Keto OS Review 2018: Ingredients, Side Effects, Price, Where To Buy & Best Alternative

WARNING: Last Update August 2018
We do not recommend Keto OS. If you want to skip this review and go straight to the best alternative click here. Otherwise keep reading. We have some interesting stuff to share.

In this article (Last Update 2018) we will explain to you what is Pruvit Keto OS, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customer reviews, give you prices, where to buy it & recommend best alternative.

There have been so many positive Keto OS reviews recently that I thought it would be prudent to take a deeper look at them and the product itself to see what the reality is.

There are quite a few weight loss drinks out there, and I’m not sure what makes this one different.

So in this review I’m going to take a deeper look at the fundamentals behind this dietary supplement drink and the company who make it, to see what the truth is.

So What Is Keto OS?

keto os products

Keto OS stands for Ketone Operating System, which sounds like something you’d run your computer with.

But basically it’s a powdered ketone drink to help with weight loss.

It is made by a company called Pruvit, who describe it as a powder that you mix with water and then drink to put your body into ketosis in around 30 minutes.

Ketosis is a state which the body goes if it needs to burn fat to produce energy.

Obviously if this really works then it will have a great benefit to weight loss, as well as other positive effects such as enhancing physical performance.

Keto OS Ingredients: What Are They?

This supplement has been produced to deliver essential nutrients to the body of the user, as well as high-quality naturally extracted ketone and other herbal extracts that are known to promote better well-being and improved weight loss during a weight management program.

A single serving of the Keto OS supplement provides the user with the following nutritional content:

  • 67% of their daily sodium intake requirement.
  • 14% of their daily potassium intake requirement.
  • 26% of their daily magnesium intake requirement.
  • 33% of their daily calcium intake requirement.

Apart from these essential nutrients, the supplement also includes a range of herbal extracts that we should look at.


This is a beta hydroxy acid that is often considered to be one of the cleanest energy sources that the body can utilize for the production of energy.

This is also supposed to be the critical ingredient of this supplement, aiding in increasing the number of ketones in the user’s body and, in turn, helping their body turn to fat for energy.

One study explains that beta-hydroxybutyrate may hold benefits for improving certain metabolic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes.

Amino Acid Complex

Amino acids are the broken down form of proteins and play multiple crucial roles in the body.

Specific amino acids are vital for heart health, circulation and even muscle growth.

The amino acid complex contained within this supplement include L-Arginine, L-Taurine, L-Leucine, and L-Tyrosine – all playing a vital part in improving the user’s health and helping them reach their weight loss goals faster.


A natural stimulant that is very popular in modern-day weight loss supplements.

Not only does the inclusion of caffeine promote better energy levels during the day, but it can also help to stimulate the metabolism, which may improve weight loss.


A fiber supplement that is found in thousands of different plants.

The supplement does not specifically state from which plant the inulin contained in their powdered drinks are extracted, however.

Inulin is often considered a prebiotic fiber supplement and has been linked to numerous benefits, including improvements in metabolism and an increase in energy levels.

Other Ingredients

Other ingredients that are also found in this product include stevia, ascorbic acid, potassium citrate, and butyrate.

The flavoring of the supplement is produced through natural flavoring agents.

It should be noted that some of the KetoOS products contain dairy and is not vegan-friendly.

This accounts for the orange flavor option.

The other two flavors, including chocolate swirl that the supplement is presented in, does not contain any dairy and is perfect for individuals following a vegan lifestyle.

Does Keto OS Work?

keto os results

When your body is in its normal energy burning state, the cells use glucose is the main source of body energy.

You get glucose from carbohydrates and sugars, which are common in foods like pasta and bread.

When you go into ketosis you are reaching a metabolic state where your body is instead converting stored fat into energy, which releases ketones as this happens.

This is proven and there are loads of research papers out there deal with ketones.

So the Keto OS diet is theoretically proven, but not perhaps in such significant ways as products like this state.

So what Keto OS claims to do is allow you to go into this changed metabolic state without removing carbohydrates from your diet.

Is this possible?

The problem is that although in theory it’s great, there is not a lot of reliable evidence that backs up the dramatic claims about how this works.

In reality, it appears that you cannot eat a normal level of carbohydrates and simply override it and lose weight by using Keto OS.

Keto OS Customer Reviews & Complaints


Looking at Amazon, user reviews do not seem overly positive, with 34% of user reviews on the basics sachet product being negative 1 star reviews:

“I have used the Keto OS for over two months. Doesn’t do A THING except drain your wallet! Do a Keto diet on your own and save your money!”

“Don’t waste your money. Did not do anything except a few more trips to the facilities. It is milky white when you put it is a bottle of water which I do not like. I hate milk and this looks like milk. Taste is okay. Did 10 days and no results.”

“Did absolutely nothing for me! Made me hungry all day.”

You also cannot rely on Keto OS before and after photos.

These can easily be doctored using modern software and also the people constructing these before and after images are not often honest about the true scope of their diet and exercise routine, or about the fact that they are pushing an affiliate link for the product.

Keto OS Side Effects: Is It Safe?

side effects

Although sold as a safe supplement, many users online are giving anecdotal evidence of several key side effects:

  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Lack of energy emotionally
  • Dehydration
  • Rampant hunger

For me this list is very general but quite concerning, as it could affect key parts of an everyday human life.

It could even be dangerous if you are driving or operating machinery.

Keto OS: Scam Or Not?

I don’t think there is a scam in this product, I think that there are potential Keto OS dangers, and I also think that Keto OS results will be very minimal from the evidence I am seeing.

It is insanely priced for what you are getting, and there are lots of cheap and more effective alternatives out there.

I think the only part which could be almost considered a scam is that if you buy through an official supplier, you get put into an auto rebilling system, where your credit card is rebilled every 30 days and more the product is sent.

Where To Buy Keto OS & Prices

Whenever I am reviewing a product the most obvious place to look is Amazon.

It’s a truly global marketplace and because of the proliferation of sellers it often drives prices down to the most realistic level possible.

On Amazon prices on the basic products are:

  • Keto OS orange dream 30 pack $142.23.
  • Keto OS 3.0 chocolate swirl five pack $27..00.
  • Keto OS chocolate swirl 30 pack $129.00.

Keto OS Review: Conclusion

final verdict

For me the Keto OS supplement is very highly priced.

You are being charged $130 basically for a month’s supply.

There is very little evidence this product really does much at all.

For me there are not many positives I can put together about this, however that there are a lot of cons:

  • Incredibly expensive.
  • No direct evidence that this product really has much effect.
  • Potential significant side effects.
  • Ketone research does not show significant weight loss benefits.

So I think that in conclusion, Keto OS is an overrated weight loss product that cannot deliver on what it states it will.

It is simply a pretty standard medium-chain triglyceride supplement.

To end this review on a positive though, I would suggest you take a look at Phen375 as an alternative.

It is a proven weight loss product containing all natural ingredients.

Unlike Keto OS it targets several areas, fat burning, appetite suppression and metabolic increase all at the same time.

It’s making big waves in the diet world at the moment, and I think that it could be a far more significant product.

So for me, my money and recommendation is on trying Phen375 before you touch Keto OS.

So, what do you think about our Keto OS review? Would you buy this product or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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    I use Keto/OS and it works for me helping me lose weight. I have a friend who says it helps her with her pain

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