Does Garcinia Cambogia Raise Blood Sugar? Truth About Garcinia

blood sugar garcinia cambogiaDoes Garcinia Cambogia raise blood sugar level? No. In any case, it lowers it. According to Dr. Mehmet Oz’s official website (of the popular Dr. Oz show), consistent consumption of Garcinia extract may lead to a gradual fall in blood sugar level. This is actually the main reason why diabetics are advised to involve their doctors before adopting Garcinia or any other HCA-rich supplement.

So how does Garcinia Cambogia contribute to a fall in blood sugar level? The answer lays in its effects on the functions of the liver.

The Philosophy behind Garcinia Cambogia and Lower Blood Sugar Levels

The liver is the main gland in the body which means that it is a literal bee-hive of activities. One of its main roles is to convert sugars and carbohydrates into glucose which is further broken down into energy. When the body’s energy needs are met, the remaining glucose is converted into glycogen for storage in various parts of the body as fat mass. Now, what happens after one takes Garcinia Cambogia is that HCA takes partial control of the liver in a bid to inhibit further carb to glucose conversion. By doing this, it limits the amount of glucose in the body.

Consistent low glucose levels in the body force the body to resort to another method of harnessing energy – burning fats. Remember, the more fats you burn to raise energy, the slimmer and fitter you become.

What scientists say

A group of Dutch researchers studied how HCA (Garcinia’s main active ingredient) affects glucose absorption – a central component in body metabolism. The popular study, published in the American Journal of Physiology some time ago, confirmed that consistent consumption of items rich in HCA may lead to a reduction in postprandial glucose profiles.

The lead researcher, Dr. Wielinga, attributed this reduction to a delay in the absorption of sugar and glucose. In ordinary cases, sugar is absorbed into the body within 20 minutes after consumption. Dr. Wielinga says that this may take much longer, even up to 2 hours, after HCA ingestion.

Another team, drawn from Georgetown University, recently carried out an eight week long study to examine the effects of natural HCA on body weight loss. This study concluded that HCA may, to a greater degree, serve as an effective weight loss formula and can facilitate a 5-6% decrease in BMI. Further, a good number of those who participated reported marginal decreases in levels of lipoproteins, serum leptin and total cholesterol.

Type 2 Diabetes

The current thought is that the side effects of Garcinia on people with high blood sugar levels are not bad, but should be handled with great care and medical advice. This is particularly applicable to patients taking oral diabetes medication or insulin. Once again, this is yet to be confirmed. Be sure to consult your doctor before giving Garcinia a try.

Final word

Garcinia Cambogia does not in any way raise blood sugar level. Those spreading this gospel are false prophets and therefore you should desist from listening to them. Provided you involve your doctor and follow the required dosage, then you are in very safe hands.


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  1. Roy says:

    It does raise your blood sugar…It raised my BS from 90’s to 300. My Dr. is having a fit because of my BS level. It does make you loose weight. I went from 210 to 164 in a little over 3 months. Just be careful if you are a diabetic. Everything I have read stated it does not effect your BS, but if your extra fat is being metabolized into energy then that is sugar. There has not been enough testing done on this product to come to the conclusion being published. Just saying to be careful if you use this very good product.

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