Flat Tummy Tea Review 2018: Ingredients, Side Effects, Results, Scam Report & Best Alternative

In this article (Last Update 2018) we will explain to you what is Flat Tummy, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customer reviews, give you prices, where to buy it & recommend best alternative.

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Abdominal obesity has become quite a concern in the last few decades.

While general obesity is linked to many adverse health effects, abdominal obesity is often considered to be a more hazardous condition.

Today, a BMI over 30 is considered a disease that contributes to chronic illness.

Individuals affected by obesity is highly advised to implement the right strategies to reduce fat accumulation in their body and reach a healthier balance in body fat percentage and lean muscle mass.

The use of diet and exercise alone is not effective for everyone.

Adopting to such lifestyle changes can also be difficult when a person has become used to a life where sugary and high-carb foods have become part of their everyday lives.

Flat Tummy Co is a complete branded weight loss solution that has been delivering a wide range of different products to the public for several years.

What Is The Flat Tummy?

Flat Tummy Co is a weight loss brand that manufactured different products that aim to help the loser burn fat faster, cleanse their body, as well as to help eliminate the terrible cravings that often causes people to gain weight.

The entire brand is owned and backed by a team of women who have struggled with weight loss in the past themselves – and the products that the brand offers are also primarily promoted to a female population.

While this brand’s headquarters are situated in the United States, they do offer international clients an opportunity to get their hands on the range of Flat Tummy products.

The entire approach that this brand takes to promoting and naming their products is unique, and some of the ingredients found in their products are also somewhat uncommon when compared to other leading brands of weight loss brands.

What Do They Sell?

This brand is unique in their approach to weight loss products. Even their promotional strategies used to market their products to their target audience is unique and very much different from that of competing brands.

Most brands that specialize in weight loss products today provide their customers with either one single product that they manufacture or a massive selection of different weight loss supplements.

The Flat Tummy Co is unique in a way that they only offer three different types of products to the user. This has both pros and cons that potential customers need to take into account.

For example, this brand does not offer any supplements, which is a preferred option among many individuals trying to lose weight.

On the upside, the unique way they take on weight loss can make it easier for the user to stay motivated and keep going to ensure they achieve their goals.

Most Popular Products

One fact that many customers enjoy about the Flat Tummy is the fact that they do not confuse the customer with lots of different products to choose from, each with claims about particular ingredients that will help the user lose weight.

Instead, this brand has decided to only introduce the customer to three products – two of which forms part of their main system, and an additional product that can help the user experience an improvement in their results.

The products offered by this brand include:

Shake It Baby Shakes

Shake It Baby Shakes

One of the main products offered by this brand is a weekly system that utilizes meal replacement shakes to help the user obtain a vast variety of essential nutrients, as well as specific ingredients that have been proven beneficial for burning fat and reducing body weight.

These shakes are taken Monday to Friday, but not during the weekend. On Mondays, a special shake is provided to the user to help kickstart their week.

During the rest of the week, the user will replace up to two meals every day with one of the regular shakes.

The Shake It Baby Shakes from this brand comes in two different flavors, including Green Tea Matcha and Vanilla Pod.

  • A two-week program costs $69.99.
  • A four-week program costs $89.00.
Flat Tummy Tea

flat tummy tea package

Another vital part of this brand’s weight loss program, a variety of teas are included to help the user activate their metabolism, boost their energy levels and cleanse their body from toxins, pathogens and other unhealthy compounds that have accumulated in their bodies.

Two different teas are included in this program, including the Activate tea and the Cleanse tea.

  • A two-week supply of the brand’s teas cost $36.00
  • Afour-week supply costs $49.00.
Appetite Suppressing Lollipops

Appetite Suppressing Lollipops

This is a very new addition to the brand’s line of products and offers a sweet way to help the user keep on track with their diet by giving them a solution to suppressing their appetite and reducing mid-day cravings.

The user can suck on up to two lollipops on a daily basis and can use these lollipops every day to help them keep in control of their own cravings.

  • A two-week supply of the brand’s appetite suppressing lollipops cost $36.00.
  • A four-week supply can also be ordered for $49.00.

Side Effects

side effects

There are no reports that have linked the use of products made by this brand to any serious side-effects that could lead to harmful effects in the user’s body.

While this is a particularly beneficial factor about these products, some milder side-effects may occur, and interested individuals should ensure they know about the possibility of these adverse effects before they start to use these products.

The most common side-effects reported among individuals who have used products by this brand previously include gastrointestinal reactions.

This is often the case with the detoxing products offered by the Flat Tummy Co.

The gastrointestinal reactions may include an upset stomach, as well as more frequent bowel movements.

In the majority of cases where these particular side-effects were noted, they cleared up in a few days with continued use of the product.

It is suggested that these side-effects are a normal part of the detoxification process that the active ingredients found in these products impose on the user’s digestive system.

Is It A Scam?

Flat Tummy is not considered a scam as there are thousands of people who have already bought products from this brand and have reported positive results.

Even though not considered a scam, users should still be cautious when buying from this particular brand.

During our research, we did identify some particular red flags in regards to the brand.

Several reports have explained how a recent post on Instagram by celebrity Kim Kardashian caused millions of people to turn against this popular public figure.

The reasons why people were upset about the fact that Kim Kardashian promoted the appetite suppressant lollipops from the brand were primarily targeted at the audience and fans of this female celebrity, and not as much directly to the brand.

Flat Tummy Customer Reviews & Complaints


Quite a large number of reviews can be found to help overweight individuals understand whether this program is right for them.

All reviews found on the website that represents the brand are positive, which is why we decided to look at reviews found on websites like Amazon.com as well.

On Amazon, the products sold by this brand has relatively high ratings and a lot of positive reviews from past customers.

There are, however, some negative reviews that tell us these products does not seem to work for everyone.

Some past users have also complained about the side-effects caused by these products, whereas others state that they have not experienced any change while taking the products offered by the Flat Tummy.

Let’s look at some reviews for products offered by this brand.

User Leila Rocha says:

I thought this was a lie! How every I went from 198 to 15 in 2 months! I also was on a diet while using this so that helped too!

User Lisa says:

This product helped curb my appetite with the daily activate tea. The cleanse kept my me very regular. As a matter of fact the very first time cleansing I was in the bathroom more times than I could count.

No all reviews are positive, however. So, let’s look at some of the negative ones as well.

User AshleyJazzy says:

This product did not work for me. It was a waste of money!

User Alexandra Mallett says:

This Activate (morning) tea did seem to curb my appetite and cravings, but the Cleanse tea did not work at all. I noticed no reduction n bloating along with eating right and exercise. I would not recommend this product.

Video Testimonial

Where To Buy It & Prices

flat tummy official website

This brand has an official website that can be used to buy their products.

Shipping charges are added during the checkout process and will be determined based on where the order needs to be sent.

The prices of the products featured by this brand range from just below $30 to over $100 – depending on whether the user chooses to buy single products or rather opts for bundled deals.

What about the shipping?

  • USA (5-7 working days*): FREE
  • USA (Priority Mail 1-3 working days*): $9.95
  • The rest of the world (1-4 weeks*): $14.95

* Shipping times are approximate. They do not ship worldwide (excluding United Kingdom, UAE, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan and Syria).

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

No details about a money-back guarantee or refund policy are available on the official website that represents this brand.

The brand provides merely a summary of how shipping works, along with shipping cost to various locations.

Additional details on the possibility of requesting a refund on a purchase when the user is not satisfied with the results can be obtained from the brand’s customer support team.

This is highly advised prior to making a final decision as to purchasing the product since there are a number of customers who claim these products to be ineffective.

Pros & Cons


  • The product that is manufactured by this brand contain ingredients that have been shown, at least in small clinical trials, to be effective in assisting individuals who would like to burn fat, detoxify their gastrointestinal tract, and suppress their appetite.
  • The brand provides a simple solution to weight loss that only includes a total of three different products to provide the user with effective results, without causing confusion due to a large number of products that the customer has to choose from to add to their weight management plan.
  • There are many positive reviews about the products from the Flat Tummy Co that can be found on their official website, as well as on external websites such as Amazon.com. This provides individuals interested in making this brand part of their weight loss journey an opportunity to get an overview of what these products do, how well they work and whether they are worth the money.
  • Even though the company is based in the United States, they provide worldwide shipping of their products, ensuring customers who reside in other countries are able to also benefit from their products.


  • There are some publications on the internet that has negative comments to deliver on this brand in general, which is not only bad for their reputation but also means individuals who would like to add their products to a weight management system should be cautious when buying and do their research well.
  • Products manufactured by the Flat Tummy Co is often considered to be somewhat expensive. Many customers have noted that the products have similar ingredients, working actions and overall benefits as options that are available at much lower prices from other weight loss brands.
  • Side-effects are not uncommon among individuals who turn to the teas and detox products from this brand. The most common side-effects, being an increase in bowel movement frequency, can be especially unpleasant when the user has to be at the office throughout the day or attend important meetings.
  • Shipping to international destinations that are located outside the United States can be somewhat expensive. It may also take up to four weeks for the customer to receive their order. Many people will prefer to wait less than a week for the delivery of their order or to pick it up in person – this gives them faster access to the product and allows them to get started with their weight loss goals faster.

Final Verdict

final verdict

The excessive fat buildup in the stomach area is associated with a large number of health impairments and can lead to the development of chronic disease.

The risk of death at a premature age also greatly increases with abdominal fat accumulation, as well as general obesity.

Flat Tummy is a brand of products that promise to eliminate fat accumulation and speed up the fat loss when paired with the right type of exercise program and nutritional diet plan.

The product has become popular throughout the entire world and offered their products to customers regardless of where they live.

Many customers have achieved successful results while using these products, but there are still some users who have noted ineffective results.

Overall, the product definitely has some potential, but users should ensure they do not solely rely on these products to help them achieve a lower body fat percentage.

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