Rodan And Fields Review 2018: Products, Ingredients, Price, Where To Buy & Best Alternative

In this article (Last Update 2018) we will explain to you what is Rodan And Fields, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customer reviews, give you prices, where to buy it & recommend best alternative.

rodan and fields products

As much as 64% of who experience acne during their teenage years continue to suffer from this skin condition in their 20s. One recent study found that as much as 90.8% of individuals with acne also struggle with acne scars, with as much as 14.2% suffering from severe scarring.

The general population also experiences many other skin-related problems. Approximately 62% of women experience sensitive skin – and even amongst men, as much as 52% do struggle with the sensitivity of their skin. Premature aging, blemishes, uneven skin tone – these are all common problems in the population.

Rodan And Fields is a brand that focuses on targeting all of these problems that the general population is struggling with.

They have a range of different products and systems that customers can choose from, each delivering dermatologically developed formulas to help address the most common skin disorders and problems experienced by their customers.

What Is Rodan and Fields

Rodan And Fields is an American skin care brand that specializes in the production of different products that aims to deliver an effective approach to treating common skin conditions that are diagnosed and treated by dermatologists on a daily basis.

The dermatologists behind this brand’s formulas are Dr. Kathy Fields and Dr. Katie Rodan. Both of them obtained their degrees in dermatology from Stanford University and had years of experience in dealing with patients that struggle with many different skin conditions.

The fact that all of the products offered by this brand is made by experienced dermatologists already adds more authority to the brand. This means that care has been taken to ensure that users are able to truly benefit from each and every product that this brand offers them.

The brand aims to strive for three particular benefits in all of their products and systems:

  1. To use the right ingredients in every product.
  2. To provide customers with the right formulas to target specific skin conditions.
  3. To offer systems with products that are used in the right order for maximum results.

What Do They Sell?

product listAll of the products sold by this brand is aimed to provide certain benefits to the user’s skin. The brand specializes in skin care products that improve the facial skin of the user, and they do not provide products that target the rest of the body.

The brand understands that many different conditions can affect the user’s skin.

Whether acne, premature aging, blemishes, scarring or sensitivity – this brand has developed multiple systems that work upon these common problems to help improve the well-being of the user’s skin, as well as to address the problems they are facing.

Most Popular Products

This brand has a lot of different products that they offer to their customers.

The majority of their products fall within a particular system – each system has been developed to target a specific type of skin-related problem that the customer may be struggling with.

Let’s consider some of the most popular products developed by the Rodan And Fields brand.

  • Redefine Overnight Restorative Cream: Part of the Redefine system from the brand. This is an overnight cream that includes ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Honey extracts, Polyurethane-40, Saccharomyces Lysate extracts, Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil, and more.
  • Redefine Intensive Renewing Serum: A retinol-based serum that works to renew the skin and eliminate scaring and wrinkles. Ingredients include Retinyl Palmitate, Retinal, Dimethicone, and more.
  • Reverse Broad Spectrum Sunscreen: A basic, yet effective sunscreen product that not only protects the skin, but also works to reduce the visible signs of aging. The active ingredients of this sunscreen include Octocrylene, Homosalate, Avobenzone, and Octisalate.
  • Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment: The perfect serum for treating sensitive skin and relieving skin irritation. The active ingredients of this cream include Dimethicone and Allantoin.
  • Unblemish Dual Intensive Acne Treatment: One of the most effective acne treatments from this brand. This product takes advantage of Benzoyl Peroxide, combined with other acne fighting ingredients, to reduce breakouts and take care of acne scarring at the same time.

Side Effects

side effects

The fact that all of the products in the Rodan And Fields range was designed by experienced dermatologists to mean they have not only ensured their products are effective, but also attended to the safety of each product.

While this means the majority of products from this brand are unlikely to cause any significant side-effects, users should be aware that there is always a risk of still experiencing an adverse reaction to certain ingredients found in these products.

The most common side-effects that a user may experience when using products manufactured by this brand may include irritation on their skin, as well as redness.

Additionally, using the wrong products can also yield more significant side-effects – users should ensure the products they buy are appropriate for their skin type.

Allergic reactions are rare, but can also develop. Users should consider doing an allergy test on their inner-arm before using any of the products sold by this brand.

Is It A Scam?

We always do research to see if a product is legitimate and not a scam – we know how important it is for our readers to know that they are not buying into a scam.

We searched the internet and found that thousands of people have already bought products from this brand – they do deliver on their promises and even offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure individuals who are not happy with their products are able to get their money back.

There are no reports claiming that this product may be a scam.

Rodan and Fields Customer Reviews & Complaints


There is a lot of reviews to be found on the product pages of skin care items produced by this brand at Amazon, making it relatively easy to determine the effectiveness of this brand and whether any precaution need to be executed when deciding to opt for their products.

The majority of the brand’s Amazon listings have between one and 100 reviews behind them, and the average rating for these products are quite positive.

Let’s take a look at some reviews left by previous customers on some of the brand’s most popular products.

On the product listing for their Enhancements Lash Boost, Hind Shaheen says:

Amazing. I tried prescription Lattice before, which was good enough. But this lash Boost works much better. Love it.

On the product listing for their Unblemish Regimen for Acne and Post Acne Marks, Sue Coyle says:

Great products but too pricey.

On the product listing for their Reverse Deep Exfoliating Wash, Elizabeth Bullock says:

I love this cleanser – keeps skin clean and fresh!!

Video Testimonial

Where To Buy It & Prices

rodan fields official website

Buying products from the Rodan And Fields brand are relatively simple for people who live in the United States. The product can also be shipped to customers who reside in Canada.

For the rest of the world, however, obtaining products manufactured by this brand may be nearly impossible.

The easiest way to buy products made by this brand is to log onto their official website. Here, the customer can easily choose between the different ranges they have and even take a quick quiz to help them determine the best products for their skin and the particular problems they are facing.

Additional shipping charges will be applied to all orders made on the official online store of the brand.

There are also different packages that customers can choose from – they can choose to opt for single products or for complete systems that come with everything they need to treat specific skin-related conditions.

The majority of the systems offered by the brand tend to sell for between $170 and $199 – this would include all products that form part of the particular system that the customer is interested in.

The price of individual products varies widely, depending on the particular product that the customer is interested in. For example, an eye-cream may cost the customer around $62, but a more advanced hydration serum may cost the customer $108.

Skin care products manufactured by this brand can also be purchased at This may be a more convenient option for some customers. Their products are available in kits or systems on Amazon, as well as individual products.

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

Rodan And Fields is a relatively popular brand, and they are proud of the products they produce. In fact, this brand is so confident that every customer stands to benefit from the use of their products that they have decided to throw in a 60-day satisfaction guarantee with the purchase of all their products and systems.

The satisfaction guarantee offered by the brand lasts for 60 days from the date of purchase – once 60 days have passed, the brand will not issue any refunds to the customer and will assume the customer is happy with their results.

To request a refund on a purchase, a customer needs to follow a relatively simple two-step process. First, they need to fill out the return authorization form and send it back to the brand. Along with this form, the customer also needs to attach a copy of the invoice they received upon purchase.

The second step is to send the products they wish to return to the shipping address of the brand. This address can be obtained on the brand’s official website, along with a copy of the return authorization form if the customer would rather prefer to print the form out and send it to the brand along with their products.

The brand usually takes between 10 and 15 days to process a refund request. The customer will receive an email notification once the processing is complete. After processing, the refund will be issued to the payment details that are on file for the customer’s account.

Pros & Cons


  • The products offered by this brand are quite advanced and includes some of the latest scientific research in their formulas, ensuring that customers are able to keep up with the latest findings in clinical trials to help benefit them faster and better.
  • All of the brand’s products are available in systems, which usually include three to four different products that are used in combination with each other for maximum results.
  • The brand aims to cater for everyone, no matter their skin type or what problems they are looking to treat.
  • The online regimen analyzer offers an easy and fast way for a customer to identify the best products in this brand’s range that will help them target the particular skin-related problems they are facing.


  • All Rodan And Fields products are only available to customers who reside in the United States or Canada. Shipping costs are also on the more expensive side, which will certainly be unpleasant for many potential customers.
  • This is definitely not one of the more affordable brands on the market. The majority of products offered by the Rodan And Fields brand are quite expensive, especially when we compare their products to some of the other leading skincare brands that are currently selling on the internet.
  • Some users have reported unpleasant side-effects. While mostly mild side-effects, they may still become problematic to an affected individual.
  • While the brand offers a full refund on returns if the customer is not satisfied with their purchase, they do not pay for shipping of the product back to their facility – this is an expense that the customer will have to cover. Additionally, it may also take as much as 15 days for a refund request to be processed (plus shipping time).

Final Verdict

final verdict

A lot of skincare brands promises to deliver exceptional results, but once purchased, only a handful of them really delivers.

Rodan And Fields is a dermatological brand that has been developed by licensed, trained and experienced professionals. The brand also keeps up with the latest advancements in skin care science to bring their customers products that really work.

While it seems like the products manufactured by this brand is truly beneficial and effective, there are some possible adverse reactions an interested customer should be wary of, as well as some negative pointers that we have pointed out in this review post.

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70 thoughts on “Rodan And Fields Review 2018: Products, Ingredients, Price, Where To Buy & Best Alternative”

  1. J Hall says:

    Everyone has their own opinion, if everyone all liked the same thing this world would be boring. I sell RF but I respect the fact that not everyone is going to like the products or get good results. Just like not everyone is going to be allergic to the same ingredients. Get real people, we are all different and everyone has different opinions and differing views. If you don’t like a product why do you feel like it’s your responsibility to bash it. That’s as crazy as me not liking the car you drive or the color of clothes you wear and bashing it all over telling people how awful your car or the color of your clothes are. Get real, the world is full of different ideas, different opinions and different skin care products.

    1. Jean Anderson says:

      Your entire argument contradicts itself. You begin by stating everyone is allowed to have a different opinion, right? Then you reveal that you sell it. You revisit the idea of permitting different opinions only to attack people with seemingly unpleasant experiences and opposing opinions? You only want opinions that agree with you, if they don’t, they should be silent (?) because you characterize it as an “attack” People need to get real? You need to get real and except your verbal declaration of respecting different opinions. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, not everyone is in love with R+F. Not everyone has had a pleasant experience with it. Not everyone views MLM as a real business. Notice I said, “not everyone”. There were no over-generalizations and overstatement of reality.

      1. Alexia says:

        I just wished it wasn’t so expensive. I have a friend that sells it who always wants me to try it. I can afford it but what about the fact that most people cannot. I’ve read so many reviews of so many different skin care products and they are all the same; some love them some hate them.

    2. Rae says:

      Well said. What works for one person doesn’t always work for the next. That’s why it’s called opinion ha! What led me here is that I’m trying to decide if I want to try the products or not but I think I would just have to try it myself to establish a true opinion lol! I’ve heard good things though so I’m leaning towards trying it 🙂

      1. Cheryl Parkland says:

        Good idea, Rae. See for yourself. In your search for info, you may want to consider allegations stemming from the lawsuit against Lash Boost. Plenty has been written and while it seems like R+F was in the wrong, they will likely settle out of court because that’s what big companies do. Not an opinion, but a fact. That said, if you do like it, you may want to opt for the prescription, one that is ordered and monitored by a doctor. Insurance might even cover it. Good luck with your trial. I hope it’s everything you imagined it to be.

    3. Kay says:

      I newly quit selling Rodan and Fields. I’m ok with their products – a bit pricy, but quality ok. With the power of social media and your push, you can make a sale.

      The mean issue I have is their Consultant policy – they call the salesperson a Consultant. Simply saying, you have to buy/sale >$700 per month (to reach EC level), otherwise, you lose your downline. Yes, you LOSE your downline, PERMANENTLY, because she/he will roll up to your upline.

      It is ruling by punishment. Once you don’t hit your EC level, oops, sorry, all previous effort is gone.

  2. Cassie Vanmiddlesworth says:

    This was an interesting read. Thank you for doing the research. I believe skin care doesn’t need to be super expensive.

  3. Linda says:

    There doesn’t seem to be any information on the Eye Boost. Have there been any tests done on this, and if so what is the bottom line?

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