Motivation – Key To Successful Dieting

motivation and dietMotivation is a key to successful dieting. Many people who start their fight with extra kilos, are convicted about their strong will, which – in their opinion – is expressed by going on diet itself. It should be remembered that motivation is not invariable element, and strengthening it is essential, especially during slimming process.

What Is Motivation?

In psychology, motivation is defined as process determining the direction of actions, and it is orientated for achieving specific, expected aim. Of course nobody has doubts that motivation is essential element of starting diet. Decision to change dietary habits and lifestyle is not simple, taking it requires huge determination and vision of aim you want to achieve. However it is very important to remember that motivation is also essential in further stages of diet, which is often very long process, during which we may suffer many crises.

Critical Moments Of Diet

During diet, high motivation is essential in several moments. These are:

  • Starting diet

At this time you change most of your habits connected with feeding and doing sports. It’s hard period, especially that creating a habit takes a very long time. At this moment you must have motivation not only to stop old habits but also create new one.

  • Abiding diet schedule

Crucial aspect is keep rules set by dietician and trainer, which are to lead you to the success. Even smallest departure from norm may negatively affect slimming process. However it doesn’t mean that single ignoring of diet programme automatically eliminates your chances for success. On the other hand you must fix your mistake as fast as you can. In this case motivation is essential to get back to keeping rules connected with diet.

  • Temptations

During diet, you will stand upon many temptations. What used to be every day meal, now becomes “forbidden product” which you can’t eat. Motivation is essential to fight with our automatic reactions, activated for example when we see delicious piece of cake. All these moments requires very strong will and high motivation level, which helps you defend from coming back to old habits, obstructing reaching your aims.

Types Of Motivation During Diet

During diet, there are 2 very important types of motivation:

  • Long-term motivation – which is essential when challenge was accepted, it allows keeping new hits in long-term period. Its basis can be for example the will of being healthy.
  • Instant motivation – it is the type of motivation essential for critical moments. To work effectively, I must have great influence on someone on diet. For example during taking another piece of cake, you can imagine that eating it will cause instant putting on weight, which you managed to drop already, and as a result you won’t be able to wear new dress on incoming party.

Techinques Of Strengthening Your Motivation

Motivation is individual factor, which indicates that it works differently in various people. That’s why it is very essential to match proper motivation for individual, personal preferences.

The most important types are:

  • Positive motivation – in this case, successes which you already achieved are motivating. Also watching others successes, which are there to take strengthen us emotionally. People who prefers this kind of motivation award themselves for every even tiniest success.
  • Negative motivation – its focusing on negative consequences, which are results of not achieving your goal. E.g. we can think about diseases connected with obesity, or how unattractive we will be, when we resign from our diet.

Key For Success

Apart from matching proper motivation, the most important aspect is its source. Motivation should be inner, it should come from you. It means that decision about going on diet should be your choice, it should be result of your needs and desires. If your motivation source comes from the outside, e.g. you feel the group pressure, it is quite probable that your effort will end as a fiasco.

Remember that you should always go on a diet gradually, too drastic effectuating of new habits may lead to strong frustration, which is the beginning of failure. It is also very important not to postpone many actions for later, remember the word of Mark Fisher, British politician: “The best time to act is now”.

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