Isagenix Review 2018: Ingredients, Cost, Where To Buy & Best Alternative

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In this article (Last Update 2018) we will explain to you what is Isagenix, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customer reviews, give you prices, best place to buy it & recommend best alternatives.

Isagenix is one of those diet product whose name keeps popping up. There are loads of Isagenix reviews online, and there is quite a buzz around the product. So I decided it was time to take a closer look and do a proper review.

Isagenix is a supplement company, that offers a pretty comprehensive range of products that are designed to replace meals (Isagenix shakes), special products designed to flush toxins from the body, and also energy boosters.

The company has been around since 2002, and is incredibly profitable. But there is a reason for that beyond whether its products work or not.

There is a significant multi-tier direct marketing elements to their business model. If you look at their main website, you see words like marketing, wealth generating, opportunity and success.

So this product isn’t just getting its hype from helping people to lose weight, I have a suspicious feeling that the buzz around it is being generated from people who have a financial stake in people believing it does.

What Is It?

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The Isagenix products are meant to work in tandem to create a comprehensive detox, cleanse and weight loss system.

The claim is that it loses you weight, boost your energy and can also increase your performance.

The basic system is a 30 day plan, where you have one meal per day of around 500 cal, and then replace the other two meals with Isagenix shakes. These are then supplemented with other products that cover the Isagenix cleanse segment of the system.

The basic system consists of:

  • Isagenix shakes
  • Cleanses
  • Supplements
  • Snacks
  • System flushes (IsaFlush Accelerator)
  • Protein powders

Does Isagenix Work?

That’s the million-dollar question, and it’s an unanswered question that has still made the company millions of dollars.

In terms of evidence, there is nothing to suggest that any of the ingredients, and there is an incredibly long list of ingredients, most of them seemingly not related to diet or health, that there is anything radical is in these products to answer the question does Isagenix work.

The other problem is the only clinical trials about this product were funded by the company itself, using scientists who were not named in any publications.

A report on the study was published in a a relevant magazine, but it was peer reviewed for money.

The conclusion was that intermittent fasting and a calorie restricted diet will lose you more weight than dieting alone. The company says that the study “…serves as clinical substantiation for Isagenix systems…”.

Now I’m no genius, but intermittent fasting and a calorie restricted diet in a study group over an eight week period is going to lead to some significant weight loss. And there is no evidence in the study of a control group, a placebo, or anything around other circumstances involved that could have caused weight loss.

Is It A Scam?

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I think you have to conclude that if a product is good it’s going to be well received and well thought of.

If it does is as it claims in terms of helping people to lose weight almost effortlessly then it’s going to be recommended very widely.

On top of that, Isagenix side effects appear to be minimal, other than people reporting hunger, obviously.

Where the big concern is for me, is the aggressive multi-level marketing platform the business operates on. So many people have a vested interest in promoting these products as a miracle weight loss solution, that any Isagenix results are going to be inflated.

So it appears to me on the balance of evidence that in some ways an Isagenix scam is happening, because my feeling is that the company know pretty well that its product doesn’t do what it states it does, that they have steered carefully clear of FDA regulations.

Isagenix Customer Reviews


Because the company’s been around such a long time, there are thousands of reviews on the Internet, from blog posts through to customer reviews on various websites.

This muddies the waters somewhat, because not only are there so many reviews to look at, but also there is so much vested interest that many reviews are obviously fake.

A typical negative review:

“Don’t be fooled by the hype, this is a calorie restricting starvation “diet”! If you want to replace a few meals per week look up Vega Protein Shakes- they are plant based and much cheaper!”

And another from somebody who is clued up on the ingredients:

“I have mixed emotions about Isagenix, on one hand I think it could be a starting point for weight loss for some people but not for long term especially if you are trying to break a sugar addiction. There is not only sugar in most or all of the products but fructose which is the worst sugar option for your body to process. Your body can’t process sugar so it stores it as fat, once you stop using these products & go back to what you were doing before you will gain the weight back.”

Now not saying there aren’t genuine positive reviews, but unfortunately so many of the positive ones are like this:

“I loved the product . Everything tastes good and I didn’t feel like I was starving myself that was key!!! I have a friend that is a isagenix rep but I wanted to try this on my own first. So after the 9 days I lost 9 pounds, i was also doing this over the holiday weekend so I had one small cheat day . I called my friend and had her sign me up for the 30 day program. It is costly but you aren’t really buying food so you should think about it that way. It is also cheaper when you go through an isagenix rep vs Amazon . I’m not a rep just a customer!”

I think that’s where the main red light is for me. The amount of reviews just on Amazon where people justify a positive review by stating they are not a representative trying to sell the product or hype it up.

before after photos

Prices & Where To Buy

In terms of where to buy Isagenix, the obvious place is Amazon. On there, Isagenix prices are generally representative.

Taking one product from the range, the Isagenix 9 Day Deep Fat Burning and Cleanse System CHOCOLATE, you can buy that for $158.90, plus $6.66 shipping.

Looking elsewhere, to see if we can get the Isagenix cost down a bit more, I’m afraid I couldn’t. I looked at Ebay, where I expected to find a lot of reps selling the system. I did, but not as cheap as Amazon.

Video Testimonial


I have tried to be balanced with this review, and looked at hundreds of user comments, and tried to be objective in researching the products and any studies which can back up the companies claims.

I’m afraid that the result of my research is that I found:

  • Significant evidence of people complaining about zero results.
  • Poor customer service.
  • A very high price in comparison to other similar products.
  • Massively overinflated claims.
  • Serious potential for abuse of information because of the money to be made.

I’m not saying it doesn’t work, even if it’s only as a motivator. There is definitely evidence of people using it to kickstart a lifestyle change. If you do an initial fast, you are going to lose weight, and if you use that as the catalyst to change your diet and do exercise, then it could change you for the long term.

I guess if you going to spend that much money on a diet product you going to want to be motivated for it to work.

But the problem here is that you could do that just by undertaking regular diet and exercise, without any of the associated cost of using Isagenix products.

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