” sell this stuff. Since you portray yourself as the voice of reason, tell me why there are two class action lawsuits against lash boost. Why does Rodan and Fields have a 97% negative rating on the BBB? Checkout the last 5 months of reviews. Do you see a pattern of massive unauthorized charges, difficult return process, poor customer service and adverse side effects as the most common? That doesn’t sound too moral. Why were bloggers like LazyMan silenced? Have you seen the pissed consumer site? Hundreds of disturbing testimonials. Clearly there are things that are not right. I wonder how many messages you sent them saying, “they can’t be all wrong” I’m sorry if this seems abrasive and unfair, but it irks me when people that come forward are minimized/marginalized as if their story isn’t being told in its entirety or that there is a hidden agenda. This is serious. If you like what you have then keep doing what your doing. No one is calling out the people that like, it’s the people are scheming others is the focus as well as the misconceptions associated with the products. It’s not a life changing formula too good for stores and only available from R&F. Stanford trained doctors don’t equal Stanford trained consultants. Google Rodan and Fields scripts, Rodan and Fields templates (prewritten posts, emails and Facebook messages), and you’ll see there is more than meets the eye. I say this to caution others. I could not, would not, and should not prevent anyone from trying it, buying it, and liking it. However, what is the harm in providing some insight you would not get from consultants, or from social media comments which are 9/10 times a team of consultants.

        I am not promoting anything.

  14. Crystal Trifiletti says:

    So, I’m sorry to all of the people who’ve had a negative experience with R&F products. I am NOT a consultant and actually because I’ve had such amazing success with my skincare journey, my consultant has been trying to get me to be a consultant for a few years now. However, I don’t need to be a consultant to share my experiences. The first time I experienced R&F was 18 years ago, as a teenager who had been struggling with severe acne. I had tried everything OTC and had prescriptions that really made my face burn. I decided for $29.99 I should at least try Proactiv. Within a week, my skin had cleared up by about 99%. After two weeks, my acne was gone! About 5 years ago, my little brother became a teenager and had terrible acne but when he tried Proactiv it didn’t work for him. I then learned that R&F were no longer the makers of Proactiv. I started using R&F products again about 3 years ago after a car accident left me needing neck surgery and a huge scar on the front of my neck. I am a huge fan of the Redefine regimen to help with fine lines and I used the same regimen on my scar. The scar is not even noticeable anymore. I wish I could add a picture on here to show you all. In the end, I will say that not every skincare routine is for everyone. My sister has perfect skin and never a blemish or wrinkle and all she uses is a Dove bar; I tried that to save money and my skin broke out and was so dry. I actually have a before and after pic of my scar on Instagram: Crystallashes1.

  15. Krista Adams says:

    Rodan and Fields isn’t 18 years old so that can’t be. If you’re referring to proactive, not the same thing. I’m sorry you’re sorry.

  16. Cindy says:

    I love Rodan and Fields. I purchased it on a whim because a blogger I follow stared selling it.
    They had a great special at Christmas on bundles. I purchased the Redefine line. I have terrible dry patches
    on my cheeks. Nothing and I mean nothing was taking them away. I bought Skinceuticals, La Mer, face oils. I used the Redefine one night and the next day they had subsided so much. I am not a consultant I just really love the product. It does make your skin brighter and even toned so you don’t have to wear as much makeup. I don’t have the lash boost because they don’t have it in Canada otherwise I would have tried it. I have tried Latisse and that killed my eyes. Irritated beyond belief and just darkened my under eye circles. For some it is amazing and no problem. In general you will find so many products like that. Just look at the reviews on Sephora. Some products that are peoples holy grail are another’s nightmare. I am not a consultant I just love the product. My husbands ex bought the C line of products. I find out after that I had bought mine. . She works in a hospital and bought it from one of the doctors but they really topped up the prices. I couldn’t believe what she paid. If you find a consultant just follow them and then wait for the details and stock up. Just my two cents.

  17. Weavs says:

    A guy here. My wife uses this stuff so figured I would try it. And I got to say it works really good! I only use it after I shave (only shave once or twice week, facial grows insanely slow…) And the days before any big event going on. I don’t use it everyday because it is insanely expensive though. I’ve used Proactiv and other cheap stuff from the local stores and Rodan definitely works. For me at least

  18. Linda Cleary says:

    Ladies stop.
    Rodan and Fields offers a money back quarantee after 2 months of use. One product does not work on everyone. They stand behind their products. They last longer then the 2 month mark. I was an Olay user but then went to Rodan and Fields. I personally got better results. Use what your happy with. The hydration serum is my absolute favorite.

    1. Heather says:

      I have been using this product for 7 months and I have not noticed any difference at all on my eyes, wrinkles or deep lip lines. I am 45 and I use Redefine. I told my lady I get it from she said I need to buy more and keep using it. Not going to happen. I do not think it’s worth the $200 or whatever I paid for the kit. Save your money. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it works. I feel like this is a pyramid.

  19. Katie says:

    Hi Ladies and some gents,

    I happened to stumble upon these reviews and couldn’t help myself not to respond…
    Coming from a medical professional with an understanding of skin and skincare, I find it so challenging because the majority of people (mostly women) are not educated on whats really worth it out there. Everyone wants to make a $$$…but most people are not really told what affects their skin and what skin care lines are really worth it. There are just so, so many out there. Many good, mostly not good, and the vast majority are average at best, and really do nothing of value for your skin.

    Humans are funny creatures who are plagued by the opinion of others and the placebo affect. Everyone has their own means and budgets and that is absolutely their right to spend a lot or spend a little… however to me the worst part is how much money people spend on products that are no good, and could be spent on really effective treatments/ products. That is just an issue of the market being so saturated with hundreds of products and a lack of general knowledge of ingredients, or feeling like you don’t want to ruin your relationship with your neighbor and so you spend a lot of your hard earned money because you feel guilty. We all have such a hard time saying no to people…human nature.

    Most people don’t even read the ingredients list. Why should they..they have a million things to do that day like take care of their daily tasks, school, work, families and live their lives….that’s what trained representatives are for right? Unfortunately so wrong on so many levels.

    Folks just to clarify that most people who work as consultants or at drug stores or cosmetics stores have a very limited understanding of what your skin needs and what skin care products are good or not. They are hired to do a job and they do it. And they are wonderful hard working people like everyone else. They are just not qualified to tell you what you should be using for your skin. As for reading ingredients… I’m not saying you have to, but the people selling you items should know and teach. Majority of them don’t know any more than you do. People just have no idea what to do, and everyone’s product is the best! Of course. That is why the best ting to do is see a medical skin specialist. There are so many out there that will guide you and teach you.

    Most companies rely on the fact that people don’t read ingredients and have no idea what they do or don’t do…and try to sell you an average non active grade or quality product for 2 or 3 or 4 times the cost of an identical product you can find at the local drug store.

    There’s always a flavor of the month craze with whats good and whats not good etc…it goes on for ages. To be honest it can be very simple with some reading and a visit to a good medical skin center or dermatologist. Without pushing products on anyone a medically trained professional can help you understand how your skin works and what it needs to use its genetic potential to the fullest.

    First – Genetics and lifestyle play the biggest role in how good your skin is or how young you will look for how long…
    Second thing-
    The majority of people you see all over or in the media who have flawless skin don’t have a magic line or cream. They do a variety of skin care treatments of all kinds from medical grade facials to more invasive type procedures to numerous surgical procedures. On top of which they use a variety of medical grade active quality skin care products. Good skin is a full time job that begins with your genetics and trickles down into diet, lifestyle, and a lot of work spend on keeping it beautiful. Especially if you have acne prone skin. The best thing for you is a good medical treatment that resurfaces and kills bacteria and helps with scaring.

    I’m not saying that you shouldn’t spend on good skincare! You definitely should..on the right stuff.

    What I’m saying is take that money, go to a dermatologist or medical aesthetic clinic. Get a proper diagnosis. Do a variety of recommended treatments to achieve your skin goals…topped with good skin care.

    Medical aesthetics is really what makes a difference. Invasive and non invasive treatments. There’s no magic cream or serum that will erase 5 or 10 years. The quality products will definitely make you see a difference depending on what it is your achieving, All those creams even the best of the best are maintenance after you achieve real results from more advanced methods that probably cost as much as all the money you spent on useless skin care.

    Final thoughts folks….Skip the pyramid creams or the majority of creams you think are good(just think how much money you’ve spent on all that!)….go to a medical professional…. get some knowledge and good treatments….then invest in good skincare with some science and testing behind it to maintain your skin…

    and of course it’s your life solely…but Ladies!!…Wear a good quality high SPF (crucial to aging and sun damage)…not Coppertone brand. Drink more water, quit smoking, try to de-stress your life a bit, stop eating so much junk food and sugar, exercise, have more orgasms, a little red wine isn’t bad. Your skin will thank you and I promise you will spend less time reviewing below average skin care and more time doing something you love with better looking skin and more confidence than ever!


  20. Lee says:

    Have used the reverse lightening regime and my hyperpigmentation was almost 80% gone. Stopped using for 3 weeks and the hyperpigmentation has returned even though i used an SPF50 every day.

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