7 Bad Habits to Kick for Ultimate Weight Loss

Losing weight is not an easy task at all. If it was very easy to accomplish then no one will be overweight at all. The factors that promote weight gain are a lot more appealing than the factors that will help you lose weight and stay healthy.

This is because the food industry is now promoting fast and easy foods that are aimed at appealing to the taste palate of everyone and not the health of a person. There are 7 common habits that people have which aid in weight gain and promote unhealthy lifestyles. Trying to kick these habits is not difficult with some determination to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

1. Sleeping habits

Many people do not realize that sleeping has everything to do with weight loss or gain. It is very important to get a good night’s sleep. Fast-paced lives that have now become a very big part of everyone’s career contribute to many sleepless nights and long hours of work.

People work so hard and work schedules eat into their rest or pleasure times. To be able to make up for this, people often spend late nights out and let work or pleasure compromise their sleep schedule.You would find that people who work a lot more are always overweight.

It is important to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep every night in one stretch. This enables the body’s metabolism to effectively kickstart again for the next day and continue burning fat.

2. Sodas

Carbonated drinks are full of nothing more than sugar and artificial flavors. There is absolutely no health benefit in drinking carbonated drinks. The soda industry has introduced so-called diet drinks in the hope that even health-conscious people would not let go of drinking these unhealthy drinks and contributing to more industry profits.

These drinks are very addictive and it is actually very difficult for someone to refrain from drinking this type of drinks. The only way anyone can stop drinking sodas is by trying to implement this habit on a Monday and going the whole week without drinking any of it. The weekend is usually the time when people drink sodas.

During this time, it would be favorable to include fresh fruit juice instead of sodas and perhaps fill your stomach with water so that you will not have a craving for sweet sodas. Another option is to drink plain carbonated water, which has no sugar in it but has the fizz that sweet drinks have.

3. Missing meals

People on weight loss sprees think that it is better if they skip a meal. This is very bad for health and will only cause people to eat more during the next meal because by then they’ve already gone too hungry.If meals are not skipped, the body does not crave for more food and is happy with the little it eats at different times. People trying to lose weight should aim at eating 6-7 small meals throughout the day.

4. Big plates

Big plates are very beautiful to look at and every one likes to load their food up on big plates and then indulge. The problem with big plates is that they have a lot of space on them that compel people to fill them up.

This is a big disadvantage for people trying to lose weight. Using small dark cultured plates can trick the mind into thinking that the plate is full when it really is not and, therefore, cause people to eat much lesser than they normally would.

5. Emotional eating

It is important to find the real reason behind eating a lot of junk food. Some people tend to gain weight when they are very upset or stressed. Keeping stress at a controlled point will aid in losing weight. Stress releases hormones that cause people to eat a lot more. Therefore, it is important to find the real reason behind your weight gain and try and eliminate anything that stresses you too much to avoid over indulging in sugary or fatty foods.

6. White bread

White bread does not have any goodness in it. It does not have any bran either which is completely removed while processing. White bread without the bran is plain carbs and adds to weight gain.

Most of the breads that are bought outside should be checked to see if it is white bread. It might be very soft and fluffy to touch but it is not good for the health as it is refined flour.

7. No More Combos

When eating outside the home, never pick the combo meals that a lot of restaurants offer. They are absolutely not healthy – they do not have any nutritional value in them. Choosing meals from the menu is always a better option.

Combo meals are just meals of recycled, old food that are bundled together to get more people to eat it. This is definitely not a healthy option at all and should be avoided altogether.

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