Does Garcinia Cambogia Extract Work? Truth About This Miracle Supplement

Does Garcinia Cambogia Extract WorkTouted “the Holy Grail” of weight loss supplements by our favorite doctor in his famous TV show “The Dr. Oz Show”, Garcinia Cambogia apparently seems to be nature’s most prized gift to all people yearning for a spectacular-looking and healthy body which attracts positive consequences on their psyche as well.

But can you really believe everything you see on TV or read in various magazines? In order to help you get to the essence of this too good to be true natural supplement and answer the most important question “does Garcinia Cambogia work?”, below are presented in-depth scientific and clinical facts about this dietary supplement which continues to receive intense media coverage.


Nothing But Scientific Evidence

A pumpkin-like small fruit, Garcinia Cambogia also known as Malabar Tamarind and Bitter Kola has been traditionally used in South-East Asia as a food additive for the purpose of enhancing satiety as well as the flavor of a meal and in the treatment of various gastrointestinal conditions. According to multiple studies in humans, this fruit is an excellent source of hydroxycitric acids or HCA which has potent weight control properties.

HCA’s mechanism of action consists in inhibiting an enzyme called Citric Acid Lyase which is required in the synthesis of fatty acids, known as “de novo lipogenesis”. Scientific studies have noted suppressed lipogenesis and the magnitude of the effect is directly linked to the concentration of HCA – Garcinia Cambogia’s bioactive compound.

Furthermore, oral consumption of HCA is medically proven to reliably decrease food intake as well as body weight, the latter being independent of food intake. Extensive controlled studies and repeated double-blind clinical trials also report a healthy reduction in appetite as well as reduced neurodegeneration (brain oxidation) following ingestion of Garcinia supplements.

These support increased levels of serotonin as well as cortisol regulation ( better response to daily stress), which have positive effects on the mental and emotional health.

Reduction in Adipokines and Inhibition of Fatty Acids Synthesis

With regards to receiving an accurate answer to the core question “does Garcinia Cambogia work?” it is essential to keep in mind the standard dosing of this dietary supplement and its bioactive ingredient HCA – 500 mg taken 30 to 60 minutes prior to a meal and for quicker results, preferably taken up to three different meals on a daily basis.

Currently marketed Garcinia supplements are standardized to contain between 50% to 60% HCA. According to in-depth studies, the bio-availability of HCA in the blood following oral administration is between 10% to 18%. In terms of interaction with fat mass, this means that HCA is a competitive inhibitor of the enzyme ATP Citrate Lyase, which is involved in the biosynthetic pathway of fatty acids.

Upon ingestion of pure Garcinia supplements ( no additives), its inhibition leads to suppressed formation of Acetyl Co-A ( which forms from Citrate) and less fatty acid synthesis in vitro. An additional answer to the question “does Garcinia Cambogia work for fat loss” is given by the medical fact that 2g (4 capsules) of Garcinia Cambogia taken daily for 10 weeks was associated with a significant decrease ( 19%) in the adipokine Adipsin, which is a cytokine secreted by adipose tissue ( fat mass).

Moreover, studies have shown that weight regain was attenuated in all controlled groups with Garcinia supplementation, due partly to a reduction in food intake ( low caloric intake caused by appetite control) and partly to inhibition of fatty acids synthesis.

A Final Word

So does Garcinia Cambogia work for weight loss? Further studies have shown that the participants who took a capsule of 500 mg of Garcinia Cambogia rind extract twice a day lost two to three times more weight than those who did not take this extract, 10 pounds per month to be more specific.

The bottom line is that if you are looking to shed those extra pounds naturally, without intense workout or drastic diet, all you have to do is to try a pure and safe Garcinia Cambogia supplement and see the results for yourself. It is worth mentioning also the fact that Garcinia Cambogia rind extract is one of least expensive natural weight loss supplements currently available on the market.


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