Almased Review 2018: Ingredients, Side Effects, Price, Where To Buy & Best Alternative

In this article (Last Update 2018) we will explain to you what is Almased how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customer reviews, give you prices, where to buy it & recommend best alternative.

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Around 19% of the American population is currently on a diet.

Thousands of different weight loss products and strategies have been introduced to the general population experiencing the dreadful consequences of obesity.

Some work and some doesn’t work, yet millions of people make the wrong choices when it comes to buying these products and end up wasting their money on a product that is ineffective and, in some cases, even dangerous to their health.

Almased is a weight loss system or, as the manufacturer claims, a complete phenomenon in the weight loss industry.

Many products have made these claims in the past but failed to impress users due to results that were not as promised by the product’s manufacturer.

We will take a close look at what Almased is in this post, consider the ingredients included in the product, and consider whether previous users were able to lose weight successfully while using this product.

What Is Almased?

what is almased

Almased is a meal replacement product that utilizes a variety of high-quality proteins to yield a number of benefits.

The aim of the meal replacement shakes is to provide the user with an effective way to both speed up their metabolism and also curb their cravings more effectively.

As a result, the combination of these primary effects provided by the shake leads to an improvement in the shedding of fat and also helps the user eat fewer calories each day.

The product is manufactured by a brand with the same name as the main product, Almased USA.

The company does not disclose a physical address for their headquarters, but they do have a support line open that can be called or emailed.

The support line provides the customer access to trained dieticians between Mondays and Fridays.

One particular fact that makes this product stand out is the fact that their formula is based on scientific research.

In fact, according to the website that represents the product, the formula has been developed based on scientific studies that have been conducted over a period of 15 years.

The scientists behind this product also claim that they looked at both the efficiency and safety profiles of the ingredients they decided to include in their unique, multi-protein powdered meal replacement drink.


This product is a three-ingredient formula that does not include any potentially harmful or “bad” substances.

There are no refined or artificial ingredients.

The product does not use stimulants to help boost metabolism. Instead, the formula relies on gentler ingredients that hold a significant amount of scientific data to provide evidence that they’re effective.

The three ingredients included in the Almased meal replacement shake include:

  • Soy Extracts
  • Yogurt
  • Honey

Non-GMO soy extract is the primary ingredient of this supplement.

This ingredient is also known as soy protein isolate and is often cited as an excellent protein source for vegans and vegetarians, serving as a good alternative to meat-based protein.

The soy extracts found in this powdered weight loss supplement contains an approximate 90% protein content and does not contain genetically modified organisms.

This makes the soy, safer option as compared to some of the other soy sources available.

These extracts also contain high-quality isoflavones, known to provide the human body with quite a large number of potential benefits – including possible improvements in overall metabolism, which is certainly beneficial for weight loss.

How Does It Work

Almased offers four primary benefits that all work together to yield potent weight loss effects in the user.

Understanding exactly how this product works, as well as how each of these four benefits will fit into a person’s weight loss plan, can help them determine whether or not the product is ideal for them.

The four particular actions offered by this product include:

The product helps to provide support for the user’s metabolism and also helps to boost their energy levels.

Improvements in metabolism help to speed up weight loss results, as well as makes the maintenance of healthier body weight once the fat has been reduced easier.

The product also helps the body turn to fat for energy instead of muscles.

This means muscle mass will never go to waste while using this product and the product may actually promote the growth of muscle mass.

In turn, this benefit can help to reduce total body fat percentage.

The formula also helps the user feel full for up to six hours after having a shake.

Apart from these mentioned benefits, the formula also supplies the user’s body with essential nutrients that will help to keep their body healthy and their digestive system working well.

3 Must-Haves In The Almased Diet Video

How To Use It

Almased can be taken up to three times each day, but the product highly recommends avoiding only relying on these shakes and skipping out on all meals.

Most people find that having a meal replacement shake for breakfast and lunch, and then having a real meal for dinner, works best for them.

Eight scoops of this powder should be mixed with a glass of water and consumed instead of a meal.

This is quite simple to make.

The taste of the product is very neutral, which is why many people prefer to add their own flavoring agents.

Side Effects

side effects

According to the brand’s website, this product has been developed with the user’s safety in mind.

They claim that the user will not experience any side-effects while using their meal replacement shakes, as long as they adhere to the dosage instruction provided on the product’s label.

We did find some customers complaining about experiencing side-effects, however, which means individuals should be wary in some cases.

In particular, it seems like women who are going through menopause should avoid using the Almased meal replacement shake if they are trying to lose weight.

The soy content found in the product may aggravate their symptoms and even lead to additional problems, such as frequent hot flashes.

Other than women going through menopause, the product seems to be an overall safe option for boosting metabolism and energy and burning more fat.

Customer Reviews & Complaints


The products manufactured by this brand has quite a lot of reviews associated with them – both positive and negative reviews can be found.

This helped us determine the effectiveness of the product, as well as whether interested people should be aware of any potential harms that this product may cause them to experience.

Below is a list of some reviews that are found on the official Amazon listing for the Almased meal replacement shake.

Excited! Wearing clothes I have not been able to wear in YEARS. Down 2 full pants sizes since starting Almased.

For me, this product works just as it says it does. Fast weight loss, lots of energy and not starving all the time…

I love this stuff. I recommend it to anyone. I did it and lost 2 pounds after 1 week I can’t wait to get to my ideal weight. Taste wise it’s good not great and definitely not horrible.

Do love this product (tastes awful, but I mix with a ½ scoop of another flavored protein shake) – works well with filling me up and keeping that feeling for a while. Expensive for as much as you get – but it works, o I’ll keep paying for it.


DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!!!! The large amount of and longtime use if soy in the product can cause and do cause me to have pancreatitis.

Caused dangerously high estrogen levels.

Packages, Prices & Where To Buy It

almased official website

The Almased powder meal replacement shake is only available on one single container size, of which each contains 17.6 oz.

The price of the product may defer from one seller or retailer to another.

The product is available at Amazon, which is beneficial as the platform has become a trusted online e-commerce platform.

The official store’s listing on Amazon provides a few different packages that the customer can choose from.

Buying more than a single container of the product during a single order leads to a lower price per container.

These are the packages currently available:

  • 1-Pack: $27.97
  • 2-Pack: $55.80
  • 3-Pack: $71.97
  • 4-Pack: $80.70
  • 5-Pack: $134.26

In addition to the main product being included in these packages, the brand also includes a 14-day diet plan, as well as a shaker bottle, with the purchase of their meal replacement shake.

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

No specific information is provided regarding a money-back guarantee.

We did look over the refund policy page that is provided on the product’s landing page, but we were unable to find useful information regarding the possibility of returning the product should it not be effective.

Money-back guarantees play a vital part in the purchasing process of weight loss products for many people – since these supplements often cost a lot of money, it is important that the customer knows they will be provided a refund if they are unable to achieve any positive results with the use of the product.

We did find that the product’s manufacturer advises customers to check the refund policies of the seller where they decide to buy the product, as there may be a refund policy in place at the seller.

This, however, will usually not include a satisfaction guarantee as often found with similar weight loss supplements.

What this all means is that a person needs to do their research carefully before they decide to buy this product, as they will most likely not be able to return it simply because it doesn’t work for them.

Pros & Cons


  • This product has been developed without the use of any added or refined sugars, artificial flavorings, stimulants, preservatives, or fillers. This makes the product more natural than those that include sugars. The fact that the product does not contain any stimulants also makes it a safe option for individuals who are sensitive to caffeine and other types of stimulants.
  • Almased is an affordable supplement. When the price of this product, together with the unique ingredients used in its formula, as compared to other meal replacement products on the market that falls into a similar class, this is the cheaper option.
  • Apart from providing improvements in energy and metabolism, this product is also packed with powerful antioxidants that can yield a large number of added benefits for the user.
  • The ingredients used in the product’s formula may help to suppress appetite successfully by making the user feel full after they have had a meal replacement shake – and also ensures that the user feels full until the time comes for their next meal.


  • The 14-day diet plan that comes included with the purchase of this product may not be for everyone. The foods are somewhat limited, and some customers have complained about not enjoying this diet in particular.
  • Since the product contains soy, it may not be the most appropriate option for women going through menopause – as stated by one of the individuals who has previously used the product and experienced an increase in hot flashes soon after starting with these meal replacement shakes.
  • Even though this product is considered very affordable, when following the recommended dosage, it seems like the product only lasts for around a week per container. This means, for optimal results, the user will have to buy a new container every week.

Final Verdict

final verdict

The Almased multi-protein weight loss drink has been developed based on more than a decade worth of scientific research.

The product claims to be highly effective and even comes with a diet plan that promises to help the user lose weight faster.

Customer reviews back up the claims made by the brand, but, at the same time, there are also some reviews that suggest the product is not as effective.

Overall, this powder-based drink seems to have a number of benefits to offer the user, but it is unlikely that the product will provide impressive results on its own.

Combined with the right type of diet and an appropriate fitness plan, however, this product may help to speed up weight loss and assist with boosting energy.

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3 thoughts on “Almased Review 2018: Ingredients, Side Effects, Price, Where To Buy & Best Alternative”

  1. Jones says:

    Hello Reader, I recommend you to start Almased protein powder to lose weight because Almased is a meal replacement powder for weight loss, weight management and overall physical and mental fitness. Almased diet every day and your diet will be even healthier. It also helps to lower the cholesterol level; helps you to control the sugar level and burns the unhealthy fat.

  2. Kristin Gamble says:

    I took Almased two days and felt like I was going to die. It did keep me from eating because I was sick the whole time. I thought I would get used to it but couldn’t handle anymore, diarrhea, upset stomach, headache, I really enjoyed the taste so wish my body could handle it. I also am 35 and in menapause so maybe it’s not the best thing for me.

  3. Cynthia Tender says:

    I recently started this product and I am going through menopause and did have an increase in hot flashes, but this decreased over time. I use vanilla flavored almond milk and one teaspoon of honey. I feel better, not sluggish and I do have more energy.

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