Tips To Wholesome Skin Health And Beauty

skin healthWholesome skin health and beauty can be obtained by following some simple home care remedies. It would be better if you could follow a step by step procedure for achieving this target.

You need to start by cleaning your skin, moisturizing it, removing the dead skin layers, toning it and opting for methods to enhance the complexion, brightness and beauty of your skin.

Natural Skin Treatment for Flawless Beauty

  • Skin cleaning

One of the typical ways in which skin cleaning can happen is by removing the toxic elements from its layers through salt water treatment. The procedure adopted in the process is fairly simple and straight forward.

Take one litre of pure water and add three teaspoons of sea salt. Mix will until the salt dissolves. Drink the water in a cup of 100ML by giving regular breaks for 10 minutes.

This is a treatment which cleans the bowels and larger intestine to such an extent that the elimination which happens during this treatment finally ends up in water. That means the treatment has worked.

Do not drink water or any other liquid for about 30 minutes after the salt water therapy. Then you can drink one full glass of pomegranate or carrot juice.

  • Skin hydration

The loss of Phospholipids is one major reason for your skin to lose its ability for retaining moisture content in its cells. This is caused due to many reasons like UV radiation, pollution, detergents and chemicals eliminate the natural content of phospholipids present in your skin.

The only solution is to restore the levels of phospholipids in your skin by replenishing it. Since it is not possible for the skin to regenerate the lost phospholipids by themselves, they need to be restored from emulsifiers. They can be obtained by consumption of nuts and berries.

Green leafy vegetables also contain natural emulsifiers. They get onto the outermost layer of skin called the Stratum Corneum. They perform the task of restoring phospholipids in this layer.

  • Skin toning

Take 1/2 cup of Aloe Vera liquid, two teaspoons of turmeric powder, one teaspoon of Neem oil and one teaspoon of coconut oil in a bowl and mix well.

Heat the ingredients to moderate temperature till the ingredients mix well. Cool to lukewarm temperature and apply on your skin regularly. This can tone up your skin naturally and enhance its appearance.

Dullness in your skin will be eliminated and replaced with brightness. Skin tone can also be increased by regular consumption of watery foods like watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes and Kiwi fruits.

Drinking 4 to 5 litres of pure water, starting with 1 litre in empty stomach in the morning can dramatically increase the level of skin hydration without having to depend too much on external sources.

  • Skin lightening

Regular usage of antioxidants can help in healing the skin cells by the supply of nutrients, vitamins and proteins. Oxidation of skin cells by free radicals not only removes the fluids from your skin, but also makes the cells go weak. If this phenomenon is left unchecked it can result in premature skin aging.

The radials generated from sun’s UV radiations and other artificial sources also have the ability to create aging spots, wrinkles, lines and other skin weakening symptoms. You need to add plenty of vitamin C, E and K into your diet chain.

Use a combination of Aloe Vera liquid, coconut oil, castor oil ( make sure that you don’t have an oily skin before trying out this recipe) and honey. Apply it regularly on your facial and other parts of skin to lighten it.

Brown Algae For Delaying The Aging Of Skin

Brown algae have the natural properties of moisturizing your skin from the Stratum Corneum layer till the dermis layer. They contain rich sources of starch, sugar, sodium, calcium and vitamins (A and C). These ingredients are helpful in building of collagen within the cell layers which tighten the intra cellular bonding between cells and tissues.

Once this process is initiated the wrinkles on skin go away, leading to enhanced elasticity. Moreover brown algae help in removal of dead skin cells and formation of new cells, leading to new skin layer formation at the Stratum Corneum. This process is helpful in delaying the aging of skin to considerable extent.

Skin Beauty Fruits

  • Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a natural fruit with plenty of antioxidant, antiseptic, skin healing, skin protecting and beautification ingredients. It has been prescribed in most of the herbal types of medications from Asia.

The fruit helps in balancing the skin oil content, moisture levels, vitamins, proteins and vital nutrients. It has the ability to purify your blood, pump in more oxygen to your skin layers, remove the toxic elements and also excess of oil generated by sebum during oxidation process.

In other words it helps in enhancing the complexion and beauty of your skin.

  • Watermelon

Watermelon is extensively used for the purpose of hydrating the skin layers from the Subcutis region till the Stratum Corneum. It helps in the process of Detox. Many of the bacteria, virus and other infectious elements are eliminated from the skin due to regular usage of watermelon.

If you wish to make the process of toxic elements elimination quicker and effective, just add two teaspoons of Neem leaves extract. Add a handful of neem leaves to one cup of water and boil until the water extracts the ingredients from the leaves. You could also add few leaves of basil if you could get them.


Neem helps in hydration of muscle layer just blow the skin layers. It ensures adequate supply of water to the skin cells and prevents cracking of skin at the surface. Once this process is initiated it prevents formation of skin blisters.

  • Petroleum jelly

Applying petroleum jelly onto the skin areas affected by dryness can improve the moisturizing levels to considerable levels.

  • Cucumber extract

Cucumber extract is another watery substance which can moisturize skin. You could remove the outer skin, squash the pulp and apply it uniformly on your skin. Following this simple procedure can help in hydration of your skin for a long time.

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