Benefits of Carbs and Fat

Carbs and Fat

Its very common to see and read that carbs and fat is good. Leaving only the third macronutrient (protein) as the good one: which is a huge lie. Today we will talk about why its not true, the actual benefits from carbs and fat and why shouldn’t you be hating those.

Benefits of Carbs and Fat

Lets start saying that any of the macronutrientes that we NEED (protein, carbs and protein) are all very good for us and can make wonders (for those who want to lose weight, gain body mass etc.). BUT, when eatten out of control. When you are not thinking what you eat, they can be very bad. There are good and bad carbs, good and bad fat and ALSO good and bad protein. This is the mindset you gotta have.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Hating Carbs

There are good carbs (complex carbs) and bad carbs (refined carbs, simple). But in resume, for the sake of the post: as the name tells you, simple carbs represents carbs that have their molecular composition simple, monosaccharides, with only one molecule. Being one, when I tell you that it will digest fast you will not be surprise, right? That’s what happens! And fast digestion leads to insulin spike in the blood, due to high glucose levels that came from simple carbs. Insulin spikes helps glucose to stored as fat = BAD BAD BAD!!!

In the other side, complex carbs goes for polysaccharides, multiple molecules of monosaccharides on its composition. So, it slows down the digestion, not causing insulin spikes, making your body do what it gotta do.

Knowing that, you can understand why good carbs in your daily intake of food is the right thing to do when I say that it also helps:

  • Weight loss promotion
  • Muscle up – it helps a lot to muscle building (pre and post training meals)
  • Minimize risk of lots of deseases
  • Its your body prefered energy source – so you basically get weak without it

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Hating Fat

There are different kinds of fat as well. Here I am going to talk about saturated fat, the one that has the worst fame out there and is actually pretty good, lets see why:

  • Improves health on both brain and nervous system – In order for the nervous system to work (and the whole brain), we have myelin so the brain can work properly. Myelin is made of saturated fat. If something happens to it, a lot of mental disorders can show up.
  • It works as a antioxidant
  • It is good for skin
  • It is tasty (in general, food that contain saturated fat are very tasty)
  • It helps immunity system to work better and harder – make it stronger

Other kinds of that are: unsaturated fatty acids (monounsaturated – healthy, polyunsaturated). Although we only talked about saturated fat above, it is very important, and sometimes even healthier to go for unsaturated fat (mostly, monounsaturated).

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