Probioslim Review 2018: Ingredients, Side Effects, Price, Where To Buy & Best Alternative

In this article (Last Update 2018) we will explain to you what is Probioslim, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customer reviews, give you prices, where to buy it & recommend best alternative.


Probioslim is as a supplement that is being talked about a lot of the minute.

Probioslim reviews are overwhelmingly positive and I’m really interested to see how accurate they are, and how so many people seem to be coming to that conclusion.

I think part of the buzz could be around the fact the company have recently offered a free 14 day trial, which is apparently risk-free, but actually comes with built in rebilling.

So in this review I’m going to take an in-depth look at Probioslim and tell you if it’s worth trying or not, even if just for the free trial.

What Is Probioslim?

Probioslim is a  Probiotic supplement that is intended to do two things, firstly to improve general digestion, and secondly to burn fat more quickly.

It’s not made clear how the weight loss aspect of this supplement works. I suspect it’s from increased bowel movements mostly. It also contains green tea, which can have very slight positive weight loss effect.

In its basic form it comes as a 30 day bottle supply.


probioslim label

I was expecting something earth-shattering in this product, but unfortunately the key ingredients are as follows:

  • LS3664 whole health super blend
  • Lactospore bacillus coagulans
  • Super EGCG green tea
  • Camellia sinesis leaf extract
  • green tea extract 50%
  • Kathleen
  • Kiwi fruit extract
  • Fig extract
  • Papaya extract

This list of ingredients is going to make the next question people ask incredibly easy to answer.

Does It Work?

Unfortunately the short answer is no it’s not going to work. You are not going to lose a lot of weight using this supplement. It simply is not a magic pill

The potential benefits are massively overstated from all the marketing documentation I can see, especially when you look at the list of ingredients.

The bottom line here is that the only way you can lose weight with those ingredients is through the slight laxative effect of ingredients such as fig extract.

before afterThe green tea component has in a few studies been linked to minor potential weight loss, but it’s far from proven, and you would have to drink vast quantities of this to get any significant effect.

Even though you can get Probioslim advanced more easily than the individual ingredients, the bottom line here is that none of the ingredients will do much for you.

I will address the mysteriously titled ingredient “LS3664 whole health super blend” as well. A lot of these supplements include a proprietary ingredient. I believe they do this to make it sound like there is some secret scientific sauce that backs the product up.

However the bottom line here is that no claims are made about the ingredient, there is no documentation explaining how it was developed, and the conclusion has to be that they simply throw together a few things to make an ingredient that sounds different to other products on the market.

Are There Any Side Effects?

From a research I found quite a few reports of people having allergic reactions to the ingredients. On top of that some people have sensitive stomach reactions as well.

Generally, the main side effects people report are:

  • Increased bowel movement
  • Diarrhea
  • Upset stomach
  • Irritability

So it seems to me that there are quite a few downsides to trying probioslim considering the only very limited potential benefits.

Of course it’s important to note that side effects usually only occur in a very small number of people. I’m sure that the vast majority of people try this product and have no side effects at all.

Where To Buy Probioslim

If you’re looking to buy Probioslim, it is available from most online pharmacies and other specialist stores. It’s actually quite surprisingly widely available, as it is purchasable through approximately 30,000 retail outlets. These include:

  • Probioslim GNC
  • Probioslim CVS
  • Probioslim Walmart
  • Probioslim Amazon

Prices can vary quite a lot between the various retail outlets so it’s important that you do consider shopping around if you want to buy Probioslim.

However to give you an example, on Amazon the current price for Probioslim advanced 60 capsules supply is $58.99.

Probioslim Customer Reviews


Whenever I am looking at a diet product review, I will always go to Amazon because it is the biggest global marketplace where you will find the most accurate reviews from real buyers.

In terms of what people are saying about the positive effects of Probioslim, things are not very hopeful. 29% of over 800 reviews are currently one star. On top of that, a lot of the five-star reviews appear to be obviously faked, for example:

“This is a great product. I have been looking for a probiotic that includes a PREbiotic. And, when I take this, I do have increased energy. I am sort of sorry that the name makes it sound like a weight loss gimmick. The health benefits are what I have been searching for in a product and this one has it”

Negative reviews are quite concerning, including one such as this:

“I can’t believe I fell for this. RIPOFF is all I can say.”

And also:

“This stuff is terrible. Leaves a person bloated with zero weight loss.”

Video Testimonial


Having read the review, I think you already know the conclusion going to come to. I see nothing in my research to suggest that Probioslim works.

I suppose I had to be charitable, then the pros are:

  • There is a free trial.
  • You can get discounts if you shop around.
  • It’s easy to buy.
  • Common side effects are relatively minor.
  • A couple of the ingredients may help in a minor way.

The cons of Probioslim are however:

  • You automatically get rebuilt after the free trial.
  • It’s incredibly expensive for what you get what is in it.
  • The active ingredients can be purchased individually and mix together for a far lower price.
  • Simply reducing your calorie intake and exercising will have better results.
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