Healthy Substitutes For Heavy Whipping Cream

whipped creamThe primary purpose of using healthy substitutes for heavy whipping cream is to avoid saturated fat in your foods. The other aim is to search for options to include amino acids, proteins and vitamins, healthy minerals and the nutrients.

By opting for the substitute, you can avoid the accumulation of cholesterol to considerable extent. At the same time, you can ensure healthy unsaturated fatty acids, Omega-3 elements and enzymes.

The best part is you are able to keep your stomach light after consumption. The level of physical activity and alertness can also increase with the regular consumption of the substitutes.

Top List Of Healthy Substitutes For Heavy Whipping Cream

  • Butter + Milk: Butter and milk combination contains almost the same composition of proteins and nutrients as the cream. The procedure you follow in combining the two ingredients shapes the right kind of softness.
  • Corn Starch + Milk: You might choose skim milk if you with to keep the ingredients free from saturated fat. Full cream milk can give you the essential fat, which is less in concentration than the heavy whipping cream. Corn contains rich supplies of omega-6 fatty acids, which can be better for the supply of healthy calories.
  • Milk+ Cottage Cheese: The process of assimilation between the two ingredients is much faster and uniform. It helps in balancing the intestinal conditions and prevents bloating and constipation. Cottage cheese contains antioxidant elements like sulfur which help in the elimination of toxic elements from your body. Cysteine is another ingredient in cottage cheese, which helps in optimization of insulin to control saturated fat. The value of protein content in cottage cheese is useful in balancing the energy needs of your body.
  • Milk+ Vanilla Extract: Vanilla contains rich sources of froth extracted when combined with milk. You may use the combination of vanilla + skim milk, vanilla + soymilk, vanilla + evaporated milk etc. It is also the source of amino acids, fat free proteins and nutrients.
  • Cashew Cream + Soy Milk: Cashew cream contains rich sources of amino acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins. The value of saturated fat is negligible compared to whipping cream. Moreover, it provides consistent supplies of energy with the minerals combination from so ymilk.
  • Tofu + Soy Milk: Tofu + Soymilk contain the right combination of froth, proteins and vitamins. When processed in the right manner, it can also prevent curdling.

Similarly, you will be able to find other combinations, which are equivalent to the heavy whipping cream. They provide more volume of energy and proteins while keeping the level of saturated fat and cholesterol at the minimum levels.

Best Practices For Processing

  • Butter + Milk: Add one volume of butter to 4 parts of milk and whip for two minutes. Then you can heath the milk slowly on the charcoal stove. This is the best method for getting the desired level of forth. You need to keep stirring the milk continuously while heating. Take out the vessel after 5 to 6 minutes and let it cool. Then you can repeat the process of heating until you get the right froth. Then you can use it instead of high whipping cream.
  • Corn Starch + Milk: You need to pre-froth the cornstarch by adding with milk and whipping it. Take a break after 2 minutes of whipping and allow one minute of settling before continuing. Do it for 15 minutes to get the desired volume of pure and natural froth.
  • Milk+ Cottage Cheese: Add one part of cottage cheese to three parts of milk and whip for 2 minutes. Then stir the combination and continue whipping for the next 15 minutes. Then you can heat the milk in charcoal stove for 3 to 4 minutes. Keep stirring the combination until you get the right kind of froth.
  • Milk+ Vanilla Extract: Vanilla extract with full cream milk, skim milk or soymilk can be useful to get the best of froth effects. Sometimes you can also add cornstarch to enhance the thickness of the froth. Whip the combination consistently for 10 minutes. Then you can let it settle for the next 10 minutes before whipping again. You can continue to do so until you get the right volume and thickness of froth.
  • Cashew Cream + Soy Milk: Peel the cashew and soak it in water overnight. Check for the softness of the cashew in the morning. If required you can soak for the next 12 hours. Then you need to prepare a thick paste with water. Then you can add one part of the paste (cream) to two parts of soy milk and whip. After 10 minutes, you can take it to the charcoal stove and start heating it. Since the heat produced is slow and uniform, you can get the best formation of froth in this method.
  • Tofu + Soy Milk: Tofu is one form of nut. You can soften it by soaking in water for 12 hours. Then you can crush it and make it into a fine cream. Now mix one part of tofu with two parts of soy milk. Whip the combination until you get the right volume of froth. Then you can heat it on the charcoal stove to get the right thickness and volume of froth.

Why Use Charcoal Stove

You might have come across many recipes, which need heating in the oven. However, I recommend you to use charcoal stove for two basic reasons. First reason is the slow process of heating. It helps in expanding the ingredients into full froth.

The second and the most important factor are the taste and quality of cream you get. According to my personal experience, I have found it better compared to the other methods. You can prepare the best health recipes by using any of the combination I have listed here. They can provide you with comprehensive solutions for wholesome health and fitness. Freedom from unhealthy fat and cholesterol is the best benefit you get.

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