12 Ways To Cut The Daily Sugar Intake

Researchers believe that any source of sugar is an additive toxin. Sugar is definitely one of the main causes of the global obesity outbreak. Many people strive hard to reduce their weight. They fail several times and remain uncertain about the exact causes of their excess weight. They think they will solve the problem by reducing the consumption of fat rich foods and maintaining the exercise regimen.

But the other important factor that remains unaddressed is excess consumption of sugar. Sugar is also a crucial element that one should make a note of. Sugar is a source of calorie and can make one look obese. So, controlling the amount of sugar intake and knowing the ways to cut back sugar intake are equally important. Nothing is simple in life. Controlling sugar craving may seem hard in the beginning, but one gets accustomed to the process gradually over time.

1. Understand the sources of sugar

To make a good start, one should try to understand the sources of sugar at first. It does not have to be sugary products or sweets, a simple carbohydrate can also be a potential source of sugar. So a person, who is looking forward to get rid of the extra body fat, should identify what he/she is actually eating.

Apart from the refine sugar, there are products like high fructose syrup and items with additive sugar in the market. These products can exacerbate the obesity problem. Getting an idea about the foods that have sugar and avoiding them most of the times should be the first course of action. It might sound surprising, but it’s true that packaged foods like peanut butter, ketchup, mayonnaise and salad dressing can also contain sugar to some extent.

2. Start a day with a natural and sugar free cereal

Cereals are the most popular breakfast items. But many people love the flavor of sugary cereals and remain unable to resist their temptation. This behavior has to be controlled. Instead of loading himself/herself with too many calories, one should rely on sugar free cereals. This type of cereal is far more healthy.

3. Control the craving for cookies

Cookies are easy to make, but that also explains why people gain weight. Cookies are another factor that puts obese people at higher health risk. Cookies are both delicious and unhealthy. If a person does not curtail the intake of cookies, it won’t be possible to shed off the excess pounds.

4. Dessert is not a necessary part of the afternoon meal

While having afternoon meal, one has to keep desserts away. This is unquestionably true that a meal does not complete without a delicious dessert. However, by making desserts a compulsory part of the daily meal, one increases the amount of calories in the body. This is definitely not acceptable if a person is pretty serious about reducing the excess weight.

5. Control the affection for beverages

People like to rely on the sugar added beverages in their leisure time. The habit needs to be altered. If the level of inclination is extremely high, one should try to drink sugar free beverages only.

6. Try to use minimum sugar in home cooking

While cooking and baking at home, sugar should be used in minimum quantity.

7. Identify the reasons for increased sugar cravings and find a solution

Sugar craving can increase because of yeast infection, adrenaline overload, menopause or thyroid failure. Thyroid failure makes one tired, stressed and increases sugar craving. When people take antibiotics to deal with yeast infection, the population of bad bacteria rises. They feed on sugar. As the body starts to convert foods into glucose very quickly, the craving for sugar increases. All these situations are responsible for an increased inclination for sugar. These problems need to be handled carefully if one is eager to reduce sugar craving and get back into an attractive body shape.

8. Avoid consuming soda

Sodas are rich in sugar. Any type of dependence on soda should be controlled right away if a person wants to get a healthy body weight.

9. Try to avoid skipping meals

Skipping meal to reduce weight is not a good idea at all. Skipping meals contribute to obesity. Recent studies show that skipping meals results in metabolic change. Researchers found that people who skipped their meals had elevated glucose level and delayed insulin response. This increases the chances of being diabetic and obese. So by skipping meals, one can only increase the dependency on sugary food items. So, a person who is determined to reduce weight should never skip his/her breakfast.

10. Make a note of the food labels

As mentioned earlier, many people fail to identify the presence of sugar in different food items. This problem can be solved by reading the food labels and the ingredients mentioned in the label.

11. Shift to complex carbohydrate

Simple carbohydrate is a source of sugar. When people consume simple carbohydrate, it converts into sugar during the digestion process. The body uses it to produce energy. So a moderate level of glucose is necessary for the body. But the situation goes out of control when the level of glucose rises in the bloodstream. By shifting to the sources of complex carbohydrates, one can decrease the amount of glucose in the bloodstream and the chances of being overweight. Complex carbohydrate is necessary for supplying fiber to the body. Fiber absorbs sugar and control blood sugar level (a major cause of obesity). Replace white bread with whole grain or sprouted grain breads. These types of breads have less sugar and more fiber.

12. Avoid stacking tempting sugary food items

Another good way is making the refrigerator and the pantry free of sugary products. When the sweet food products or sugary items will be less visible, the intensity for those items will automatically decrease. That’s a clever way to reduce weight.

People should not forget to control their stress level. Stress is responsible for almost all health and fitness problems. Stress influences hormone to differ and increases sugar craving. The body starts to absorb more glucose. As a result, the amount of fat increases. The human body is not designed to tolerate sugar overload. So a wise person should never overindulge sugar and encourage others to do so.

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