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We will explain here what Rodan And Fields products are, how do they work, what are their ingredients, side effects, show you real customer reviews, give you prices, the best place to buy them & recommend an alternative (last update 2018).

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There are just so many Rodan And Fields reviews out there, all claiming it’s a miracle skincare product range. But they seem so positive that you have to wonder what the truth is.

A glance at their products offers nothing surprising. They look similar, and contain similar ingredients to many other beauty and skin care products, so what’s the big deal?

In this detailed Rodan And Fields review I’m going to take a look at the company’s products in depth and try to answer the question does Rodan and Fields work or is it yet another load of big claims, a lot of money spent, and nothing much to show for it?

What Is Rodan And Fields?

Rodan And Fields is a skincare range that offers products to combat aging and blemishes.

The company was started in 1984 by two medical school students Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. In 1995 the two founders created the skin products that later became known as Proactiv, which was sold in 2003 to Estee Lauder.

So there is some pedigree in the history behind Rodan And Fields products.

Although it could initially be bought through physical stores, sales of R&F are now channeled mostly through online sales, especially through consultants as a multilevel marketing, which is an obvious impartiality concern.


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Rodan And Fields Products Range

The current product range consists of six groups:

  • Redefine
  • Reverse
  • Unblemish
  • Soothe
  • Essentials
  • Enhancements

Within each of these groups are numerous products, for example, Rodan and Fields Pulse and Rodan and Fields lip serum.

Unblemish Rodan and Fields is named as the most popular product range, which suggests that many women have concerns around breakouts and skin blemishes, which R&F acne products in the unblemish range target, maybe cynically.

So Does Rodan And Fields Work?

redefine range

The truth is that any skin cream or beauty product in this field will work to some degree, even if it’s simply to moisturize the skin, or temporarily to fill in fine lines and wrinkles.

But the real question is, do Rodan and Fields formulations work in any special way that warrants the large range of products and the high prices?

Online reviews and comments seem to suggest that user experiences are positive overall, but not as good as you would think considering the claims and the price tag.

On top of that, despite the obvious pedigree of the people behind the company, there is not any particular research out there which can prove that they work any better than other skincare products.

In addition, the list of ingredients is pretty standard, but we can’t list them here because there are just so many products. As an example though, Rodan and Fields night serum contains hyaluronic acid and reputed antioxidants, which is the same for many types of similar skin care products.

You can find dozens of websites and blogs that show Rodan and Fields before and after photos, but many of these are unverified and also contain links within the reviews that go to usernames at the Rodan and Fields website, therefore obviously being consultant resellers and untrustworthy.


Rodan And Fields Scam Accusations


There have been accusations that Rodan and Fields is a scam based on their multilevel marketing structure. Moving from being seen as a legitimate company to selling in this way has made many people skeptical.

There is undoubted pedigree in the company from its history, so I think calling it a scam is wide of the mark. And looking at user reviews, there are many genuine positive ones out there, for example:

“Good skincare products. Have been using it for 60 days and it has undoubtedly improved the condition of my skin.”

However, there seem to be a lot of fake reviews and issues around this product which can only add to the lack of trust.

If you look at Amazon, you will see lots of unverified reviews. On top of that, it appears you are meant only buy this product through the authorized reseller or the main Rodan and Fields website, and you’re not meant to put them up for sale on third-party sites, as this comment on Amazon suggests:

“At Rodan + Fields, it is 100% against our company policies and procedures to sell our products on third party sites & it should be reported.”

Several of these comments suggest that products should be bought through the authorized consultants because of the advice they can give you. However, the truth is there is no training program to be a consultant, so you are not getting special is vital.

It is not a scam, but it does appear that a key part of Rodan and Fields sales strategy is trying to push you into a relationship-built repeat hard sell process.

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Rodan And Fields Price List & Where To Buy

As I’ve just said, you can buy Rodan and Fields products through third-party websites such as Amazon. However, this is not an official sales channel and is frowned upon.

Officially you should buy through the main company website or authorized reselling consultant.

Regarding a price list, they are incredibly expensive and vary depending on where you buy from. For example, Rodan and Fields lip serum from the company website is $56 for a 60 capsules pot.


See the price list.

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Rodan And Fields Review: Conclusion

In closing this review on Rodan and Fields, I have to say I’m very unconvinced by their product range. There are certain pros:

  • Range developed by dermatologists with a proven track record
  • Fragrance-free and simple
  • Ingredients are generally the same as many other products so it will have some positive effect
  • Certain products, such as Rodan and Fields soothe reviews seem positive

However, the cons are significant:

  • Incredibly high prices
  • Multilevel marketing hard sell
  • Untrained consultants being marketed as experts
  • No clinical evidence the products work any better than lower-priced products

Recommended Alternative

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