How To Cheat Hunger? 10 Simple Tips

Cheat Hunger

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If you are just on diet, or you are going to start it soon, you are probably bother to know the answer on this question. We have 10 proven advices. Together we will cheat hunger.

1. First of all, eat regularly, 5-6 small meals during whole day in thereabout similar intervals will allow you to avoid rapacious hunger attacks. Never go shopping when you’re hungry. Never allow for the situation when you starve for half a day, and afterward you would “eat a horse”.

2. Delight in food. Eat slowly, pay attention on taste, bite and swallow slowly. Thanks to it you will eat smaller portion. Never sneak while you’re watching TV or surfing Internet. If you eat – focus on that activity. Feeling of satiety appears around 20 minutes after you start eating your meal.

3. Drink a lot. You will not only hydrate your organism, but also cheat hunger. Glass of water before every meal will fill your stomach, and make you eat less.

4. Culinary shows and cooking magazines are great, but… If you’re on diet try to avoid them. The image of tasty, delicious pies, cream tubes, fried meat may strengthen your appetite. And you don’t want it.

5. Wash your teeth after every meal. It won’t lower your hunger, but it is perfect psychological trick. It’s pity make clean teeth dirty. This method of tricking your hunger is also good for your health.

6. Eat high-fibre products (e.g. brown bread with bans, vegetables, fruits). They fills up your stomach perfectly and makes you feel satisfied and full longer.

7. If you feel that you cannot longer resist stomach grumbling have a healthy snack – dried apricot, pumpkin or grapefruit seeds (which supposedly stops appetite), sliced carrot.

8. To lower your appetite you may also use some special chewing gums, fire pills or other preparations. It is good to buy product which matches your needs most. Supposedly chewing gum between having meals limits the amount of absorbed calories. It is easier to cheat hunger with them.

9. Sport helps us forget about hunger. No only it burns calories, but also gives you better mood, and lower your appetite (thanks do endorphins). You don’t have to spend long hours on gym. It is enough to walk vigorously on fresh air, or do some 20 minutes of crouches and crunches at home.

10. Good idea for cheating your hunger is sucking ice bars. Add a little bit of lemon juice to the water you are going to freeze. It tastes better.

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